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For Immediate Release: New York, New York Will Our Huge UNFAIR COMPETITIVE ADVERTISING ADVANTAGE THE

E REALLY BIG IDEA Capture Everyones Attention And Get You The Sales Results You Need? Here's PROOF! Imagine our new affordable, remotely-piloted FLEET of ADVERTISING AIRSHIPS dominating the 67 largest major metropolitan areas in North America year round, cutting through all the traditional media's clutter, delivering your unforgettable sales message, dominating your competition and GETTING YOU THE SALES RESULTS YOU WANT AND NEED!

The Advertising Airships Media Group A Worldwide Media Corporation Business Unit New York, NY Humans are fascinated with things that fly.

Airplanes, Blimps and Hot Air Balloons have always caught the hearts and imaginations of people everywhere. Aerial advertising is so effective because it is mobile, it is flexible, and highly visible. The most effective "flying advertising medium" is an airship - a BLIMP! Years ago, Advertising Age surveyed thirteen thousand people and asked them to recall a single ad. The top two ads mentioned were for Coca Cola and Pepsi respectively and COMBINED they only accounted for 10% of the responses. Compare that with a recent survey asking about giant airships (blimps). An amazing 75% of those surveyed recalled seeing the ship and a full 60% of them could identify the company using it.

Can aerial advertising with a blimp really be that much more effective than traditional forms of advertising?

Well, ask yourself these questions: What is the last newspaper ad you saw? The last TV commercial you can recall? The last billboard you passed on the highway? The last blimp you saw flying in the sky?

Could you answer them all? Even if you could, now ask yourself this: how long ago did you see or hear them? Chances are your answers for TV, print, radio and billboards range from a few minutes or hours, to a few days ago and you still had trouble remembering them. The last time you saw a blimp may have been months or even years ago, but you probably remember where you saw it and what it said. That, in a nutshell, is advertising effectiveness! Stephen Amoroso, Director of Corporate Communications for the Advertising Airships Media Group said, "Our Advertising Airships North American fleet will be used in 5 specific strategic marketing areas: 1. Aerial Advertising - massive floating billboards positioned where and when they are needed. 2. Aerial Filming - for live or tape TV and Internet exposure generating media value and enhanced audience reach. 3. Attracting Additional Media - generating media opportunities including print, radio, TV and Internet. 4. Sales Promotions and Direct Solicitations - driving sales through point-of-sales links such as call centers and web sites. 5. As A Corporate Flagship - driving the corporate image." Aerial Advertising The Advertising Airships fleet will be positioned to target a different audience every day, whether its at the high consumer traffic sports arena, the mall, a concert or special event or cruising overhead capturing every eyeball during rush-hour traffic. They can generate highly memorable advertising campaigns with awareness approaching an incredible 81% for campaigns that last at least four weeks. People like airships. They are fun and can be spectacular, especially at night.

Aerial Filming The Advertising Airships fleet are the ultimate camera platform for major sporting and cultural events. Live filming of major events generate huge media value for advertisers. Aerial advertising dramatically increased audience impressions which can be seen regionally, nationally and internationally. Attracting Additional Media - Wherever the Advertising Airships fleet goes, it will generate print, radio and television media opportunities and interest. Airships are unique, and people can't help but marvel at them. Media flights result in local, regional, national and international press coverage. Media opportunities are limited only by one's imagination. Sales Promotions The Advertising Airships fleet will be the attention-getting centerpiece linked to sales promotions to drive sales through point of sale links to increase their effectiveness. The Advertising Airships fleet will directly assist in increased sales due to their formidable ability to generate brand awareness and recall. As A Corporate Flagship The Advertising Airships fleet will be utilized to drive the corporate image and logo. Public recognition and recall of corporate brand name and logo is greatly enhanced as the company becomes synonymous with blimps. "Our mission was to make our Advertising Airships fleet easily affordable to a majority of corporate businesses and create a fleet of high-impact Advertising Airships that would generate maximum results for our clients. After a year and a half of dedicated work by our staff to develop a North America Advertising Airship fleet that was highly affordable, we have accomplished that objective. We will begin building an international advertising business around our airships fleet and marketing and advertising systems," said Ron Schmidt, Founder and CEO of the Worldwide Media Corporation and parent of the Advertising Airships Media Group business unit. The Advertising Airship Media Group provides remotely piloted, unmanned airships for use in advertising, crowd entertainment, surveillance, photography and videography. The Advertising Airships Fleet is only available for long-term contracts. The Advertising Airship Marketing Group will also provide a complete turnkey package including blimp and trailer, professional pilots, custom banners, flying time and travel time as well as any additional marketing/ advertising/promotional services as need by their agency clients. Heres Even More Advertising Value Research reveals statistics on the aerial effectiveness of blimps is impressive.

Here are just a few examples:

Picture courtesy of Airship Management Services, Inc. 1. In 1984, Fuji Film increased their market 7%, taking market share from Kodak in only a two-month period as a result of their aerial advertising campaign covering the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. The campaign was so successful that Fuji is still using BLIMP advertising today - twenty years later! Fuji continued its program and in 1986 purchased their own airship.

Picture courtesy of Kraft Foods 2. In 1992, Kraft increased its sales by 87% in Germany alone during the Kraft Blimp promotion tour. Based on this success, Kraft renewed its airship program for '93 and '94.

Picture courtesy of The Family Channel

3. The Family Channel Blimp generated $5 million of spin-off media value during its first year. Family Channel studies show the total media value outweighs total cost of blimp operation by 3 to 1.

Picture courtesy of Blockbuster Entertainment 4. Coverage of nineteen TV events by the Blockbuster Blimp resulted in $1 million worth of on-air time and $45,000 of spin-off local media.

Picture courtesy of The Lightship Group 5. In 2006, the world's first video airship, Holden's Video Lightsign Lightship* was flown throughout Australia as the centerpiece to General Motor's new car launch. The aerial campaign was so effective, grabbing everyone's attention, that anxious competitors petitioned the Australian government to ban it. 6. The following results of independent and in-house studies reveal a high percentage of both airship (recalled seeing blimp) and product (recalled message) awareness: Consumer Airship <Awareness> Product 82.0% 73.0% 72.5% 86.2% 63.1% 72.6%

Advertiser Locale Swan Beer Australia Novo Snacks London Miller Lite Texas

7. Studies indicate that in a typical city of about 1 million people, during a 5-day flight period, 65% recall the message presented on the airship. As the effectiveness of the traditional advertising media continues to erode, advertisers need to explore

innovative solutions to make an impact on the public consciousness. Why Do These Companies Spend Millions On Airships? Through the years Metropolitan Life, Outback Steakhouse, Goodyear, Fuji Film, Anheiser-Busch, Budweiser, Hood, Mazda, Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, Whitman's Chocolates, Blockbuster, Nokia, Phillips, Sanyo, 20th Century Fox, Accenture, Horizon Blue Cross-Blue Shield, The Family Channel, Syngenta, Nissen, Saturn, M Resort Spa and Casino, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Tommy Hilfiger, Mastercard, Konica, Japan Air Lines, DHL, Boeing, BMW, Konica, Lowenbrau, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and many, many more throughout the world have spent millions on airships. Why? Because Every Aerial Marketing Campaign Has Been Successful They All Get Results! What do these savvy marketing executives have in common? Tony Ponturo, V.P., Corporate Media Sports Marketing, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. Colleen McGrath, Senior Manager of New Concepts, Alan Foster, Vice President, Sanyo North America Corporation Micky Wittman, Manager of Airship Operations, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. David Heslop, Managing Director, Mazda Cars (UK) Ltd. Fred Hillmann, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Peter Yates-Round, Sales Director, Eastgate Mazda Scott Ballin, Director Of Business Development, Milton Samuels Advertising Taylor Ingraham, Marketing Director, Virgin Atlantic Airways John G. Barclay, President of Olympic Advisors, Barcelona '92 Eileen Carpenter, Director of Media, The Family Channel Roger Woods, Director of Corporate Relations, Philips Electronics, UK LTD. Henry Inman, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company They all were instrumental in and benefited greatly from their airship advertising campaigns. What did these savvy marketers and advertisers have to say?

Highly Visible Marketing Tool The Airship provides opportunities to entertain Anheuser-Busch's key customers and serves as a highly visible marketing tool, encouraging consumers to visit the web site for information on upcoming campaigns, promotions and sweepstakes. Feel Good Factor The intangible but immensely valuable "feel good factor" of the Lightship, whether seen through the eyes of the Sanyo employee, a Sanyo trade partner or a Sanyo customer is quite remarkable. Outstanding Audience Reach It has reached a potential audience of more than 22.5 million viewers worldwide. Corporate Icon The Lightship has become a corporate icon. Its use as a promotional vehicle and generator of impressions has been incredibly successful. The Most Effective Promotional Tool I am now certain that the Mazda Lightship is the most effective promotional tool I have ever worked with . . . Nothing Short of Magic I have never been able to build such a fully integrated advertising and promotional program . . . we have been experiencing nothing short of magic. Memorable and Intrusive The intrusiveness of the Lightship reduces the need for frequency of exposure, which is critical to other media buys. Outstanding PR Response Quite frankly, we have never had such a positive response to the other public relations events we have organized over the years. Tremendous Spin-Off Media Coverage From the multi-million television audience impressions and the invideo sitings generated, to the tremendous levels of spin-off media coverage we received. Media Value The media value alone generated is three times greater than the actual costs of the blimp program. With that kind of success rate the obvious question is: Why isn't everyone using airship advertising? The even more obvious answer is: COST. Full sized airships cost several million dollars to purchase and several hundred thousand dollars per month to operate and typically have crews of 20 to 40 people. The average cost to an advertiser on the world's preeminent airship, The Goodyear Blimp, is upwards of $400,000 per night for lighted pixel board advertising! Bob Weinstein, Director of Advertising for Metropolitan Life has said: "The cost of running the blimp for a whole month is equal to the cost of just one or two prime time commercials." He thinks the blimp is an absolute bargain considering one prime time commercial can cost well over $300,000!

One blimp aerial advertising has been sometime even too expensive for even most Fortune 500 companies, but that's where the Advertising Airships Media Group comes in. Up until recently, this medium was limited to mostly indoor venues - but not anymore. Remotely piloted blimp technology is ever evolving and now outdoor airships are being built specifically for the Advertising Airships Media Group large enough for effective advertising and small enough for cost efficiency. The Advertising Airships Media Groups outdoor Airships Fleet will now provide a unique advertising platform, effectively and efficiently continually dominating every major, at very competitive costs. Smaller airships can mirror the effectiveness of full-size manned airships at a fraction of the cost.

The Bottom Line "The bottom line is this. Our smaller remotely-piloted, affordable, nationwide Advertising Airships Fleet will mirror the effectiveness of their full-sized cousins, with an investment cost that is very manageable for a Fortune 500 or mid-sized business. We will get better results than traditional advertising, with a huge added bonus being that we will get the traditional medias coverage for free," said Ron Schmidt, Founder and CEO of the Worldwide Media Corporation, the corporate parent to the Advertising Airship Media Group. The company will offer airship advertising fleet services throughout North America to selected clients. All of the details will be provided for and include everything from flying the airships at high consumer traffic venues to providing the marketing and promotional strategies. They will design and produce reusable banner graphics with effective calls to action that will drive anxious consumers to web sites, audio sites, call centers and store locations. Every last detail in planning and implementing an ongoing successful nationwide advertising airship aerial campaign, coupled with free coverage by the traditional media, and streaming online video that will get results will be handled by the firm and our clients agencies. "We will be the definitive source in advertising airship fleets for our clients, agencies and principals alike. Unlike typical brand awareness campaigns that traditional large scale airships like Goodyear, Fuji and Metropolitan Life have promoted, we're testing the results of flying an Advertising Airships Fleet that promotes companies, brands, products, and special events for a select group of high profile national companies.

As we launch our airship fleet in the U. S., and throughout the rest of the world, agencies and corporate advertisers will come along and participate with us in each strategic location we position an Advertising Airship. We see the unique combination of traditional media, Internet, and video with our Advertising Airship Fleet as the centerpiece to a multimedia campaign as a natural way to add value to any advertising campaign. Unlike most traditional media campaigns which are quickly forgotten, consumers will long remember the name of the company or product on the banner just like they do now with Goodyear, Fuji Film, Metropolitan Life, Budweiser and the other larger airships. In an ever-changing advertising and promotional environment, our Advertising Airship Fleet will be highly effective because they are memorable, they are mobile, they are flexible and they are highly visible, in other words, they cut right through the clutter. says Schmidt. A nationwide Advertising Airship Fleet will always attract news coverage and other forms of free publicity! In short, just like all of the traditional mediums, our Advertising Airship Fleet combines all the best attributes of traditional advertising and even more - offering customers and advertising clients a movable front-page ad in the sky that just can't be turned off by changing the station, deleted at the click of a mouse, or like print mediums simply thrown in the trash," said Stephen Amoroso, Advertising Airship Media Group's Director of Corporate Communications. Will This Huge Unfair Competitive Advertising Advantage Capture Everyones Attention And Get You The Results You Need? Imagine our new remotely-piloted FLEET of ADVERTISING AIRSHIPS dominating the 67 largest major metropolitan areas in North America year round, cutting through all the media's clutter, delivering your unforgettable sales message and GETTING YOU THE SALES RESULTS YOU WANT AND NEED! HERES PROOF!

For additional information about the Advertising Airships Media Group, a Worldwide Media Corporation Business Unit, e-mail our professionals at or call our Support Staff at 888-5748257 Ext. 87, and we will answer your questions and handle all the details for you. Discover how our Advertising Airships Fleet will help you get the results you need. For additional information contact: Ron Schmidt, CEO The Advertising Airships Media Group Phone: 888-574-8257 Ext. 77 E-mail: *Video Lightsign Lightship is a trademark of The Lightship Group. Quotes and pictures are provided courtesy of The Lightship Group. All worldwide rights reserved. Copyright 2011-2012 ________________________________________

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