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INTROSPECT Diagnostics All-in-one diagnostic device of causes and targeted therapy The top bio-energetic system In the field of functional diagnosis and therapy
At the beginning a revolutionary idea is easily ignored. Then one laughs about it, and then one fights it at the end it wins. Mahatma Gandhi The device is enrichment for any alternative medicine user, who would like to offer something special to themselves and to their patients. Medical doctors, naturopaths, therapists and patients are enthused in discovering the causes of unknown disorders and the targeted therapy to be applied. Users refer that INTROSPECT is comparable to expensive devices such as ETASCAN or META-SCAN in searching the cause of disorders. The security of striking the target in the analysis is the result of a close cooperation between scientists, engineers and clinical application. It is this cooperation that makes this device successful. INTROSPECT is a bio-energetic therapy device.

The regular cost of a device of this status varies from 8000 to 32'000 Euros. With this device you can save a considerable amount of money purchasing a new device thanks to our excellent contacts with the manufacturer. INTROSPECT is already in use worldwide.

1. The essential in short INTROSPECT defines causes and connections of the disorder on a bio-energetic level and differentiates them INTROSPECT reproduces the bio-energetic status of all organs and tissues down to the cellular and molecular level INTROSPECT scans the human body and visualizes with precision health disorders of all kinds

Price in Moscow 3500 euro Price in Europe 3800-4500 euro

2. How INTROSPECT works Each living thing represents a field of information. This means that every organ, every tissue, every cell, every gene, molecule and atom has an unique electromagnetic frequency pattern. INTROSPECT searches through specially-built earphones containing a highly sensibile sensor, the frequency pattern through the brain; it works similar to a radio that searches for broadcasting transmitters. The device recognizes the oscillation patterns of a specific health condition with the help of software comparing them with a very complete database.

3. Bio-energetic Diagnosis Every organ generates specific oscillations. From a database of more than 10'000 people tested and stored in the software, we know which oscillations belong to which organ. Blocked organs oscillate differently than healthy organs. INTROSPECT can locate these divergences thanks to fundamental intensive researches of medical causes. The

measuring procedure is not comprehensible to the user in its complexity. Nonetheless, the measuring results are reproducible. In order to determine more precisely the disease process, one can search in the inner most layers of an organ in a very detailed manner. This examination process can be done deom to a cellular and chromosomic level.

4. INTROSPECT measures the degree of a disorder INTROSPECT tells with precision how severe a disorder is. The disorder may have energetic causes (for ex.: headache caused by excessive stress). Or instead, there may be a pathological cause (for ex.: headache caused by a circulatory disorder). INTROSPECT clarifies the effective cause and shows what is hidden behind a symptom.

5. Therapeutic Function According to the same principles, INTROSPECT is capable of measuring oscillations of remedies such as food supplements, homeopathic remedies, etc. By means of this function, it can find the most efficient remedy for the patient. INTROSPECT can identify which therapeutic remedy works best and which burdens are present. INTROSPECT determines not only the type of burden but also identifies the severity of the burden. After the measurement, INTROSPECT can treat the client with the function META Therapy. The user can observe the effectiveness directly on the screen. A comparative analysis shows the changes that take place before and after treatment. INTROSPECT shows in which development stage the disorder is in and if the process is acute or chronic. Furthermore with a new added function it is possible to determine how the disorder will develop in the future. This allows to discover if a therapy is suitable or if the body can solve the problem by itself.

6. An overview of its uses The visit is completely pain-free and takes place comfortably seated A visit of single organs lasts approx. 15 minutes, a more thorough check-up up to 90 minutes. The measuring can be delegated. The investment of purchase is repaid within a short time thanks to satisfied customers. No preparation on the clients side is necessary Suitable for all persons without limitations The examination is precise and individual The whole body can be examined Ideal for the early diagnosis of disorders Finds the hidden causes behind the symptoms Complex technology simple application Clarifies the connection of the disorder Individual testing of the most suitable therapy Strong motivation from the clients side through an ingenious visualization Individual testing of burdens, allergies and intolerances. Incorporated Meta therapy High riproducibility sustained by the users Unbeatable relation cost/performance. Compare! Optimal service and quality by a Swiss company

7. INTROSPECT tests burdens We usually observe only the matter, since we can see and touch it. More important however are its energies that hold the matter together and determine its structures.

With INTROSPECT you can test for: allergies toxins pollutants micro-organisms parasites bacteria viruses fungus food intolerances And with one function key determine the mass of the burden. INTROSPECT is the personification of a new understanding of medicine. We can call it integral medicine. It is based on scientific experiments and knowledge. The whole is not explained through its parts, but rather the relation of its parts is determined through the collective. Behind an apparent chaos exists a rule which is incomprehensible, but which arranges everything. Instead of a linear causality conventionally accepted we have a connected feedback causality. Instead of Determinism (the world as a machine) or Indeterminism (the world as a coincidence) we exist in a world of organized status that takes place within time. INTROSPECT finds the most efficient remedy in advance, so that you save futile waiting time for the patient. The device tells you precisely if a remedy tested on the patient will be beneficial or damaging for him. In this way you save time and your therapy will be targeted even before the patient takes the remedy. INTROSPECT tests each remedy for its effectiveness and each burden for its toxic effect. Food supplements (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, etc) Homeopathic remedies Phythotherapic remedies Allergens Nutrients Allopathic remedies (= medicine)

The remedies not yet stored in the database can be tested with the help of the Vegeto Test function and a resonance chamber. In this way you can test any remedy or substance you wish. With the comparative analysis function you can test the strengthening or weakening effect of a remedy on a specific area of any chosen organ.

8. META Therapy: individual and precise With the function META Therapy, the client wears individual earphones and receives organ-specific frequencies that harmonize the regulatory system. The user can determine in which area of the organ or in which cells the therapy should take place. Through a scale of symbols one can observe the effectiveness of the therapy directly on the screen. A comparative analysis shows a confirmation of the obtained success of this bio-energetic therapy.

9. Create your own remedies With the function Reprint and the resonance chamber, you can create your own remedies by impressing frequencies on a carrier substance such as water, alcohol, lactose or a cream. The patient can then take this orally or topically.

10. How INTROSPECT works INTROSPECT originates from Russian spatial research and has been applied with success in Russian hospitals for over 15 years.

According to the principle of coherence and interference, initial signals are brought to the body and through the Non Linear Analysis (NLS) the difference between the input and output signals are evaluated comparing them with the database. At the Russian institutes a method was developed for the spectral analysis of potential vortex fields from biological systems. INTROSPECT is a physics measuring device that originates from these researches and measures the electro-magnetic changes through a spin of electrons in the human body. The electro-magnetic radiation generated from potential vortexes plays a fundamental role in the transmission of information between cells. The electro-magnetic radiation frees quantum, the cells energy. More quantum is freed from sick and unstable tissue cells than from healthy cells. The radiation of quantum can be modified if these sick tissue cells receive a signal. 11. Advantages of INTROSPECT With INTROSPECT the user has the whole knowledge in one system Price and service by a russian specialized firm Very appreciated and required by patients The measuring can be delegated. The evaluation is performed by a specialist As a user you will be part of the most innovative and modern therapists A copy of the results can be delivered to the patient. All data is stored in the system Finds the hidden causes behind the symptoms Makes disorders qualitatively and quantitatively visible A comparative analysis between before and after therapy in percentage is shown Controls the success of the therapy Ideal as prevention as it recognizes the disorder in its early form Tests optimally pollutants and burdens Finds allergies and food intolerances and treats them with bio-resonance Calculates in advance the efficiency of a remedy Determines bio-energetically laboratory values in the desired organ Calculates the best therapy and the most suitable remedy Sends out harmonizing frequencies with the META Therapy Saves money and futile waiting time Opens new future research opportunities

12. A Russian company The promotion of INTROSPECT is conducted by a Russian firm, consisting of a small team of specialists.

With the purchase of INTROSPECT you will receive a personalized introduction in the use of the device by a naturopath, specialized in this field. Support through email and phone to answer your questions and problems Regular updates

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13. INTROSPECT is a learning system As a user take advantage of the results and of the most innovative knowledge from research with INTROSPECT. The device and its technology are constantly updated. We transmit the updated results directly to our customers.

14. INTROSPECT and standard medicine INTROSPECT is not a medical device by the Laws of Medical Products. Its function is based on bio-energy which is not recognized by standard medicine. INTROSPECT is a testing device for bio-energetic diagnosis and therapy. There is no exchange of energy but rather an exchange of information. The diagnosis and therapy are based exclusively on the gathering and influence of bio-energy. Other parameters are not acquired and no other measurement is performed. An official authorization by standard medicine would cost millions of Euros for the recognition of INTROSPECT as a diagnostic and therapy device according to their standards. No manufacturer in the alternative medicine field could afford such costs.

INTROSPECT does functional diagnostics in the field of energetic medicine. This is not to be compared with standard medicine. The results and the applications are therefore not to be compared with those of standard medicine. For a medical diagnosis consult your doctor. The purpose of this device is to acquire and interpret the energetic burdens. When definitions such as diagnosis, remedy, pathology and similar words are used, these are to be intended only in reference to the INTROSPECT device. They are intended only In reference to energetic medicine and not to standard medicine. This information is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions, nor does it claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions by standard medical means, but only energetic disorders are acquired and treated energetically. The principles of energetic medicine are not evaluated by standard medicine as scientifically approved

15. Delivery Hardware Box Earphones with triggers and incorporated sensors Resonance chamber Most updated soft INTROSPECT Cables and connexions

16. Warranty The company offers a warranty on the device INTROSPECT for 3 years from the purchase date, provided the product is used for its intended purpose.