Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond

the Earth’s mesosphere. We open with Jim Morrison, Men who go out on ships To escape sin & the mire of cities watch the placenta of evening stars from the deck, on their backs & cross the equator & perform rituals to exhume the dead dangerous initiation To mark passage to new levels To feel on the verge of an exorcism a rite of passage To wait, or seek manhood enlightenment in a gun To kill childhood, innocence in an instant The schizo-phrenic mindset is one which opens ontology to the actuality of desire and life. Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari 72’, also referred to as ―D and G‖ write, 1 (Anti-Oedipus, Gilles Deleuze was French philosopher who, from the early 1960s until his death, wrote influentially on philosophy, literature, film, and fine art. Felix Guattari was a French militant, an institutional psychotherapist, philosopher, and semiotician; he founded both schizoanalysis and ecosophy.) A schizophrenic out for a walk is a better model A breath of fresh air, a relationship with the outside world.
than a neurotic lying on the analyst's couch. Lenz's stroll, for example, as reconstructed by Buchner. This walk outdoors is different from the moments when Lenz finds himself closeted with his pastor, who forces him to situate himself socially, in relationship to the God of established religion, in relationship to his father, to his mother. While taking a stroll outdoors, on the other h and, he is in the mountains, amid falling snowfiakes, with other gods or without any

Everything is a machine. Celestial machines, the stars or rainbows in the sky, alpine machines— all of them connected to those of his body. every form
gods at all, without a family, without a father or a mother, with nature. "What does my father want? Can he offer me more than that? Impossible. Leave me in peace."1 The continual whirr of machines. "He thought that it must be a feeling of endless bliss to be in contact with the profound life of as one part among the others. Lenz has projected himself back to a time before the man-nature dichotomy, before all the co-ordinates based on this fundamental dichotomy have been laid down. He does There is no such thing as either man or nature now, only live nature

, to have a

soul for rocks, metals, water, and plants, to take into himself, as in a dream, every element of nature, like flowers that breathe with the waxing and waning of the moon."la To be a chlorophyll- or a photosynthesis-machine, or at least slip his body into such machines

not as nature, but as a process of production. a process that produces the one within the other and couples the machines together. Producing-machines, desiringmachines everywhere, schizophrenic machines, all of species life: the self and the nonself, outside and inside, no longer have any meaning whatsoever.

is tantamount to ending it abruptly and prematurely— is what creates the artificial schizophrenic found in mental institutions: a limp rag forced into autistic behavior. and these consumptions directly reproduced. the actions take the form of] "and . . The process should work to a completion.model exposes the impossibility of the given-ness of traditional categories and operations of thought and thus expose the tacit domination within each of our daily lives as mere a matter of production and power. which conceives of and deals with the schizo as Homo natura. but nature as a process of production. it returns its refuse to nature. of . productions of recording processes [which are] distributions and of co-ordinates that serve as points of reference. But a connection with another machine is always established. but rather as the being who is in intimate contact with the profound life of all forms or all types of beings. And because the first Desire constantly couples continuous flows and partial objects that are by nature fragmentary and fragmented. But in general this entire level of s (as Marx has demonstrated) not only the existence of capital and the division of labor. Doubtless each organ-machine interprets the entire world from the perspective of its own flux. ."5 Schizophrenia is like love: there is no specifically schizophrenic phenomenon or entity. both as an individual and as a member of the hu man species. strictly speaking. consumption. . of of everything is production. H. and who . though they do so within the production process itself. . but rather from the point of view of its fundamental . For the truth of the matter there is no such thing as relatively independent spheres : production [of concepts. and another machine connected to it that interrupts or draws off part of this flow (the breast—the mouth). flowing hair. and pain. industry extracts its raw materials from nature. Second. Deleuze & Guatarri 72 write. society-nature relationship is responsible for the distinction of relatively autonomous spheres that are called process as we use the term: incorporating recording and consumption within production itself. but the completion thereof. from the point of view of the energy that flows from it: the eye interprets everything—speaking. nor must it be confused with an infinite perpetuation of itself. along a transverse path. 01 urine that are pr oduced by partial objects and constantly cut off by othei partial objects. distribution. This will be the case." "and then . of seeing. . without any sort of mediation. that the capitalist being necessarily acquires. Industry is then no longer considered from the extrinsic point of view of utility. which in turn produce other flows.). and breaks the flows machine is in turn connected to another whose flow it interrupts or partially drains off. ideation. even the menstrual flow that carries away the seed unfecund. we make no distinction between man and nature: the human essence of nature and the natural essence of man become one within nature in the form of production or industry. every flow. a tree into his body. interrupted by other partial Every "object" presupposes the continuity of a flow. a breast into his mouth. What do we mean here by process? It is probable that at a certain level nature and industry are two separate and distinct things: from one point of view. rather. . only on one condition. The productive synthesis. objects and emotion] is immediately consumption and a recording process and the recording process and consumption directly determine production. The schizo. just as they do within the life of man as a sp ecies. Lawrence says of love: "We have pushed a process into a goal. fully material] principle. so that one machine interrupts the current of the other or "sees" its own current interrupted. everything is production: production of productions [which are] actions and passions. which in fact constitutes the third meaning of process as we use the term: it must not be viewed as a goal or an end in itself. etc. "I love everything that flows. who is responsible for even the stars and animal life. This schizo. is not at all any one specific aspect of nature.+ This is the first meaning of identity with nature as production of man and by man 4 Not man as the king of creation." Desiring-machines are binary machines. Putting an end to the process or prolonging it indefinitely—which. itself flows in turn. not to some horror of intensification and extremity wherein the soul and body ultimately perish. the basis for reality as each epistemological. the production of production. the binary series is linear in ever y direction. but also within an over-all process itself and the real delirium—is that or circuits (enregistrement*). production." This is because there is always a flow-producing machine. Even 2 . they are one and the same essential reality. . from another. this characteristic man-nature.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. universal primary production as "the essential reality of man and nature. shitting. however. since the recording processes are immediately consumed. This is the second meaning of process as we use the term: man and nature are not like two opposite terms confronting each other—not even in the sense of bipolar opposites within a relationship of causation. Desire causes the current to flow. examined from the point of view of its formal developed structures. ceaselessly plugs an organ-machine into an energy-machine. is inherently connective in nature: [in a grammatical example. within society distinctions [between things and objects] presuppose the false consciousness of supposedly fixed elements . understanding. ontological or ethical construct is a matter of production and is thus enveloped within this analysis of the function between desire and ontology.or genealogical nature of reality] overtakes all idealistic categories and constitutes a cycle whose relationship to desire is that of an immanent [that is. a flow of spittle. shit. Hence . D. as process That is why desiring-production is the principal concern of a materialist psychiatry. objects. What the schizophrenic experiences. of of ."* Amniotic fluid spilling out of the sac and kidney stones. industry-nature. and so on. the sun into his asshole: the eternal custodian of the machines of the universe. industry is the opposite of nature. schizophrenia is the universe of productive and reproductive des iring-machines. thus making them the productions of one and the same process. the fragmentation of the object. subject and object. (Anti-Oedipus) from yet another. [and] productions of consumptions [which are] sensual pleasures. the producer- [This] Production [. obeying a binary law or set of rules governing associations: one machine is always coupled with another. a flow of sperm. . The aim of any process is not the perpetuation of that process. immediately consummated. produced as an entirely separate and independent entity. of anxieties. both of —the glaring. or expression (cause and effect. sober truth that resides in This does not mean that we are attempting to make nature one of the poles of schizophrenia. fucking—in terms .

. when it is a question of outside thought. it takes no aim but hopes the arrow will stick somewhere. . the opposite of a State. Thought is like the Vampire. This maintains control of the ontological domination of every aspect of life. But countless times it misses and is depressed at the fact The artist and the philosopher are evidence against the purposiveness of nature as regards the means it employs. either to constitute a model of or to copy. Kantian just." Every thought is already a tribe. in the republic of letters. the model and its reproductions. that of relaying. intermezzos. because it exaggerates interiority. But the form of exteriority situates thought in a smooth space that it must occupy without counting. They destroy images. existing only through it. thinker is not a satisfactory expression. Deleuze & Guatarri 80’ write. To think otherwise is to provide counterontology to break down this form of domination. and for which there is no possible method. like the desert itself. Nietzsche. the arrow does not go from one point to another but is taken up at any point. is like an organic State act or sovereign judgment." inspired by the State apparatus.).44 To place thought in an immediate relation with the outside [is] to make thought a war machine But noology is confronted by These are the acts of a "private thinker. the power—is not at all another image in opposition to the image It is a force that destroys both the image and its copies. but only relays. Hegelian right. even with modest means. that "We are lacking that final force. There is another reason why "private thinker" is not a good expression. But the form of exteriority of thought—the force that is always external to itself. and whose existence is mobile in history. though it is not yet here. Nietzsche's Schopenhauer as Educator is perhaps the greatest critique ever directed against the image of thought and its relation to the State. resurgences. . and tends to permute with the archer and the target. rather. the Just. for example. "Nature propels the philosopher into mankind like an arrow." as opposed to the public professor: Kierkegaard. a final force that must conquer or subjugate it. it is the steppe or the desert.[but] it is an extremely populous solitude. in the absence of a people to bear us. one that invokes and awaits that people. or the Right A "method" is the striated space of the cogitatio universalis and draws a path that must be followed from one point to another. though they are also first-rate evidence as to the wisdom of its purpose. (A Thousand Plateaus) counterthoughts." however. in short . which are violent in their acts and discontinuous in their appearances. a solitude already intertwined with a people to come. The problem of the war machine is not that of the architectonic model or the monument. The way of Statist thought is violently opposed to this nomadic form. In the smooth space of Zen. Wherever they dwell. or even Shestov. "Private . for a maxim. An ambulant people of relayers. (Cartesian truth. while they ought to strike home at everybody—and even these few are not struck with the force with which the philosopher and artist launch their shot. with the forces of the outside. no conceivable reproduction. to be sent to any other point. Although it is true 3 this counterthought attests to an absolute solitude. etc. We are looking for that popular support.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. utilize it). or the final force. Strictly speaking. whereas an aphorism always awaits its meaning from a new external force. is very different from the maxim. is a strange undertaking whose precise procedures can be studied in Nietzsche (the aphorism. symmetry exists only between different poles or focal points of interiority. They strike home at only a few. it has no image. rather than a model society. every possibility of subordinating thought to a model of the True. And this form of exteriority of thought is not at all symmetrical to the form of Anteriority.

and provide a counter-thought embodying schizophrenic ontology. muskrat). plane of consistency. the good daddy and the bad daddy. or social formation. constructed as a political action or as a meditation. anagogic. Unlike psychoanalysis. susceptible to constant modification. . which always comes back "to the same. the Drives and part-objects are neither stages on a genetic axis nor positions in a deep structure.12-13) The rhizome is altogether different. and sometimes maintains a clear distinction between the line of flight as p assageway and storage or living strata (cf. A map has multiple entryways. (A Thousand Plateaus. psychoanalytic competence (which confines every desire and statement to a genetic axis or overcoding structure. the removal of blockages The map is open and connectable in all of its dimensions. This is done through the analysis of schizophrenic ontology as an interconnection of rhizomes Deleuze & Guattari 80 write. group. Little Richard. psychoanalyst totally misconstrues. they are political options for problems. (It is obvious that Melanie Klein has no understanding of the cartography of one of her child patients. contrary to a Statist ontology which opposes true experimentation. they are entryways and exits. It can be drawn on a wall. hereditary. Our experiments transform us. reworked by an individual. and is content to make ready-made tracings—Oedipus. structural. The orchid does not reproduce the tracing of the wasp. in other words. What distinguishes the map from the tracing is that it is entirely oriented toward an experimentation in contact with the real. a map and not a tracing. The map does not reproduce an unconscious closed in upon itself. monotonous tracings of the stages on that axis or the constituents of that structure).)9 the child s . to find the limits of legitimate thought and move past them in a creative endeavor indicated by becoming. reversible. the bad mommy and the good mommy—while the child makes a desperate attempt to carry out a performance that the 4 on bodies without organs. it is detachable. It can be torn. economic. whatever name is given to it—divine." The map has to do with performance. it forms a map with the wasp. historical." Make a map. in a rhizome. It fosters connections between fields. the burrow is an animal rhizome. To create a counter-Statist experiment is to break down the walls blocking the will to power. the maximum opening of bodies without organs onto a . conceived of as a work of art. Perhaps one of the most important characteristics of the rhizome is that it always has multiple entryways as opposed to the tracing. and makes inf inite. in this sense.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. or syntagmatic. whereas the tracing always involves an alleged "competence. It is itself a part of the rhizome. To experiment is to explore. reversed. schizoanalysis rejects any idea of pretraced destiny. it constructs the unconscious. not a tracing. adapted to any kind of mounting. impasses live[d] out politically with all the force of his or her desire.

Thus the Plan: Thus the Plan: The entire population of the United States should be launched into space by the USfg.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. . We reserve the right to clarify.

he is kept at the point of passage. the last. In one sense. across a half-real. those who threaten and deconstruct the Statist Western thought the best are those who sail on different seas. it carries off. but it does more: it purifies. every embarkation is. Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason) ― [we ought to] understand the curious implication assigned to the navigation of madmen and the prestige attending it. potentially. And the land he will come to is unknown-as is. half-imaginary geography. conversely. (11) Or is it. each of us is in the hands of his own destiny. Is it this ritual and these values which are at the origin of the long imaginary relationship that can be traced through the whole of Western culture? water and madness have [indeed] long been linked in the dreams of European man. Michel Foucault 64 writes. and inversely. This idea takes the form of experimentation. the sea with its thousand roads. the Mongols. A highly symbolic position. (Michel Foucoult. if we are willing to admit that what was formerly a visible fortress of order has now become the Confined on the ship. on water. from time immemorial.‖ castle of our conscience. the land from which he comes. it made him a prisoner of his own departure. in this imagining. He is put in the interior of the exterior. the prisoner of the passage. This opens us to a schizophrenic mode of thought which exposes the way society functions as a disjunctive structure of desire constantly composed into various forms and situations. the openest of routes: bound fast at the infinite crossroads. to that great uncertainty external to everything. We. it made sure that he would go far away. which will doubtless remain his until our own day. once he disembarks. has called into being and established the rite of embarkation? One thing at least is certain: . The madman's voyage is at once a rigorous division and an absolute Passage. From the Vikings on the Ocean to the sailors of the desert. engage in a becomingnomadic. über philosopher from the almost equally über land of France. He is the Passenger par excellence: that is. this relationship that. it simply develops. He is a prisoner in the midst of what is the freest. It is for the other world that the madman sets sail in his fools' boat. incontestable But of medieval concern-a position symbolized and made real at the same time by the madman's privilege of being confined within the city gates: his e xclusion must enclose him. the madman's liminal position on the horizon Thus we better On the one hand. These ships of fools allow us to engage in this becoming-seaborn shared amongst many great nomads. He has his truth and his homeland only in that fruitless expanse between two countries that cannot belong to him. the madman is delivered to the river with its thousand arms. We set the revolutionary machine of desire in motion by imagining a nomadic existence.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. Navigation delivers man to the uncertainty of fate. if he cannot and must not have another prison than the thresh-old itself. from which there is no escape. we must not minimize its practical effectiveness: to hand a madman over to sailors was to be permanently sure he would not be prowling beneath the city walls. Water and navigation certainly play this role. water adds to this the dark mass of its own values. it is from the other world that he comes when he disembarks.

right now. on t he crises they provoke."* or an oscillating equilibrium. This is crucial to ever being able to consider this issue. stands the potentiality inscribed in invention. while even socialists have abandoned belief in the possibility of capitalism's natural deat h by attrition. and scissions. We are creating something here which opens up an infinity of epistemological. Impacts: This is our experiment. ethical. comes the anxiety of decision and movement without measure – a transition from here to there without reference and certainty as a guide. but from the possibility of creating in the space between the either/or of any particular situation. is especially weak and inadequate. it can operate only by fits and starts.D. (Michael Anker. that they are dominated by archetypes and their repetition.9 Ethnologists are constantly saying that kinship rules are neither applied nor applicable to real marriages: not because these rules are ideal but rather because they determine critical points where the apparatus starts up again—provided it is blocked. If what is called history is a dynamic and open 5 The idea that primitive societies have no history. We are setting up this round in a way in which the schizophrenic is realized. above all. . [it is] the American way. that they wished to credit with the "invention" of history. This has been shown precisely with regard to the segmentary system. Capitalism has learned this. No one has ever died And the more it breaks down. and on the infernal operations they regenerate. and where it necessarily it becomes apparent that the social machine is identical with desiring . this opens up the possibilities for the understanding of the workings of our society and thus is a gateway issue for policy-making. which in effect is exercised only by indicating its own impotence. in spasms of minor explosions. unmistakable stamp of time elapsed. the source or inspiration to make a decision? How does one not stand indefinitely in a deferred space of inactivity and indecision? For Nancy. Michael Anker 06 writes. As Nancy suggests. is quite the gap between the real institution and the assumed ideal model. is an American philosopher and Professor of Philosophy at The College of New Rochelle. First. Deleuze and Guattari 72 (Anti-Oedipus (1972) pg. on the contrary.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. unstable and always compensated. John Cardinal O’Connor Campus in NYC) the answer to the question ―what is to be done?‖ opens the space for invention – a movement that comes not from an absolute external source. which is always destined to reconstitute itself on its own ruins. there too gathers the strength that no certainty can match. as Levi-Strauss says. but rather its misfirings. extract. and indeed opens up the route for genuine ethical reflection and genuine engagement of policy originating from a constant movement. social machines make a habit of feeding on the contradictions they give rise to. the better it works. or determinable acts or To stand momentarily suspended outside the absolute demarcation and fray of binary difference is to allow the multiplicity an d interstitial complexity between these poles to come to the surface. Uncertainty opens the space for a becoming differentiated from the either/or of decisions. between the resignation of ―doing nothing‖ and the ―doing something‖ because an absolute source tells us to. With this of course. The death of a social machine has never been heralded by a dishar mony or a dysfunction. and likewise for the organization of the political function in these systems.‖ Second. as Nancy says as he concludes his essay: ―Where certainties come apart.[is] in a state of functional disequilibrium.. morally.171). ontological and aesthetic possibilities. School of New Resources. Ph. but by ideologists in the service of a tragic Judaeo-Christian consciousness social reality. lose its capacity to wield its materials. . The aporia of this question a world not inactivity but invention and as such an event to come. What we do is real. to attempt to build an island again is hopeless. on the anxieties they engender. which is not the least important aspect of the system of cruelty. This idea was not conceived by ethnologists. . this opens the ethical horizons beyond the aporiae engender by modern ethical discourse between the construction of universal laws of the good and the inherent desire underlying them. We have opened up the Sea. or even from the harmony. ruptures. Here -machine the from contradictions. The social machine's limit is not attrition. as though it were a question of attrition that would cause the social machine to . and has ceased doubting itself. then primitive societies are fully inside history. revolts. comprising not only institutionlized conflicts but conflicts that generate changes. The dysfunctions are an essential element of its very ability to function places itself in a negative relation to the group. attributed to them in the name of a primacy of a unanimous group. So from where does one pull. write. the more it schizophrenizes . "bear the It is true that there are several ways to interpret such disharmonies: ideally. subtract or what have you. What emerges from the aporetic uncertainty is the possibility of change via creativity. by grinding and breaking down. The presence of history in every social machine plainly appears in the disharmonies that. by invoking a structural bond between law and transgression But here too it seems that the correct interpretation would be actual and functional: it is in order to function that a social machine must not function well. It is right here. physically. But. and far distant from the stability.

forever mutant. one distinguishes between the molecular aspect and the molar aspect: on the one hand. The relations of a mass to other masses are not the same as the relations of the "corresponding" class to the other classes. Beneath linear conceptions and segmentary decisions. and their quanta. politics and its judgments are always [macropolitical] . Good or bad. Finally. bring their overcoding and deterritorialization into question. Mass movemen ts accelerate and feed into one Beneath the self-reproduction of classes.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere.. an evaluation of flows another (or dim for a long while. enter long stupors). remains very slim. . The difference between macrohistory and microhistory has nothing to do with the length of the durations envisioned.21 molar molecular . but a locus of political significance. there are just as many relations of force. masses or flows. resonance. emanate or emit new quanta that then modify class relations. quanta of deterritorialization. depending on whether it is an overcoded segmented line that is under consideration or the mutant quantum flow. and desires. Political decision making attractions. binarized interests. with their mutations.(A Thousand Plateaus) 6 The task of the historian is to designate the "period" of coexistence or simultaneity of these two movements (decoding-deterritorialization and overcoding-reterritorialization). even though the same group can be assigned both signs. Of course. and accelerations. while the line totalizes. what we do here matters. Politics operates by macrodecisions and binary choices but the realm of the decidable necessarily descends into a world of microdeterminations.. undergo mutation. The bourgeoisie considered as a mass and as a class. which it must sound out or evaluate in a different fashion. classes or segments. long or short. The point is that the same struggle assumes two very different aspects. and line of overcoding favoring one line over the others. with their binary organization. but jump from one class to another. For the duration of this period. on the other hand. on one side as the other. Mass and class do not have the same contours or the same dynamic. in relation to which the victories and defeats differ. and just as much violence. Deleuze and Guattari 80 write. there is always a variable map of masses. This is a substantive political act that transforms this round not into an idealistic sale. The rigid system does not bring the other sy stem to a halt: the flow continues beneath the line. but it is the [micropolitical] and its assessment that makes it or breaks it. but rather concerns distinct systems of reference. A curious passage by Michelet reproaches Fra^ois I for having badly evaluated the flow of emigration bringing to France large numbers of people in struggle against the Church: Francois saw it only as an influx of potential soldiers. the one that occurred. instead of perceiving a mass molecular flow which France could have used to its own advantage by leading a different Reformation t han Problems are always like this. conjunction or accumulation. and run new lines of flight in new directions . This advocacy is a micro-political experiment that opens horizons within this situation. connections.

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. the worst that can happen is if you throw the strata into demented or suicidal the BwO. becoming-molecular. then instead of drawing the plane you will be killed. continue: a whole "diagram. continuum of intensities. conjunction of flows. intensities do not pass or are blocked. necessarily a Collectivity (assembling elements. You don't reach [it] by wildly destratifying. animals. have a small plot of new land at all times. consistency. find potential movements of deterritorialization. and fragments of all of these. experiment with the opportunities it offers. unalterable and changing in form. experience them. It is through a meticulous relation with the strata that one succeeds in freeing lines of flight. things. which brings them back down on us heavier than ever. There are. Connect. and its plane of That is why we encountered the paradox of those emptied and dreary bodies at the very beginning: they had emptied themselves of their organs instead of looking for the Lodge yourself on a stratum. For the BwO is all of that: necessarily a Place. or what remains of me. find an advantageous place on it. first see how it is stratified for us and in us and at the place where we are. if only to turn them against their own systems when the circumstances demand it. necessarily a Plane. conjugate. instead the "me" (moi) is on it. or one produces it more or less. It is only there that the BwO reveals itself for what it is: connection of desires. plunged into a black hole. point at which they could patiently and momentarily dismantle the organization of the organs we call the organism. try out continuums of intensities segment by segment collapse. then descend from the strata to the deeper assemblage within which we are held. then to find "allies. produce flow conjunctions here and there. You have constructed your own little machine. gently tip the assemblage. . causing conjugated flows to pass and escape and bringing forth continuous intensities for a BwO." and then gradually to give up interpretation. plants. This is how it should be done: . in fact. if you blow apart the strata without taking precautions. powers. tools. crossing thresholds). This is because the BwO is always swinging between the surfaces that stratify it and the plane that sets it free. but nothing is produced on it. becoming-animal. If you free it with too violent an action. or even dragged toward catastrophe. Mimic the strata. even situations. Castaneda describes a long process of experimentation (it makes little difference whether it is with peyote or other things): let us recall for the moment how the Indian forces him first to find a "place. people. persons. We are in a social formation." as opposed to still signifying and subjective programs. to construct flow by flow and segment by segment lines of experimentation. for it is not "my" body without organs. ready when needed to be plugged into other collective machines. and you have to keep small rations of subjectivity in sufficient quantity to enable you to respond to the dominant reality. ATP-160-161 You have to keep enough of the organism for it to reform each dawn. subjected— is not the worst that can happen. when things. several ways of botching the BwO: either one fails to produce it. and you have to keep small supplies of signifiance and subjectification. making it pass over to the side of the plane of consistency. Staying stratified—organized." already a difficult operation. etc. signified. possible lines of flight. force you to.

and passion the double of one person for another. . ATP. of consciousness and love. Make consciousness an experimentation in life. Make the body without organs Use love and consciousness to abolish subjectification: "To become the great lover. . . The problem." Are there not diagrammatic redundancies distinct from both signifying redundancies and subjective redundancies? Redundancies that would no longer be knots of arborescence but resumptions and upsurges in a rhizome? Stammer language. . one has to first experience the profound wisdom of being an utter fool. Desubjectify consciousness and passion. where there is no longer any regime of signs. is to tip the most favorable assemblage from its side facing the strata to its side facing the plane of Subjectification carries desire to such a point of excess and unloosening that it must either annihilate itself in a black hole or change planes. where the line of flight effectuates its own potential positivity and deterritorialization its absolute power.[to] open up to a new function.32 It seems necessary to distinguish between three types of deterritorialization: the first type is relative. proper to the strata. but still negative and stratic. and appears in subjectification (Ratio et Passio)'. These strata together are what separates us from the plane of consistency and the abstract machine. .Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. and subjectification and subjection. there is the possibility of a positive absolute deterritorialization on the plane of consistency or the body without organs. Let consciousness cease to be its own double. an emission of particles-signs. from this standpoint. finally. a diagrammatic function. and culminates in signifiance. be a foreigner in one's own tongue: 31 Use the / think for a becoming-animal. and passion a field of continuous intensities consistency or the body without organs. do domi not passi do not dominate do not dominate your passive passions not do devouring not not dominate your rats your rations your rats rations not not.134 The principal strata binding human beings are the organism. the magnetizer and catalyzer . . Destratify. and love for a becoming-woman of man. the second is absolute. significance and interpretation.

toward November 20. it is a speech act. one is not representing or referring but intervening in a way. or on the contrary become stabilized and perform a reterritorialization. and vice versa. relatively deterritorialized. separate or combine them. On the contrary. as Foucault puts it. July 4. Sometimes the semiotic components are more deterritorialized than the material components. and on the other the elaboration of a Bolshevik incorporeal semiotic. actions and passions. introduces itself into the other. on the other. my offense is too great). We constantly pass from order-words to the "silent order" of things. in short forms. forms of expression and forms of content. A criminal action may be deterritorializing in relation to the existing regime of signs (the earth cries for revenge and crumbles beneath my feet. the particles may have experimental effects that deterritorialize the semiotic system. we add that incorporeal transformations. slips into. the theoretico-experimental aggregate of physics). or content over expression. are we not still prey to a kind of idealism in which the order-word instantaneously falls from the sky? What we must determine is not an origin but points of intervention or insertion in the framework of the reciprocal presupposition of the two forms. factors internal to enunciation. but the sign that expresses the act of condemnation may in turn be deterritorializing in relation to all actions and reactions ("a fugitive and a vagabond shall thou be in the earth" [Gen. but on the contrary a parceling of the two. you cannot even be killed). The independence of the two kinds of forms. In expressing the noncorporeal attribute. or proportions in the interminglings or aggregations of bodies. the deterritorializing inflation of the monetary body and. form of their reciprocal presupposition. slow them down or speed them up. souls. and of the continual passage from one to the other. a semiotic transformation of the reichsmark into the rentenmark. may function either as a body that acts and undergoes actions or as a sign constituting an act or order-word. which are themselves bodies. bodies already have proper qualities. feed into each other. For example. a mathematical complex of signs may be more deterritorialized than a set of particles. incorporeal yet attributed to bodies. Representations are bodies too! We cannot even say that the body or state of things is the "referent" of the sign. accelerate each other. In short. the way an expression relates to a content is not by uncovering or representing it. Both expression and content are more or less deterritorialized. An assemblage of enunciation does not speak "of things. In short. such that a segment of one always forms a relay with a segment of the other. Both forms of content and forms of expression are inseparable from a movement of deterritorialization that carries them away. From what moment can it be said that someone is bald? In what sense does a statement of the type "There will be a naval battle tomorrow" constitute a date or orderword?) The night of August 4. and sometimes the reverse. in which we ceaselessly jump from one register to another." when we say that expressions intervene or insert themselves into contents. incorporeal attributes. it has nothing to with representation. the independence of the two lines is distributive." etc. nor do we see one represent the other.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. is not contradicted but confirmed by the fact that the expressions or expresseds are inserted into or intervene in contents. and by that token attributing it to the body. The purpose is not to describe or represent bodies. 1923: on the one hand. in which signs are at work in things themselves just as things extend into or are deployed through signs. Germany. apply to bodies. ATP-86-88 statements are attributed to bodies. Rather. But when we use a word as vague as "intervene. 1923: What incorporeal transformation is expressed by these dates. making possible a reterritorialization. They are the expressed of but If noncorporeal attributes apply to bodies. So that the same x. (Hence the significance of dates for the Stoics. accelerating things and contributing to the action of the detonating body of the Party. and there are variables of expression. a manner in which expressions are inserted into contents. In short. In this respect. like the Stoics. The warp of the instantaneous transformations is always inserted into the woof of the continuous modifications. according to the particular state of their form. there are degrees of deterritorialization that quantify the respective forms and according to which contents and expression are conjugated. The paradox gets us nowhere unless. delimit them in a different way.1917: on the one hand proportions of a state of "bodies" Soviets-provisional government. toward July 4. There are variables of content. the functional independence of the two forms is only the We are never presented with an interlinkage of orderwords and a causality of contents each in its own right. it speaks on the same level as states of things and states of content.. Russia. in response to the inflation. and only to bodies. if there are good grounds for making a distinction between the incorporeal expressed "to become red" and the corporeal quality "red. forms of expression and forms of content communicate through a conjunction of their quant . 4:12]. with the second serving as referent. one cannot posit a primacy of expression over content. conversely. the same particle. What we call circumstances or variables are these degrees themselves. depending on which form it is taken up by (for example. not to represent them but to anticipate them or move them back. inserted into them? The independence of the form of expression and the form of content is not the basis for a parallelism between them or a representation of one by the other. November 20.1917.

etc. the becoming-dog of Penthesilea. by choosing Achilles as her favorite enemy. spreading like an infectious disease. domestic. between mass contagion and preferential alliance. in a choosing that exceeds him and comes from elsewhere.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. this nameless horror. . between the aleatory aggregate and a predestined choice. which is linear yet multiple. Lawrence's becoming-tortoise has nothing to do with a sentimental or domestic relation. nor is it the perfection of a type incarnate. seething. We sorcerers know quite well that the contradictions are real but that real contradictions are not just for laughs. it has neither familiar or subjectified feelings. the Oedipalized animal as psychoanalysis sees it. Nor is the anomalous the bearer of a species presenting specific or generic characteristics in their purest state. nor is it a model or unique specimen. and in so doing breaks with the law of the whalers according to which one should first pursue the pack. Penthesilea shatters the law of the pack. Ahab's MobyDick is not like the little cat or dog owned by an elderly woman who honors and cherishes it. as the image of the father. For the whole question is this: What exactly is the nature of the anomalous? What function does it have in relation to the band. Yet it is by means of this anomalous choice that each enters into his or her becoming-animal. the pack of women. because you're just little house dogs . to the pack? It is clear that the anomalous is not simply an exceptional individual. that would be to equate it with the family animal or pet. The anomalous is neither an individual nor a species. "teeming. . it has only affects.244-245 there is [not] a contradiction between pure multiplicity and the exceptional individual. nor specific or significant characteristics. the becomingwhale of Captain Ahab. and psychoanalytic individual. nor is it the eminent term of a series. But And the contradiction is real: Ahab chooses Moby-Dick.14 The anomalous. Human tenderness is as foreign to it as human classifications. It does seem as though : between the pack and the loner. nor is it the basis of an absolutely harmonious correspondence. Lawrence is another of the writers who leave us troubled and filled with admiration the objection is raised against Lawrence: "Your tortoises aren't real!" And he answers: Possibly. foaming. even and especially if you have no way of judging it. but my becoming is. swelling. the pack of she-dogs. because they were able to tie their writing to real and unheard-of becomings. my becoming is real." . the Thing. has nothing to do with the preferred. the preferential element in the pack. ATP. which arrives and passes at the edge. Lovecraft applies the term "Outsider" to this thing or entity.

249-250 Thus packs. it cannot lose or gain a dimension without changing its nature. it amounts to the same thing to say that each multiplicity is already composed of heterogeneous terms in symbiosis. and a field of anuses. and a collection of small holes and tiny ulcerations (the theme of contagion): all these heterogeneous elements compose "the" multiplicity of symbiosis and becoming. not only is it the precondition for the alliance necessary to becoming. stretching to the breaking point. from a human or an animal to molecules. It is evident that the A multiplicity is defined not by its elements. Werewolves become vampires when they die. . and that a multiplicity is continually transforming itself into a string of other multiplicities. For example. This is not surprising. And at each threshold or door. it is not divisible. A fiber strung across borderlines constitutes a line of flight or of deterritorialization. the self is only a threshold. but there is a string of borderlines.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere. Moby-Dick is the White Wall bordering the pack. . of which it determines the temporary or local stability (with the highest number of dimensions possible under the circumstances). and so on to the imperceptible. where? Into the void . the line that crosses the wall and drags the captain . he is also the demonic Term of the Alliance. It is defined by the number of dimensions it has. ATP. a door. In fact. cross over into each other. according to its thresholds and doors. it was because the multiplicity toward which it leans. has several functions: not only does it border each multiplicity.. Every fiber is a Universe fiber. finally. but it also carries the transformations of becoming or crossings of multiplicities always farther down the line of flight. he is the terrible Fishing Line with nothing on the other end. or multiplicities. from molecules to particles. the Wolf-Man's pack of wolves also becomes a swarm of bees. the Outsider. If we imagined the position of a fascinated Self. continually transform themselves into each other. nor by a center of unification or comprehension. since becoming and multiplicity are the same thing. a continuous line of borderlines (fiber) following which the multiplicity changes. a becoming between two multiplicities. Since its variations and dimensions are immanent to it. . Each multiplicity is defined by a borderline functioning as Anomalous. a new pact? A fiber stretches from a human to an animal. . is the continuation of another multiplicity that works it and strains it from the inside.

.Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere.

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