EXPERIMENT NO 08 AIM Calibration of induction type single phase energy meter

THEORY The supply voltage applied across the pressure coil . the pressure coil winding is highly inductive is it has very large number of turns and the reluctance of its magnetic circuits small owing to presents of air gape of very small length .thus the current ip through the pressure coil is proptaional to the supply voltage ad legs it is by a few degrees less than 90 degree. This because the winding has a small resistance and their ire iron losses the magmatic circuit. CONSTRUCTION The construction of single phase type energy meter are depend upon there are four main factor Driving system the driving system of the meter consist of two electromagnet. The core of this electromagnet is made of silicon steel lamination. The coil of one of the electromagnet is excited by the load current . this coil is called current coil the coil of second electromagnet is connoted across the supply and therefore carry a current propositional the supply voltage this coil is called the pressure coil. Moving system This consists of an aluminum disc mounted on a light alloy shaft. This disc is positioned in the air gap between series and shunt magnets. The upper bearing of the rotor ( moving system)is s still in located in a hole in the bearing cap fixed to the torque of the shaft . the rotor runs a hardened still pivot .screwed to the foot of the shaft the pivot is supported by a jewel bearing the pinion engages then shaft with the counting or ragastiory mechanism BRAKING SYSTEM A permanent magnet position near the edge of the aluminioum form the braking system. the aluminum disc moved in the field of the disc magnet and thus provides a braking torque the position

Sub standard energy meter Energy meter under calibration Absolute Relative error error in % 1 2 3 4 5 .and braking torque can be adjusted by shifting the permanent magnet to different radials position RAGISTORING COUNTING MECHANISM the function of the registry mechanism to record continuously number which is proportional to the revaluation made by the moving system by a suitable system a train of reduction layer the pinion of the rotor shaft drives a series of five or six pointers .no. These rotate on round dials which are marked with ten equal divisions.of the permanent magnet is adjustable. and therefore . ERROR 01 incorrect magnitude of fluxes 02 incorrect phase angle 03 lack of symmetry in magmatic circuit OBSERVATION TABLE Sr.


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