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Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum,

May 2012

ACS Green Press

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Mandatory ACS Program- 2 ming Need To Know from your USC Regarding Resilience : Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resiliency everyday ACS Friends and Neighbors Face of an Army Spouse Supporting Spouses 21st Century Army Volunteer Some Benefits of Being a Military Spouse

Heroes on the Home Front-Military Spouses

This months newsletter is dedicated to the spouses of Fort Drum. The spouse serves as the anchor to the military Families of our community. These special men and women are our friends, co-workers, neighbors and community members. They are the silent ranks who wait with strength as their Soldiers train and deploy. We further understand that the role of the Spouse is often a solo part. Left to maintain the household by oneself, the Spouse endures separation and the complications that arise because of it. Spouses are not only expected to keep their heads up, keep positive for themselves and their children, but also for their Soldiers morale. imagination and faith.

Social Networking Look Whos on the Payroll ACS Events and Classes

ACS Contacts

This year ACS has teamed up with AAFES, and Fort 3 Drum Mountain Community Homes to provide a Free Movie at the MPA for Spouses showing from 11-2 4,5 pm and a tea with from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Adirondack Creek Community Cen6 ter to show our appreciation Every May, the Friday before of the men and women who Military Families come in all Mothers Day, is set aside as an are the home front heroes shapes and sizes and from all observance day to recognize Fort Drum. Army Commuwalks of life. Despite the 7 Spouses for their contribution to nity Service appreciates you, diversities of military Families, there are many commonalitiesm their country and their Soldier. not only on Military Spouse and characteristics such as cour- The sacrifices they make as well Appreciation Day, but on 8 age, honor, commitment and self- as the role they play in the mo- every day of every month rale of the Soldiers serving our throughout the year. lessness country, is a testament of the We, at ACS, are aware of the chalstrength the Military Spouse pos9,10 lenges that come with being part sesses. It takes a special kind of of a military Family. We underperson to fill the role of Military stand that the strength of the Sol11 Spouse. It takes commitment, dier depends greatly upon the resilience, passion, will, internal strength of his and her Family. strength, devotion, ingenuity,

Recipe for a Military Spouse

1 1/2 cup Patience 1 cup Courage 3/4 cup Tolerance Dash of Adventure 1 lb Ability To the above ingredients: Add 2 tablespoons elbow grease and let stand alone for one year. Marinate frequently with salty tears. Pour off excess fat and sprinkle ever so lightly with money then knead dough until payday. Season with international spices. Bake 20 years or until done. Makes unlimited servings. SERVE WITH PRIDE

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ACS Green Press

May 2012

What You Might Need To Know from your ACS Unit Service Coordinator (USC)
When you think about Army Community Service (ACS) have you ever stopped to consider that ACS Saves Soldiers and Families money and time. Lets look at how: Army Emergency Relief (AER) is a better alternative to a Soldier in need of emergency money than civilian lending counterparts when you consider that the national bank average lending rate is 3.25% and worse by far is the payday loans averaging about 426%. A cash advance on a credit card would cost $13.99 finance charge and an annual interest rate of almost 57%. The AER lending rate is 0%. industry sector is approximately $195.00. Employment Readiness (ERP) The current national average for a headhunter to find someone a job is 15%-20% of first years salary. Cost for ERP = $0. Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Average rate for a Respite Care provider is $15-$20 per hour. Cost to EFMP Families for Respite Care= $0. Relocation Readiness Program (RELO) Need the essentials when you first arrive or are waiting to leave? The lending closet has your essentials-pots, table, chairs, sleeping mats, etc. For a Family of four to purchase these necessities as a hold over cost would be $558.93. RELO charge for these items=$0. professionals and are free of charge. How can ACS Save you time? Let us count the minutes. Dont wait weeks for an appointment for issues that can be supported or questions that can be answered today! ACS is conveniently located within two miles of all units and housing areas on post and easily accessible from off post housing through the Mt. Belvidere Gate. Many of our services are available on a walk in basis. Some of our more procedural services do require appointments. Same day services include but are not limited to: Counseling Services (MFLC) Lending Closet, Parenting Support and many others. We know that just as your money is precious to you-so is your TIME! For more information on what ACS offers, contact your unit coordinator listed below.

Army Family Team Building leaderThis is just a sampling of the monetary ship development seminars are free whereas the cost of a single leadership savings ACS provides to Soldiers and Families. Please remember that all ACS development seminar in the private Services are provided to you by trained

USC Assignments:
USC TEAM 1BCT USC TEAM 2BCT USC TEAM 3BCT USC TEAM CAB USC TEAM SBTB 3-85th MTN IN 10th MTN Div/HBN MEDDAC DENTAC 62nd CID 174th FW 20th ASOS 902nd MI AFSB 7th Legal Support POC: Kent Thompson, 315-772-0500 - POC: Jennifer Eichner, 315-772-2848 POC: Sharon Chaple, 315-772-5476 POC: Tom Clegg, 315-772-6357 POC: Scarlett Sharkey, 315-772-6566 POC: John Dietrich, 315-772-0805 POC: Sarah Lynch, 315-772-5374 POC: Tom Clegg, 315-772-6357 POC: Virginia Cooper, 315-772-6799 POC: Sharon Chaple, 315-772-5476 POC: Scarlett Sharkey, 315-772-6566 POC: Mandy Thompson, 315-772-9611 POC: Kent Thompson, 315-772-0500 - POC: Judee Kelly, 315-772-5196 POC: Tila Seals, 315-772-6929

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ACS Green Press

May 2012

Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilience everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848

The Positive Power in Problem Solving

Happy Spring All! Have you been able to start off the season with a healthy Energy Management plan? I hope you have all found something that relaxes and re-energizes your mind, body and spirit. pened; identifying the contributing factors that caused the problem through critical questions and evidence; evaluating which factors are controllable and developing solution strategies that will bring about positive change. This can be accomplished by Often we have to rely on Energy answering the questions under the folManagement when we are faced lowing steps: with a problem that is not easily or quickly solved. Perhaps the biggest Step 1: Whats the problem? challenge we have to conquer in Step 2: What caused the problem? the Problem Solving process is Step 3: What did you miss? having the patience to give the Step 4: Whats the evidence? process the time it deserves. Our Step 5: What really caused the society is one that views problem problem? solving in terms of hour to hour Step 6: What can you do about it? increments. After all, thats how long it takes the folks on TV to get Sounds easy, right? Well, it really is as it done! Resilience training will help long as you give the process the time it one realize two things about prob- deserves. Perhaps the biggest pitfall in lem solving: First, is that you have problem solving is making a rash decito take the time to truly understand sion and then spending the rest of the a problem before you can effec- time gathering only the information tively solve it and second that this that confirms that thought. This is is rarely accomplished on the first known as the confirmation bias. The go around. A critical part of prob- confirmation bias causes us to notice, lem solving is identifying informa- seek out, remember, and weigh the tion that you missed so that you evidence that supports only our can understand the problem and thoughts and to fail to notice, seek focus on solution strategies. The out, remember, and weigh the eviresilient approach to problem solv- dence that does not match our ing involves focusing on thoughts thoughts. This is a factor that could about WHY the problem hap- keep one stuck in the problem instead of in solution mode. This is when problem solving and energy management, need to go hand in hand. Take the time you need to relax your thoughts and your ability to see things clearly. Go for a run, paint a picture, talk to a supportive friend and then come back to your problem so you can approach it in a positive way that leads to a positive solution. Remember you are worth the time it takes to see your way out of a problem and into a mindset that is ready to see a positive solution to the problem. Have a great month good luck and good thoughts!

Upcoming MRT Dates May 21 June 11 August 13 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 9:30am-2:30 pm 9:30am-12:30 pm 9:30am-12:30 pm

All Modules will be held at ACS. Time includes 1 hour lunch break

refrigerators available for use.

ACS Green Press

May 2012

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ACS Friends and Neighbors-Promoting Community

Allison Hill-The Face of an Army Spouse

and humorous. Allisons strengths that make her such a great spouse also make her a terrific member of our ACS team. I asked Allison what she liked most about her job as Volunteer Program Manager for Army Family Team Building and she replied I like the human interaction that comes with working in a positive team environment here at ACS combined,with the interaction I have with all the talented people who volunteer with Army Family Team Building. Allison stated that she loves what she is doing. Ive had jobs in the past, but when we came to Fort Drum, there wasnt a position for me so I decided it was my time to give back. Volunteering is a way to give back to your community. Even busy people have a little time they could give. she explained. When I asked Allison what she found most challenging about her position, she said her biggest adjustment has been in learning to navigate the systems that manage the program, sometimes I would find information I didnt know I was looking for! I guess, you dont know what you dont know and thats it. Allison commented that she would encourage other Spouses to get out and not be afraid to get involved with a volunteer opportunity like ACS, or specifically Army Family Team Building. Army Community Service appreciates Allison for all her hard work and all the wonderful volunteers that make ACS such a wonderful place to work. Without you, we would not be able to accommodate and support all of the Fort Drum Families and Soldiers that we do. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism. We really appreciate everything you do.

Allison Hill has been The Army Family Team Building Volunteer Program Manager at ACS since November 7, 2011. Before that, she and her husband Captain Adam Hill who is a Trail Defense attorney with JAG, were stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii with their two children nine year old Ella and five year old Alex. Allison exhibits all the strengths that a military spouse must possess in order be successful while her husband is serving our nation. She is strong, confident, outgoing, personable, resilient

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh!" he whispered. "Yes, Piglet?" "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you." ~A.A. Milne

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ACS Green Press

May 2012

Yolanda Addison Keeping it Together By Being the Glue

munity has been her passion. Besides volunteering for ACS, Yolanda has been a co-leader in her FRG when they were assigned to 10th BSB Alpha Company as well as the Red Cross where she completed the Dental Assistant Program. Currently Yolanda is the Key Caller for 10 BSB HHC. Yolandas positive, enthusiastic attitude and hard work ethic has not gone unnoticed. Recently, she was awarded Commanders Public Service Award. Even with all the responsibilities that come with being a Military Spouse and an active volunteer, Yolanda keeps focus on her goals one of which is to be employed on post at Marshall Dental Clinic. Yolanda seems to be thriving as a Spouse. I asked her what she thinks being successful as a Spouse entails. She explained that it is being supportive of your Soldier at all times. During hectic times especially, you should stay calm, stay prayed up, and be the glue that holds it all together. She went on to say that Spouses should stay connected with FRGs and other Military Spouses. Its important to make the FRG your own. If you have had a negative experience, turn it to a positive by getting involved. Yolanda is an inspirational example of resilience and positive energy. We congratulate her on her accomplishments and thank her for her contributions.

Army Community Service would like to introduce you to Yolanda Addison. Yolanda has been at Fort Drum since 2008 when she and her husband SPC Kenneth Addison and their son Darrell moved here from Marriland. Soon after arriving, Yolanda set out to make a difference in the Fort Drum community. She began by volunteering for ACS and hasnt stopped since. Volunteering and giving back to the com-

Tanya Amos Making a Difference Through Original Creations

owner of Silver Tapestry a jewelry and accessory store. Tanya is a friendly face and an inspiration to all. If you need a positive interaction or something to lift your spirits Like most Military Spouses, when faced and lighten your mood, stop by the Exwith relocating Tanya, decided she change area and introduce yourself to would pack up her business and reopen Tanya. You will be glad you did. it in New York. Lucky for us she did. She now has a space in the AAFES food court area. Tanya enjoys making "Character cannot be developed in jewelry and will make special order ease and quiet. Only through pieces while you wait. Tanya Amos has been at Fort Drum for about four months. She is an outgoing, personable woman with a personal drive to succeed in business. Tanya and her husband SSG Mitchell Amos who is with 1 BCT 222 IN, PCSd, to Fort Drum from Fort Benning, Georgia where Tanya was self employed as the Tanya is excited about how much she loves Fort Drum. She keeps herself busy with her Family and her business. She says that her advice to spouses is to get out and keep busy. She explained how getting out of the house and keeping busy helped her to adjust to the installation.

experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved." ~Helen Keller

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ACS Green Press

May 2012

Mobilization and Deployment Supporting Spouses

ACS Mobilization and Deployment (Mob/ Dep) provides trainings and classes that give support to Spouses and Soldiers with preparation and readiness for all phases of deployment. What makes our program special and what continually brings people back is our drive to meet the needs of our participants as well as our emphasis on empowerment. While in our trainings we do teach rules and regulations, we also spend a good deal of time going over scenarios and situations that our participants have gone or may go through in everyday life. The benefit of this is that when someone leaves one of our trainings they know they have received actual, practical and useful information that they can immediately adopt in their lives and roles within the Military community. For a spouse/volunteer, empowerment comes from knowing what falls into your lane, what your responsibilities are, and what is not. We thoroughly explain the actions and thought processes that make spouses successful in understanding and navigating the military culture, in which they live, work and play. This empowerment comes from knowing how the Army works, all the many agencies that exist to offer support and where to go when there is a need for that support. ACS Mob/Dep takes pride in setting spouses/ volunteers up for success by giving them accurate and honest information and referral. The classes offered by Mob/Dep include: FRG Leader Training, Informal Funds Training and Key Caller Training, as well as supplemental classes such as Key Caller Advanced, Event Planning and OPSEC for Family Members and CARE Team training. We love to hear from spouses to obtain feedback and to be sure our materials and office in general is meeting your needs. You can reach Mob/Dep at 315-7720470/2848/0500. Also, please feel free to stop by our office or visit us on our Facebook fan page: Fort Drum Mobilization and Deployment.

The 21st Century Army Volunteer

The strength of the Army lies in its Soldiers and the strength of Army communities lies in the talents, the dedication, and the commitment of its volunteers. Volunteering stabilizes our Army communities by contributing to our communitys cohesiveness, increases self reliance and enhances the well being of our Soldiers and their Families. Did you know that most Military spouses are employed outside the home? Department of Defense figures indicate that over 65% of all military spouses work. Many more would like to work, if only they could find appropriate employment opportunities. Even though a spouses employment cannot be taken into consideration in determining future assignments there is no assurance that a spouse can find a job with each of his/her partners militaryrelated moves.

by Jane Bresko

with a very diverse group of individuals. They are not just Soldiers and their Family Members. They are raising Families during numerous deployments, full time students, working professionals, and skilled retirees. They are from all generation, Baby Boomers, Generations X and @. This New Breed of Volunteers is technically and tactically proficient, they are computer savvy and well educated, and can perform their duties at home as easily as they could in the office. They like to receive the guidance of the tasking and then be left to their own devices to complete it. They all want to All of this brings us back to volunteering make a difference in the lives of Military many of our spouses choose to volun- Families; however, there is something different in each individual that is driving teer while waiting to find a job at their new location. Their desire to find a vol- them. Military spouses are a well-kept secret, but may be the perfect answer to unteer experience that will translate to a volunteer programs recruitment good resume material means looking at challenges. traditional, as well as non-traditional, volunteer opportunities. We are no Military spouses have been called "a workforce in waiting." The employment longer dealing with the volunteer from the 20th Century; we are now dealing or unemployment status of those

spouses has a great impact on recruitment and retention in all the services. Still, as well educated as those spouses tend to be, they typically have to "start over" with each PCS (permanent change of station). The career fields theyve chosen are far more varied than those of their predecessors 20-30 years ago, when the most transportable careers for spouses were in teaching, nursing and social sciences. Spouses today are business professionals, lawyers, doctors, pilots, pharmacists as well as teachers, nurses and social workers, to name a few.

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ACS Green Press

May 2012

Some Benefits to Being a Military Spouse by Scarlett Sharkey

While having a husband or wife in the military can be difficult, with relocating, deployments and other worries, there are also many benefits to being a spouse. These benefits can come in many forms, such as financial, medical and Family support. The duty of the Relocation Program is to make sure that Soldiers and Family members have a smooth move. This includes not only education about the move, but also many Family support services. Arriving in a new city and discovering the best about that place is a challenge. Whether youve been here one week or one year, the Relocation Program welcomes and encourages you to join us for our narrated tour of Fort Drum and Watertown. You will gain valuable information that will help you feel more at home in the North Country. This tour is also an excellent chance to make new friends with other new Fort Drum arrivals! Perhaps one of the most difficult moves is the move the international spouse makes. The move for an international spouse means not only moving, but also moving to a foreign country. The Relocation Program hosts an International Spouses Support Group. The Relocation Programs International Spouse group is designed to connect spouses who are stationed at Fort Drum with other international spouses providing them an opportunity to network and meet others that speak their native language. The group gets together every other month at ACS to cook, learn about their new duty station and other countries, and enjoy each others company. Enjoying each others company is also a big part of the Hearts Apart Support Group. This groups mission is to support Family members whose Soldiers are deployed, serving an unaccompanied tour, or extended TDY. This group meets each month and provides support, friendship and laughter. The group does a different activity each month, letting Spouses and Family members know that they are not alone. These programs are just the catalyst for the many other things that spouses can do with the Relocation Program. Activities such as cooking classes, sewing classes and gardening are just a few of the opportunities available. The Relocation Programs mission is making every move a smooth one, from the time you arrive to the time you leave. Family support is part of that mission. The military spouse is an integral part of a successful move!

ACS Green Press

May 2012

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Look Whos on the Payroll: Employment Readiness Success Stories!

Congratulations to the following Employment Readiness clients who have recently landed a job! Thomas Matthews Heidi Vilchez-Teller Dave Painter Colleen Rhoads Carolyn Mills Watertown Vet Center Aspen Dental The Hops Spot Samaritan Medical Center AAFES

If you are one of our clients who has recently become employed, we want to hear about it! Give us a call so we can highlight your accomplishment and inspire others!

Social Network Your Way Into a Career!

well. In fact, one Soldier liked it so much; he offered his insights and benefits on LinkedIn. ERP spoke with MSG Carl Berg who has made Social Networking work for himself! MSG Berg will be transitioning out of the Military this summer and started using LinkedIn last year. He says he is a big supporter of LinkedIn because it not only allows him to find employers, but employers to find him as well. Further, LinkedIn allows him to research companies he is interested in. MSG Berg will be relocating to South Carolina and has had interviews with companies there already. He is not close enough to retirement to have any solid job offers but has made many great connections and is adding to his professional network. MSG Berg states one of the only downfalls of LinkedIn is you are not gaining the face to face time with employers. Also LinkedIn, like all networking, takes time and work and you have to be dedicated to really make it work for you! Where did MSG Berg learn about Social Networking and LinkedIn? He attended ERPs LinkedIn workshop and conducted a great deal of personal research to strengthen his skills and knowledge. Shortly after he created an account he attended the Army Career and Alumni Program Career Fair and an employer recognized him from his LinkedIn profile, MSG says he was instantly sold on the benefits of LinkedIn and social networking to find employment. The Employment Readiness Program offers the following workshops involving the use of Social Networking to help clients find a job: Networking with LinkedIn and Facebook for Marketing Development. Our goal is to empower job seekers by providing them with the most up to date tools and trends in todays competitive job market. To learn more about Social Networking and Job searching, sign up for ERPs Finding a Job using Social Networking May 16th from 9:30-11:30 at ACS.

Social networking is extremely beneficial to Spouses because they frequently move and need to have business connections and recommendations that cross geographical boundaries. Social media allows you to connect with others in your profession without ever meeting them first. This is a huge benefit because it makes it possible for you to get a line on an opportunity in a state you may be moving to before your feet are on the ground. Besides the obvious benefits to Spouses, the Employment Readiness Program's Social Networking Classes have been popular with Soldiers as

ACS Classes and Events for May 1-14

Tuesday May 1:

ESOL Class Drum Family Welcome Tour From Victim to Survivor Stress Management CONUS PCS Brief

0900-1200 0930-1400 1130-1300 1330-1530 1530-1600 0830-1600 0900-1100 1300-1500 0900-1200 1530-1600 0930-1130 0930-1200 0900-1500 0930-1130 0900-1200 0930-1400 0900-1000 1130-1300 1130-1300 1400-1530 1700-1830 1530-1600 0830-1600 0900-1600 0900-1100 0900-1200 0900-1600 0930-1130 1530-1600 1030-1200 0900-1300 0930-1030 0930-1130 1400-1500 1700-1800

ACS Departs ACS ACS ACS Clark Hall A2-86 Call for location ACS ACS ACS Clark Hall A2-86 ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS Departs ACS Ed Center rm 104 ACS ACS ACS ACS Clark Hall A2-86 Call for location ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS Clark Hall A2-86 ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS

Wednesday May 2: Thursday May 3:

1st Termers Financial Readiness Terrific Toddler Class Computer Basic Word ESOL CONUS PCS Brief

Friday May 4: Monday May 7:

In her Shoes: Living with Domestic Violence Hearts Apart Support Group Scream Free Parenting Newcomers Orientation Survivor Outreach Support Family Night

Tuesday May 8:

ESOL Class Drum Family Welcome Tour VMIS 101 Victim to Survivor EFMP Support Group Key Caller Key Caller CONUS PCS Brief

Wednesday May 9:

1st Termers Financial Readiness AFTB Level I Terrific Toddler Class

Thursday May 10:

ESOL Class AFTB Level I Employment 101 CONUS PCS Brief

Friday May 11: Monday May 14:

Parents Alone Support Group FRG Leader Training Resume Writing Computer Lab Home Buying Course Informal Funds Training Informal Funds Training


ACS Classes and Events for May 15-31

Tuesday May 15:

ESOL Class Anger Management From Victim to Survivor Ed Group DRUM Family Welcome Tour CONUS PCS Brief

0900-1200 1330-1530 1130-1300 0930-1400 1530-1600 0830-1600 0900-1600 0900-1100 0900-1200 0930-1100 1030-1130 1530-1600 0930-1400 0930-1130 0930-1200 0900-1100 0930-1430 0900-1200 0900-1100 0900-1600 0930-1400 1130-1300 1530-1600 0830-1600 0900-1100

ACS ACS ACS ACS Clark Hall, A2-86 Call for Location ACS ACS ACS ACS the Commons Clark Hall A2-86 ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS Clark Hall A2-86 Call For Location ACS

Wednesday May 16:

1st Term Financial Readiness Career Development Seminar (Finding a Job Through Social Networking) Terrific Toddler Class ESOL class Overseas PCS Brief Volunteer of the Month CONUS PCS Brief

Thursday May 17:

Friday May 18: Monday May 21:

Special Olympics In her Shoes Living with Domestic Violence Budget Management Military Saves Week Master Resilience Module 3

Tuesday May 22:

ESOL Class Military Saves Week AFTB Level II Drum Family Welcome Tour From Victim to Survivor Ed Group CONUS PCS Brief

Wednesday May 23:

1st Term Financial Readiness Military Saves Week

Thursday May 24: ESOL class Military Saves Week Federal Employment Class CONUS PCS Brief Friday May 25: Monday May 28: Tuesday May 29: Military Saves Week Autism Support Group Memorial Day Closed ESOL Class From Victim to Survivor Ed Group Conflict Resolution CONUS PCS Brief Wednesday May 30: Thursday May 31: 1st Termers Financial Readiness Family Wellness Support Group/Book club ACS Volunteer Appreciation CONUS PCS Brief

0900-1200 0930-1100 0930-1130 1530-1600 0900-1100 0900-1100 0900-1200 1130-1300 1330-1530 1530-1600 0830-1600 1000-1100 1100-1300 1530-1600

ACS ACS Clark Hall A2-86 ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS ACS Call For Location ACS ACS Clark Hall A6-86

Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602

Army Emergency Relief Army Family Team Building Army Volunteer Program Coordinator Exceptional Family Member Program /104951319542718 Employment Readiness Program Family Advocacy Program (New Parent Support Program) SAPRP Financial Readiness Program Information and Referral Military & Family Life Consultants Mobilization and Deployment Outreach

772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855 772-6710, 772-9229


772-5488, 772-0819

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772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526

772-6556, 772-6557 212-6919 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919


Relocation Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902 http:// -Drum -Relocation -Readiness Program/171335822906429 772-6566 Soldier Family Assistance Center Survivor Outreach Services 772-7781