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Network Dynamics, Inc.
Meeting Cost-Effective, Implementing Nationwide Lowering Network
Strict SLA Requirements Rollouts Creatively Maintenance Costs

The Problem: The Problem: The Problem:
This customer serves more than 2.5 The project manager for a chain of In 2002, this customer was faced with
million people from 80 locations. nursing homes was tasked with an expensive upgrade of its global
Providing these services requires an rolling out Wi-Fi at all their locations. voice/data multiplexers located in
extensive data network among its The required scope of work included Michigan, Mexico, Argentina, and
many facilities. With nearly 2,500 a site survey, cabling, and then Austria. If they chose not to perform
devices in the data network, they implementation of the wireless the upgrade, then the manufacturer
needed a cost effective solution for access points. The cost to complete would no longer provide maintenance
meeting strict SLAs, while managing the implementation using this support for this critical network.
network growth and migration. methodology averaged $7,500 per
site. The Solution:
The Solution: Peter worked with the client to develop
To meet the SLA requirements, Peter The Solution: an alternative support program to
developed a customized alternative to With significant experience in all provide a 24x365 global network
the manufacturer’s standard aspects of nationwide rollouts, NDI support through Network Dynamics.
maintenance program. Base support has learned that a site survey is not With this plan, NDI provides spare
included a contract with the always needed. With the right parts and trained engineers within 4
manufacturer for remote technical implementation team, all required hours of each global location and has
support and software updates for activities can be completed in one consistently met contracted SLAs
currently supported equipment. No visit, with rare revisits to sites with since the inception of service.
additional support was purchased for significant site preparation
the 1,000+ devices no longer requirements. NDI assembled a site By offering this alternative, Peter
supported by the manufacturer. team with all the necessary skills to helped the customer save
Rather, given the geographic handle the wireless survey and approximately $300,000 per year on
concentration of the equipment, implementation, as well as any their network maintenance.
providing on-site spare parts proved required cabling. Using this Additionally, the client avoided several
financially beneficial by significantly methodology, Peter could offer a hundred thousand dollars in upgrade
reducing costs, and resulting in a 50% “single visit” solution at an average costs from the manufacturer.
reduction in restoral time. Dedicated cost of $4,500 per site. With 200
technical support staff rounded out the locations, the client saved $600,000
service program. Peter’s solution over the course of the rollout thanks
resulted in a savings to the customer to Peter’s creative solution.
of more than $500,000 per year.

Mr. Accounting & Mathematics Peter has worked with hundreds of diverse clients . Inc. please call Peter at 727. Inc.allowing him to share what’s going on across other industries and across the globe. both functionally and cost E: pcammick@ndiwebsite. and knows • MBA and Bachelor of Science how manufacturers including manufacturers.000/year Henry Ford Health Annual Maintenance $500. Wishing you could have it all and more? Without • Founder and COO a doubt. This Contact: depth and breadth of network familiarity helps even the smallest customer feel like anything is possible and gives Peter the ability to offer the most practical and customized solutions to all of his clients. give you ideas of how to improve your network operation and. Peter Cammick Senior Vice President Below is a representative list of clients with whom Peter has worked to successfully improve their network operations. He brings more Ascom Timeplex. than two decades of experience and expertise in the network technology • Director of Business Planning industry to his client base. T: 727-458-5438 F: 813-818-9659 Consulting Client Project Type $ Savings University of Tampa Legacy Maintenance $265. • Vice President Peter Cammick is a seasoned and savvy IT-focused business consultant Worldwide Customer Support with a unique perspective on communication networks. Cammick has an • Divisional Business Manager intimate understanding of the networking business from the inside out. Here’s how. Inc.and medium-sized businesses . Looking for a way to you get there? Absolutely. GTE Corporation He is skilled in the most current and complex technologies. Operational Efficiency. Peter will meet with you to understand your business and network requirements. idea . Lower Maintenance effectively.000/year Daimler/Chrysler Annual Maintenance $300.from Fortune 10 multinationals to small.NDI Network Dynamics. Increased Network Dynamics. best of all. no cost consultation. Having managed service divisions for several Computervision Corporation major corporations. Inc.000 With an initial. To get started.458. Mr. help you save money.5438 or email him at pcammick@ndiwebsite. Degrees in Finance. Myriad Network Service. “SOLUTIONS FOR A WORLD OF CHANGE” Network Consulting Service Solutions About Peter Cammick Helping Organizations Effectively Use Technology to Meet Business Goals • Senior Vice President Improved Network Performance.000/year SunHealth Implementation $600.