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Baasima Babita Babitha Badriya Bageshri Baheera Bahiyaa Bahula Bahulika Bahumathi Bahuputri Bahuratna Baidehi Bairavi Baisakhi

Baishali Baka Bakhtawar Bakul Bakula Bala Balamani Balika Ballari Balqis Banamala Banan Banani Bandana Bandhavi Bandhini Bandhula Bandhura Banhi Bani Banita Banmala Banni Bansari Bansuri Baraa'a Barbara

Smiling Born in the first quarter of the day Born in the first quarter of an astrological day Resembling full moon Name of a raaga Dazzling; Brilliant Beautiful; Radiant A star Magnified Scholar With many sons; Durga Rich in gems Sita Goddess durga Of the month Baishakh An ancient city Crane One who brings good luck The name of a flower Nagakeshar flower An ever 9 year old Girl; A young Girl Youthful; Tender Daughter Creeper The name of the Queen of Sheba Forests Finger tips Forests Worship Who loves friends and family members Bound; Bond Charming Pretty Fire Goddess Saraswati Woman A garland of 5 types of flowers Maiden Flute Flute Excelling Strange; Foreign

Barisha Barkha Barsha Baruna Baruni Basabi Basanti Baseema Basheera Basma Batool Bavishya Bavithra Beena Bel Bela Beli Belicia Belinda Belle Belli Benazir Benisha Beth Betsy Betty Beverly Bevis Bhadra Bhagavathi Bhageshree Bhagirathi Bhagvati Bhagwanti Bhagwati Bhagya Bhagyashri Bhagyawati Bhairavi Bhakti Name

Pure Rain Rain Wife of the Lord of the sea Goddess Durga Wife of Lord Indra Of spring Smiling Bringer of good tidings A smile Ascetic virgin Future Pure A musical instrument Sacred wood apple tree A flower-jasmine A flower-jasmine Dedicated to God; Variation of isabel Pretty Beautiful A companion Incomparable Flashing See Elizebeth God's witness Form of Elizebeth Place name Place name Gentle Lakshmi A raga The river Ganga Another name for Lakshmi Lucky Goddess Durga Lucky Goddess Lakshmi; Lucky Fortunate A melody in classical music; Goddess Durga Devotion Meaning

Bhamini Bhanavi Bhanu Bhanuja Bhanumati Bhanuni Bhanupriya Bhanusri Bharani Bharati Bharavi Bhargavi Bhaumi Bhavana Bhavani Bhavanika Bhavi Bhavika Bhaviki Bhavina Bhavini Bhavisha Bhavitha Bhavna Bhavya Bhawna Bheema Bhilangana Bhini Bhooma Bhoomi Bhoomika Bhrithi Bhuanya Bhumi Bhumika Bhupali Bhuvana Bhuvi Bianca Bijal Bijali

Woman Sacred; Illuminating Sun; Fame River Yamuna Full of lustre Charming woman Beloved of the sun Rays of Laxmidevi One who fulfils Saraswati Radiant Sun Goddess Parvati Goddess sita Meditation; Thinking; Feelings; Sentiments Parvathi Living in a castle Emotional Well-meaning; Righteous Sentimental; Emotional Full of emotions Goddess Parvati Future Shows future Meditation; Thinking; Feelings; Sentiments Grand; Splendid Feelings Goddess Durga A river Mild fragrance Earth The earth The earth Strengthened; Nourished; Cherished Earth blessing girl Earth Earth A raagini in Indian music The earth Heaven White Lightening Lightening

Bijisha Bijli Bilwa Bimala Bimbi Bimlesh Bina Binal Binata Bindhiya Bindiya Bindu Bindumathi Bindurekha Bindya Binita Binodini Binoy Bipasha Bishakha Blessy Bodhi Brahan Bratati Breonna Bridget Brijabala Brinda Brishti Bristi Briti Brooke Bryn Bubby Bulbul Bulbuli Bunny Bushra Buthayna

Hard worker Lightning; Bright Holy leaf offered to lord shiva Pure Glorious Love A musical instrument Princess The wife of Sage Kashyap Dew drop Drop; Point A drop Learned A line of dots; A verse Small Red dot; Bindi that married women wear on their foreheads Modest Handsome; Beautiful Radha Vinayta; Softness A river; Beas A star Blessing Enlightenment Big Creeper Just pretty The High one; Saint Daughter of nature The basil plant; Radha; Tulasi Rain Rain Strength Dwellar by the brook Strong; Vigilant; Honored My beloved A songbird A songbird Cute like rabbit Good omen Of beautiful and tender body

Baidehi1 Bala2 Balamani3 Basanti4 Bela5 Bhadra6 Bhagirathi7 Bhagwanti8 Bhagwati9 Bhamini10 Bhanumati11 Bhargavi12 Bhavani13 Bhilangana14 Bilwa15 Buddhana16

Sita, Wife of Lord Rama A young girl Young jewel, Small jewel Spring Time, Creeper, Jasmine Flower Gentle, Blessed, Prosperous, Fortunate The river Ganga Lucky Lucky, Goddess Durga Woman, Beautiful, Glorious Full of Lustre, Famous Goddess Parvati, Beautiful, Charming Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga A river Auspicious Fruit - Bael, A sacred leaf Aware, Enlightened One

Bakul: A sweet-smelling flower Bala: Damsel Banhi: Fire Banni: Maiden Barkha / Barsha: Rain Basanti: Spring Bhadra: Good Bhadramurti: An embodiment of benevolence Bhadrapriya: She who is fond of or gives all auspicious things Bhagwanti / Bhagyashri / Bhagyawati: Lucky Bhaktigamya: She who is attained only through devotion Bhaktipriya: She who is fond of (and pleased by) devotion Bhaktivashya: She who is to be won over by devotion Bhanu: Sun / Fame Bhanumati: Famous Bhanuni: Charming woman Bhanupriya: The sun's beloved Bharati: Goddess Saraswati Bhargavi: All-glorious / Beautiful / Radiant / Name of Parvati Bhaumi: Goddess Sita

Bhava: Ecstacy Bhavi / Bhavini: Emotional Bhavna: Good feelings / emotions Bhumika / Bhumi: Earth Bhuvi: Heaven Bijal / Bijli: Lightening Bimala: Pure Bindu: Point Binita: Modest Bishakha: Star

Bhavya Bharti Bhanu Bhagirathi Bharani Bhagwanti (lucky) Bhagya (lucky) Bhagyawati, Bhagyashree (fortunate) Bhairavi (Goddess Durga) Bhakti (devotion) Bhamini (woman) Bhanumati (full of lustre) Bhanupriya (beloved of the sun) Bhargavi (Goddess Parvati) Bhavini (Goddess Parvati) Bhavana, Bhavna (meditation, thinking) Bhilangana (a river) Bhoomi (the earth) Bhoomika (the earth)

Baby Name Bhadra Bhadrusha Bhagavathi Bhagini Bhagirathi Bhagwanti Bhagwati

English meaning Good

the Ganges Lucky Goddess Durga

Bhagyalakshmi Bhagyashri Bhagyawati Bhairavi Bhakti Bhama Bhamini Bhamini Bhandhavi Bhanu Bhanuja Bhanumati Bhanuni Bhanupriya Bhanusri Bharati Bharavi Bhargavi Bhaumi Bhavana Bhavani Bhavi Bhavika Bhavini Bhavna Bhavya Bhawna Bheema Bhooma Bhoomi Bhrithi Bhumika Bhupali Bhuvana Bhuvi

goddess of wealth Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky Lucky Goddess Durga; Musical raaga Prayer


Sun; Fame river Yamuna Famous Charming woman the Sun's beloved Rays of Laxmidevi Goddess Saraswati Radiant Sun

Goddess sita Feeling Goddess Parvati Emotional Cheerful expression Emotional Good Feelings, Emotions grand, splendid Feelings Goddess Durga Earth earth Strengthened; Nourished; Cherished Earth a raagini in Indian music the earth Heaven

Bhadra Bhagyalakshmi Bhakti Bhamini Bhanuja Bhanumati Bhairavi Bharati Bharavi Bhargavi Bhavana , Bhavna .. feelings, sentiments Bhavani Bhavini Bhavya Bhuvana

asteroid belt, earth, holy, cow, cultured Goddess of wealth devotion a beautiful, short tempered lady the river Yamuna Ganga river , bright, shining a melody in classical music, Goddess Durga Goddess Saraswati, speech Tulsi plant ( Basil) Goddess Durga

Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga emotional, beautiful lady grand, splendid, Goddess Parvati earth