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Tour of Duty
A testimony of friendship, p. 13 How to be a leader, p.15 The power of a Letter, p. 8


Contents December 2010 Volume 1 • Number 1 FEATURES 4 8 LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH Take a trip back in time as you reminisce while looking at old pictures. 2 JENN’S JOURNAL 12 THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE 22 UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN December 2010 1 . FEATURES 13 TOUR OF DUTY How the life of one man was forever impacted by a friend. 17 TIME BULLETIN A variety of newsworthy mini-articles ON THE COVER Matt Lindstrom pitching for the Houston Astros. THE POWER OF A LETTER Read the heartwarming impact of words shared through a letter. 15 I BE LEADIN’ Learn how to be a leader by reading about one.

One evening I came home from work to a spotless entryway. I know you try to act all hard and tough but I don‟t think that‟s the real Matt. Not because of what you do as a job. there were leaves everywhere! Our little entryway had leaves about an inch thick and needed to be cleaned out but I was tired and Rob was busy so it just wasn‟t getting done. You‟ve spoiled us rotten over the years and that makes me think you‟re generous. I remember you being so kind and thoughtful. I‟m sure those leaves were bugging the crap out of you but I still couldn‟t believe you had actually cleaned them up. I think the real Matt cares about people and is soft-hearted and kind. I‟d come home from work. I mean. Most nights.Isn‟t it funny how one simple act can create an impression in your mind. not even a little speck of dirt was left standing. not because you have a lot of fancy things or because you have a lot of money. went to school. But I know that you took time out of your day to help us do something we didn‟t want to do. we didn‟t have a broom so I couldn‟t figure out how you had cleaned it in the first place. you simply said you had went over to one of our neighbors and asked to borrow their broom. It being the Fall. But I‟d like to share the memory I have that has completely defined my opinion of you. I‟m proud to know you simply because of the type of person you are inside your heart.” you said. Merry Christmas to you. make dinner. Rob worked. Can you believe you did that? Wow. You slept on a crappy blow-up mattress in a room with no windows. “No big deal. I hope you enjoy reading through this magazine that‟s all about you! Hopefully you‟ll laugh and reminisce as you see what your friends and family have contributed. you‟ve been a constant friend to my husband and your brother. One particular thing you did for us especially stands out in my mind. you‟d go out with your ladies or spend time with your friends.v. I am proud to know you. you came to live with Rob & I in Provo during your off-season. When I asked. You were kind and thoughtful and that one act of service has cemented in my brain the type of person you are. and that makes me think you‟re a good friend. Matt! May you have a wonderful day and a fabulous new year! 2 December 2010 . you‟ve come a long way! We loved having you stay with us! I was pregnant with James and worked all day. Over the years. Four years ago. Other nights. I was speechless! First of all. You went out of your way to find a way to get the job done. and looked forward to hanging out with you all day. maybe have Russ and Andy over and we‟d all hang out or watch t. We lived in a tiny basement apartment and I don‟t even think you could stand up straight when you walked down the hall because the ceilings were so low.

.just do it.

scoops him up and squeezes him. 4 December 2010 .Every time I do. It’s funny how a simple photograph can stir up memories and emotions. it makes me laugh… This picture typifies every time Matt & James see each other. James always runs away and Matt chases after him.

Dinner with Family Renea Beckstrand This was a picture when Aldste Lindstrom and his comp (I can’t remember his name) visited my area. I don‟t remember this particular meal but I‟m sure I was happy to be around my little nieces and nephews. we are enjoying Angela’s “smörgåstårta" (sandwich cake). I am the missionary on the far right and my companion is Ryan Peterson (the missionary on the far left). Her and Johan got married and she was baptized and they are still today active in the church. In this picture. We taught her and her friend who is in a couple of the pics. Johan was an inactive member and was living with Angela. -Darren Bower December 2010 5 .e didn‟t get together very often for dinner but I always enjoyed it when we did. This family get together probably happened because Ellen had either just become engaged to be married or had just got married. We were at Johan & Angel Björklund's apartment. as her stepchildren were also there.

just down the road from where Matt grew up. Our group of friends used to have parties like this every weekend and it was at a different girls house every week.Junior High This picture is a classic. This is at Jenny Hastings house. This is Junior High when we were just starting to discover girls and we all had to act and look cool. -Josh Farrer December 2010 6 .

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Becca and I tried so hard not to show you that you succeeded and got what you wanted so we remained cool and collected and didn‟t cry until you went back down stairs to rock back and forth on that orange chair.the power of a letter Taking the time to write a letter seems like a lost art. Here. saving a life Matt. no it was the kind that was frozen and hard. You were chasing us around the kitchen counter and through the dining room.One memory that stands out to me is when Becca and I were playing at our house one afternoon. some people have written letters about times that have touched wasn‟t the nice fluffy kind that had just fallen.. but often the most meaningful. listening to your walkman. I remember that it scratched our arms up pretty good. I was asked by Jen to write a memory I have of you growing up.. I don‟t know what it was about Becca but when she 8 December 2010 . because you are so blessed and have the ability to buy anything you want.. It was wintertime and there was a ton of snow outside. we all have a hard time trying to come up with a sweet present but fail. Simply reading the words meant only for us can fill us with excitement or joy or peace. We were just watching TV when you rip up the stairs and started chasing us. while watching MTV. and finally you caught us and threw us from the front porch into the hard crunchy snow. we can tuck the letter away for another day. Although the pages may yellow and the edges may fray. And when the last words have been read. HAHAHA. life -altering words are the ones expressed in a letter. a letter will always be timeless..

I love you so much and hope you have a great season next year. Keep up being who you are. Right: Denver. I say that because you helped me pay for dental assisting school and for my car. Without either of those things. and it was cold and dark all the time. He instilled confidence in me by coaching me in discussions and teaching me tactics to be successful as a missionary. I was depressed as all get out because I couldn‟t speak the language. You are so lucky to have what you have. Elder Lindstrom was transferred to be my Zone leader in Malmo. I just want you to know that I am so lucky to have such an amazing brother. I was able to adjust my attitude and give my best effort. I love how you stick by all you have been taught with the career that you have chosen. I hated my companion. You are more famous than you think. It seemed like over the next 2 months I spent more time in Matt‟s area than I did in mine. Love. 2 words come to mind: 1) Friendship and 2) Authentic. and every time I turned around my companion was belittling me in some way. That says a lot about who you are. A lot of people know who you are down here in Provo and keep track of you. Matt‟s friendship really saved me during the pivotal early stages of my mission.. He was always scheduling exchanges so that he could make sure I was happy and doing my best. Matt noticed this on day 1 as my zone leader and began setting up exchanges with fuel to just have at it with teasing us. The same time that I was paired with this companion. Thank you for your generosity!! You are amazing that way.. Its funny that sometimes when I introduce myself to a guy or to the patients I see they are so excited to be talking to me because I‟m your sister. I had been in the country for 2 months when I got a companion that I really didn‟t like. Sweden. Matt. His friendship saved me at a December 2010 9 . I was struggling to get the language down. Thanks to Matt‟s influence. Some would kill to have your blessing of being in pro baseball. You have done so much for me and “thank you” doesn‟t even begin to express how I feel. Since Matt & I went to high school together and played on all of the same sports teams growing up. Natalie Instilling Confidence By Luke Sutton When I reflect on my experiences with Matt Lindstrom in Sweden. I wouldn‟t be where I am today. Left: Matt holding baby Natalie. Colorado Matt. we already had a bond of deserve it. I want to thank you for pretty much saving my life. Our family is so up tight some times and we stress out about the lamest things and yet you can make a joke or a face and get a laugh out of someone to ease things up.

Every time we would pass some cows or a pig farm. Matt would point to one of the animals and say. he was not content to just be average (and he never has been). & I learned a lot about missionary work from him. He didn‟t change who he was to be a missionary & I think that is why he was so successful. Matt took the puck & scored it in the net while Dalton lay in pain complaining on the gym floor. Whenever I talk to Matt he always ends the conversation with “you need anything. kindness in action I have great memories of when my dad. rather than walking over & helping Dalton off the floor. While many missionaries were content to just get by their whole missions on a Jr. he was cheap. He had a great testimony & was always willing to share it. Without his influence. I loved serving with Matt. Brooke . Matt & Dalton raced towards the puck at full speed & Matt proceeded to check Dalton as hard as he could against the gym wall. It was fun cheerleading at the JV games and I would watch Matt play in the Varsity games. I will always remember his friendship and authenticity as I look back over those great times in Sweden. I‟ll never forget when I noticed that Matt truly was the same Matt I knew in high school. ”If you can‟t play with the big boys. well. He had no fear & would talk to anybody at anytime. Lindstrom pushed to be great. and Rob would be getting ready to go fishing and I would bawl and plead to take me with them. I will forever be grateful for the friendship of a true friend & for him helping set the tone for the rest of my mission. Another trait that I will always remember about Matt was his authenticity. In high school we called him “Cheap A” because. High speaking level. We were playing floor hockey (inebandy) at the church gym. Also. then maybe you shouldn‟t be playing. He was truly one of the greatest missionaries at speaking the language & in terms of work ethic. Our whole zone was in awe as we watched him sit next to strangers on every bus & contact every person he passed on the street. Whenever he had a free minute. because I knew he was still the same “Cheap A” I knew before. When they finally caved and let me come.hello dis Bwwwwwwaaaaaaack!” These are just a few of the many reasons I love my brother Matt. walked over & said. “ummmm……….time when I really needed it. Elder Lindstrom had the best. I may never have gotten on the right track. & this attitude served him well as a missionary. and Rob hanging out together. “Brooke. Other missionaries would attest that in terms of a Swedish vocabulary. Matt has been very successful in the past few years but he still hasn‟t lost his kindness. He set an example of hard work that all missionaries wanted to follow. He would always do little things (dirty or not) to get an advantage & to WIN. Love. are you doing ok?” There is one thing that will never change about Matt and that is that annoying 10 D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 Matt. However.” I laughed & laughed at this experience. I was proud to call him my brother not only because he was cool. Matt quickly switched from teaser to protector as his friends started noticing me and my friends. he would pull out the English/Swedish dictionary & learn a new Swedish word to two. voice and him saying. Matt. I think his authenticity made him a great missionary as illustrated below: His work ethic was second to none. It was my companion (Elder Dalton) & me against Matt & his companion (Elder Kineally). but was a great athlete. He hated to lose. Brooke. get back in the car!” All of my friends in High School thought Matt was “so hot” and was popular. we would take long drives up to Palisades. The game was tight & the puck was scooting towards the wall of the gym. He could say anything he wanted in Swedish & in a very intelligent manner. Matt. just more spiritual.


I was pretty impressed with his mastery of the females. unlucky cars on Center Street. -Roger Burnett When I think of times that I spent with Matt Lindstrom. Finally. and Russ was pretty epic. she came up to me to talk to me. We also had some awesome nights of waffle ball homerun derby at the Provo library and pick up ball at Gold’s.Master your Accuracy By Clint Foster THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE 12 D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 I remember the time after we won our first game in the state basketball tournament against Bonneville. after some thinking he remembered her and then proceeded to tell me about how she was one of many girlfriends and since she went to another school he was able to keep multiple girlfriends. a couple memories really stand out in my mind. Good Times! . Rob. First. a cheerleader from the opposing team kept looking at me as one of my teammates pointed out. I thought maybe she thought I was cute but she then asked me if I was Matt Lindstrom’s cousin. I said yes and then she told me that she was his girlfriend. That night with Matt. At first he had no idea who she was. I wish we could have seen the look on the driver’s faces when that 99 mph snowball hit the side of their car. The next time I saw Matt I asked him about her. there was the night in Provo with the snowballs and the poor.

While he was serving he formed a friendship that taught him about the most important things in life. it was like little Iraq. D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 13 . That was the one thing that I loved about Matt. He worked his butt off.Many years ago. I met Matt Lindstrom my first day at the MTC. I knew that he would make an excellent missionary. I wish I could send him all of the pictures I had from those days because he really made things fun at the MTC. Our favorite game was to attempt direct English to Swedish translation of “American Slang” like “white boy” and “true that”. I don’t know if it was the fact that our mission companions drove us crazy or we had something in common but he became a really good friend to me during that time in the MTC. About half way through our mission. Basically. We often would sneak out of class just to get some fresh air or decompress from the hours of classes. we were assigned to work together in the Handen-Vasterhaninge area. I don’t remember exactly how many people were in our MTC group going to Sweden but he was definitely one person that stood out. That didn’t deter Matt from having a good attitude and working hard. It was a tough area to work in because the area was so small that every house had been contacted and everyone knew who we where already because the Temple was right there. Ryan Peterson was able to serve a mission in Sweden.


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He didn’t have to tell them to go contact people. When he would teach. He had the Spirit with him. I felt it. We were teaching this one woman named Brigitta (I think) and her young son. I remember most preparation days we would sit in the house and play indoor hockey. Ta det lungt vit pojke. You know he is the only person I know to call the angel Moroni on the temple a “PIMP. I think the most powerful thing that I remember him teaching was about the importance of family and the temple. I could see why our mission president felt that he would be a great trainer after such a short period of time. One of my favorite memories of Matty was when we were traveling back to the mission home at the end of our mission. Then everyone else got up and did the exact same thing. I’m surprised that he didn’t kill one of his old companions on the soccer field after his companion stole the ball from him. He did what he knew was right and he did it to the end. You have been an instrumental person in my life. If you ever want dinner in Atlanta. Matt had his Book of Mormon in his hand and he marched right up to someone and started talking to them about the gospel. hålla det i dina byxorna och komma ihåg att du är någon som jag ser upp till. Ryan Peterson 14 D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 . I remember his teaching about the importance of family and the gift of the priesthood in maintaining those family connections for eternity. That’s what I love about Matt. You are surely an inspiration to me and I know that you will be for many others in years to come. He just did what he knew was right and didn’t care and dedicated himself to the work even up to the end of his mission. He was also one of the funniest kids on the mission. He was also never afraid to talk to someone on the bus or train. You could feel the love that he had for his family when he taught these principles. let me know.You know that he is one of the only people that I know that has ever been called as Trainer after being in the country for only 2 months. We also had a ton of fun. I never had this type of relationship with my father or brother so when he would testify about how he knew that he would be with his family forever. There were about 610 missionaries on the train and everyone was sitting there feeling sorry for themselves that we were going home.” Matt. I also hope that nobody ever has to play soccer with the kid because he is one of the most competitive people on the planet. He would stand at one side of our apartment and I would stand at the other and we would try to hit each other as hard as we could with the “innebandy” ball. I wish you all the best with your baseball career. After working with him for a few days. Merry Christmas. you know how to get a hold of me. He is a born leader. I know that his father and his brother were big important examples to him in his life. he could really testify about the truthfulness of the gospel. MVH. If you ever want to give a fireside to the young men here in Atlanta.

■ Resisting Peer Pressure We all know that Matt has always been gifted when it comes to Sports.I Be Leadin’ Not weedin’ Matt Lindstrom Rexburg. social atmospheres. Then came the peer pressure. I often thought of it after when faced with adversity and still stands as one of my most instrumental memories of my childhood. All during High School Matt stood strong for what he believed in. We must have been 13 or 14 years old. Chicks. Matt taught me a lesson in peer pressure that has stuck with me my entire life. etc.” “It really warms you up. you guys have to try this. One of his friends. He proceeded by lighting one up and showing us how to smoke one. let me see it. parties. Girls. Once we had all jumped a few times we were sitting under the bridge shivering.” Myself. Matt was a popular and well-respected kid. You should try it Matt!” Matt said. -Jeremy Hammond December 2010 15 . friends. Idaho. We decided to go bridge jumping out at the Sugar City Cemetery Bridge. This mutual friend of ours pulled out a plastic bag which had cigarettes in it and told us that these cigarettes really warm you up when you get cold. Idaho | professional athlete Age: 30 While growing up in Rexburg.” “Just try it. We rode a friends 4-wheeler from his house to the bridge and started jumping off the bridge. being the wuss that I was. Along with Matt’s many talents came a lot of peer pressure and popularity. grabbed the cigarette and took a little puff and started coughing hysterically and made some dumb comment like “Wow! That really does warm you up. etc. He was really one of the rock solid foundations for our group of friends. He busted out laughing as our mutual friend went bananas over the loss of his prized possession. shares a story with us of how Matt taught him about resisting peer pressure simply by tossing out the weeds. Jeremy Hammond.” He grabbed the cigarette and made some smart aleck Lindstrom comment and threw it in the river. I really admired Matt for his decision he made that day. we were just getting into that age where we were more than just kids. I’ll never forget the day. “Ok. It was at this age we discovered what those little rolled up sticks of tobacco were all about. really were starting to matter. “Here.

Don’t leave! .

Some of the things that have strengthened our only did I do that. I don‟t ciated the support from both you and Maderrita…you think Sterling Barrett realized what was going to ensue were my biggest fans. you know that.TIME bulletin FRIENDS. friendship. YOUR PLACE FOR ALL THINGS MATT Fights. but that day was especially hard for me. It was fun playing defense behind you and I apprepumps being thrown on top of Tingeys house. The article the scroll did with us when he did that.. All I know is that he paid dearly for that will forever stand out in my mind because of the picture act. You convinced me to try and walk on and not strong. I got time because I loved my mission and it changed my life.Brothers the airport in SLC to go to Sweden? I cry a lot. FAMILY. I even with you in our later years with a cheap shot punch knew that it would have the same effect on you as it did to the grill playing basketball and then who could forget me. You can see that I still get jealous of time together the time I bounced your head off the floor up at the even today when I beg you to come to Rexburg and be house…needless to say I ran away scared for my life and with us…some things never change.All in all we memory I have is when we played college baseball tohave stuck together and our friendship has been pretty gether. and the time to go away for another 2 years. AND LOTS OF MEMORIES . The picture illustrates us graspspace.. Sometimes I‟ve asked myself why bebecause I hadn‟t seen you for 2 years and you were about cause when you threw that rock on my head. . I saw our relationship you laughed at me when Elliot Sutherland smashed me in strengthen that day because I was proud of you and what the back of the head with a 2X4 (I still have the scar to you were about to do. It was hard long time now. . You held him down as I threw haymakers from outer they took of you and me. I even earned a starting job on the friendship in my opinion are as follows: 1) Dee Brown team. I was happy and jealous at the same prove it) I was wondering just how tight we were. and fun. 3) Another cherished circled the bar so you couldn‟t catch me. 2) Who could forget the day when you departed D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 17 Brotherly Love We have been best buddies for a .

Earn a PhD in Teasing Matt is a tease and he iss terribly funny. In the back ground you can hear my mom say. none will bring me more satisfaction than the successes you will have furthering the work of bulletin our Father in Heaven. There is a family video of us kids playing in the front yard and I am in the back of Dad‟s „66 pickup and Matt is trying to tease me. May God bless you is my sincere prayer. –Love Rupe.TIME grasping hands and giving each other that brotherly hug. When the family gets together. -Marci Lindstrom . but I always find them funny. He has a specific voice for 18 D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 each of us girls. and in my shy little voice I say. Because of his generosity. he was usually teasing me.. He was great at impersonations and constantly had them cracking up. I can remember him having friends over (who were all very dreamy in my young eyes) and they were always laughing at Matt. You know why I am lucky to have you as a brother? Because out of all the successes you experience in your career. and they irritate Brooke and Natalie. I swear I am the only one laughing at his jokes even if they are at my expense. or one of our many cats. but more importantly to have you as my brother. I was able to have one of the greatest experiences of my life: living in Africa. I am proud to have you as a friend. Not by coincidence that still happens today when we greet each other. “Matthew! If you lay one hand on her!” So Matt goes away for a little while and then comes back and pushes me over. If Matt wasn‟t teasing Brooke. “Mom! Matt laid one hand on me!” He loved to push people‟s buttons! Matt has always been incredibly generous. they made me promise to tell him “yeve ni mzuri!” (He is beautiful!) and to thank him for sending me to them. He has given you these abilities and talents to set your future up so what I talk about might become a reality. I can remember Brooke and I hiding from his reign of terror one Saturday afternoon & I somehow ended up in the bathroom cupboard crouching in the dirty clothes shoot. and told them it was because of him I was able to come. The women at the school that I taught in asked me about my family and when I showed them a picture of Matt.

and eating restaurant food day after day. calling Grandma a naughty word. I know it hasn‟t been easy. accepted defeat. basketball. YOU ARE BLESSED By: Mom The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the many attributes and talents you possess is your sensitivity towards others. I sometimes still can‟t believe my little Matty is in the Big-Leagues. Both you and your brother were blessed to be very talented in sports. soccer. As with most competitive sports. you calmly took the loss. living out of a suitcase. can‟t repeat the words over the microphone in Primary. and shooting BB‟s through bedroom walls. I‟m very proud of your accomplishments and hope the next few years can be memorable and profitable. rocking in a rocker for hours. throwing spitwads in class.TROUBLE MAKER! My recollection of your earlier years include: loving orange juice. winning is everything! When situations were close and the game was at stake. This happened while you were serving your mission in Sweden.” MY SON. “Boys will be boys. losing his battle with cancer. As the years fly by. D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 19 . But as the saying goes. throwing snowballs from behind closed quarters. I also know you have followed your dream:to be a major-leaguer. bullying on Lincoln‟s playground. I remember on many occasions how sad you felt for someone who wasn‟t dressed properly or how you were saddened for someone in the hospital or a loved one who had passed away. and football games I‟ve attended through various kinds of weather. I can‟t even begin to count the numerous baseball. and showed great sportsmanship. but I must say I was a proud mother at the sidelines and enjoyed these memorable times. I remember the void and effect this placed on you for days. I can‟t help but realize how much you have sacri- ficed to be where you are now. Steve Webster. flying from city to city. How devastated and saddened you were when you learned of your good buddy.

Recognizing the “little people” truly is one of your virtues. you are almost too generous. The guy jumped out of his car and started running towards us. and feel lucky to be your father. and from the response they give you. those invisible-in-plain sight people to the prideful but you treat them as equals. for that I thank you. It is hard to express how proud I am of what you have accomplished in your career so far. You also have been a huge financial blessing to this family and have supported every member of our family with your charity. of the challenges. “AAAAH!” followed by a loud thump! One of our friends had been clothes-lined by the clothes line! . into the basement door and safety. Matt throws a snow ball that explodes on the side of this guys car. There must have been 10 of us on this particular night. I will always be your father. Fortunately. some of it is to our credit as your parent. along with your brother and sisters that each of you will have success and health. I can‟t express to you the highs and lows I go through during the baseball season as you meet success and the challenges of your profession. I sometimes have to stop and remind myself that my son is a professional baseball player. I call Matt “Clean-up. We had done this before and had a route back to the Lindstrom house already mapped out and we were ready for take off. It is amazing that you are in your 5th year in the big leagues. I have enjoyed (most of the time) my association with you. but mostly it is the spirit you were born with. We yearn for and enjoy the good times and endure the rough spots. We all appreciate your kindness and giving attitude. I pray each night for your safety and happiness. joys and sorrows that have all been a part of raising this family. the emotional highs are far greater than the occasional lows. Since the time I first saw you with your silver hair at birth until this holiday season. you certainly have helped me with the family finances. You always speak to them in passing.” Why? Because all of us would throw our snowballs and miss but then Matt would come darting in and throw a cannon which would usually end up hitting the car precisely where he was aiming. not only in sports but in most aspects of life. The next thing we heard was tires skidding and breaks squealing. dreams. your dad and hopefully always your friend. I have observed how you treat others. I can tell they truly are glad to greet you with a smile 20 D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 Matt had a laser arm just as he does now and we decided to go snow ball a few cars. when we heard. and have developed. this night was the same thing. I can honestly say that I am very proud of the man you have become. But that is really the way life is. I realize I have been truly blessed to be associated with the sprits that God has sent us. Love you always. We all took off running through the back yards. under the clothes line and then started jumping the fence. Well. opportunities. We are very fortunate indeed to have you as part of our family.TIME The Bottom Line bulletin and a hello. something that very few men can claim. So remember that in good times and bad I am here to support you. We all threw our snow balls and here comes CLEANUP. This route involved running through a few back yards. ducking under a clothes line and jumping a fence to arrive safely in the back yard. Dad IN GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD As I reflect over my life.

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His Swedish name. I remember several qualities. gave him an edge and he wanted to use that and his energy to baptize all of Sweden. never forceful. I often tell people if I could have just one quality in a missionary. but helpful to the missionaries to become the very best they could be. I heard comments from the members about how warm and loving he was to them. President Clarke 22 D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 . It was obvious he loved the Savior. Lindstrom. it would be the ability to work hard and never give up. He had the ability to love the people. Elder Lindstrom had that quality. Elder Lindstrom was a leader. As he walked through the doors at Arlanda Airport.UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN As I think of Elder Lindstrom. He had a testimony and lived it every day. He is a special young man and I‟m sure the Lord will continue to use him for good throughout his life. Love. He was always willing to work hard and give his all to his mission. he radiated excitement. Elder Lindstrom was a great missionary and my guess is that he is still a good missionary to those around him. that could be felt as you were around him.

have backpack… will travel .

he family. coveting one another’s desserts. borrowing money. -Erma Bombeck . and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together. locking each other out of our rooms. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste. laughing. defending. inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant. hiding shampoo. loving.

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