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Forerunner of
Revealed through the Inner Voice
to Bertha Dudde in accordance
with the promise of John 14:21

This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received
from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde.

Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to

help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore
prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from
mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious
education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire
for the Truth in her heart.

Often when she prayed the Lord's prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow
her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving
revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and
quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for
word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965.

The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing
away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English.

Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and

is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They
are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern
the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of
John 14:21.

Published by
Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd.
Rogue River, OR 97537
Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9,
D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany
June 2002
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The Forerunner
of the

Second Edition in German 1974
First Edition in English 1988
Scanned Edition in English July 2, 2002

B.D. 0685 Appearance of John, the Forerunner,

His Nature, Work and Fate

B.D. 4048 Heavenly Graces at the Final Time. –

Appearance of the Forerunner

B.D. 4136 The Vineyard Work of the Messengers of Love.

The Great Forerunner's Heavenly Words in
Accordance With God's Revelation

B.D. 4878 The Great Forerunner Prior to the

Coming of Jesus

B.D. 4879 About the Gravity of the Hour and

the Near End

B.D. 4899 Preaching Pure Truth From the Heavens

Through Awakened, Unselfish servants of God.
Incarnated Beings of Light. – The Great Forerunner
to the Coming of Jesus

B.D. 5041 Warning Against Satan's Cunning and Activity. –

JESUS is the Victor

B.D. 8815 The Coming of the Forerunner

B.D. 3276 Time of Grace. -Forerunner of JESUS CHRIST

B.D. 7062 Announcing the Forerunner of Jesus Christ

B.D. 8869 The Road Through the World of Satan...

B.D. 8889 The Darkness Increases

B.D. 8866 The Recognition of JESUS. –Last Decision of Faith.

B.D. 8816 The Power of Faith in the Last Fight..

B.D. 0685
Nov. 26, 1938

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Forerunner of the Lord before His return.
The adversary has the easiest game, when he roams about in disguise
as a wolf in sheep’s clothing and with a glance and words infatuates
the people. He will use every opportunity where he can cause damage
among mankind. He, who falls into the claws of the wolf, is merciless
torn to shreds, and thus he (the adversary) wins the power over the

Let Me tell you: you will recognize him who walks over the earth with
the fiery sword of his tongue. It will not be possible to doubt his word
for it will be divine and an emanation of God's deepest love. But do
not seek him in splendor and magnificence; his name is low,
unknown. He does call himself John, but his mortal body does not
present the appearance that graces him spiritually.

He walks among you and teaches by words and deeds and will be a
forerunner of the Lord before He returns to the earth. Thus his word
will testify to the love of God wherever he is, and he will awaken in
the hearts of men a deep longing for Truth and Light.

Who will listen to his words, will hear the LORD' s word directly, and
his spirit will preach the true salvation. And who- ever hears him, will
be impressed by his preaching. He comes in the light of Truth and
there will be nothing about him that is worldly. The country, however,
that shelters him is blessed by his presence.

And when he will appear, the hour of judgment is not far. He will bear
all sufferings with patience and only hear the voice of the Lord. -

Remember these words when he is apprehended, to make an end to his
lot on earth.

However, you people (of the world) will be unable to prevent God's
champion from carrying out that which he has taken upon himself for
the sake of mankind. You will never be powerful enough to fight
against him unpunished. His eyes, however, will rest upon you, who
want to hurt him, with gentleness, for his love and patience extend to
all those who are against him
And he will win many for himself, for his words are powerful and his
love is great.

The souls will be divided - those, who recognize him as their savior
from deepest distress and those, who are only for the world. And their
end will be the death of their body and their soul.


B.D. 4048
May 24, 1947



God's graces and proofs of love during the final time can fully
compensate men for the distress and sufferings of this time, for it
secures them a fast ascent if they make good use of the gifts of grace
and strive after the maturing of their soul. It is the time of which is
written, that God will be with His own in the spirit until the end. It is
the time where men see Him come in the clouds, where the connection
between heaven and earth becomes evident, not only in people's
imagination, but in actual life, beings of Light will be active on earth
and spread Light, and men will be taught from above, when God
Himself descends to the earth in the Word, handing to His own the
bread from Heaven when men can, at all times, draw from the source
of life, since God Himself offers them the drink of life to strengthen

During this time one will become known, who is destined to be the
last messenger before the coming of the Lord, who will be His fore-
runner and tell men the truth unafraid, although that will endanger him
being apprehended. But he does no longer care about the world and is
quite willing to exchange his mortal life for the eternal life. Therefore,
he does not fear the world, for he knows, how near the end is and what
is awaiting those who do not believe it.

His appearance, too, is an outstanding grace, because he keeps

reminding men of the near end and encouraging them to work on their
souls, thus directing their attention towards eternity. He will also
possess the power to heal the sick and help where help is needed and
appears impossible to men. He will be leading an exemplary life of
love and be filled with the spirit of God. God Himself will be working
through him, and who will listen to him, listens to God Himself. He
hears God's Word through a human mouth, but just as it has come
from Him
And this time has come - the final time of grace, which can bring
success to those who strive after perfection. And even if they may
have to suffer terribly in an earthly sense, they gain great benefit, if
they only make use of the graces; for now they know that the end is
near, because they recognize in him the forerunner of the Lord and
wait for Him full of joy. And He will soon appear to save His own
from great misery and lead them to a land of peace, as He has


B.D. 4136
October 5, 1947

The Vineyard Work of the Messengers of Love. -The
Great Forerunner's Heavenly Words in Accordance with
God's Revelation.

Men may be offered exceptional gifts of grace and they walk past
them as if they were everyday things. They do not bother to earnestly
examine them, and although they hear what is offered them as a
precious gift of grace, they do not apply it to themselves and,
therefore, do not perfect themselves according to My Will. And thus
the time of grace passes without much benefit.

The end is near. I make Myself known in every possible way, I use all
the means to open their hearts, so that I may enter them and teach
them Myself. Therefore, the work-efforts for the coming time must be
doubled, and My servants should take their task seriously and not
deceive themselves thinking, they have done a good job.

The short space of time until the end requires the greatest possible
assistance on My part and extremely zealous activity on the part of
My servants on earth, if the souls should be saved that are in extreme
distress. You will not have much success, for many will reject you
however, the work will not have been in vain.

But one will come and speak the same words to men that you have
received from Me. And people will compare and be surprised because
they will recognize that it is the same as that which they have already
received through preaching and literature. And again people are
offered the opportunity to change their way of life and to form
themselves according to My Will.

For the teachings from above are obviously in full accordance with the
gospel preached by him who is My forerunner before My last coming.
Only a few recognize the extraordinary Light and know that the time
has come.

The majority, however, disregard a gift of grace which My Love

keeps offering to them. They can no longer be helped, for they either
accept pr reject of their own free will, which I shall never force.
Soon the time of grace will be over and that which has not found its
way back to Me until then, will be staying remote from God for
eternities, thus in a miserable state, which to prevent, My Love keeps
endeavoring. The success, however, is up to you people.


B.D. 4878
April 13, 1950

The Great Forerunner Prior to the Coming of JESUS.

The one who will testify of Me will come from your ranks. And when
you hear him, know, that the end is near.

He is one of the purest, full of Love and kindness and, therefore, in

close union with Me. To you people he is a comforter, a friend and a
savior from the distress of your souls. He is enlightened and knows
about the final judgment and, therefore, keeps warning and
admonishing men in My Name.

He is a fighter for Me and My kingdom and is fully enlightened and

knows where pure Truth is represented. Therefore, he will borne from
the ranks of those, who receive My pure doctrine from above, and
through his life and love for his fellow-man, he himself, too, will have
been taught from above because of the task he still has to perform: to
be My forerunner, prior to My coming. For the time is being fulfilled
and so are the prophesies of the prophets; and so he, too, has to
appear, who has come down to earth from the realm of Light FOR
MY SAKE, to announce ME to men, who find themselves in extreme
misery and distress. He will testify of Me, for his voice is MY voice;
and who listens to him, listens to ME. –

However, he will not stay with you long. Before you recognize him,
he will be among you, but My adversary will persecute him and set
men against him. He will preach of Love, but men will be listening to
him with hatred. They will persecute him and make attempts on his
life. But I will know how to protect him until his hour has come; for
he must complete his mission, he must prepare the way for Me. He
must support those who are My own and instruct them regarding the
imminent coming of the LORD.

And when he appears, there is not much time left. His words will
awaken from their sleep the indolent and the undecided, for he is only
a mouthpiece for Me. Through him I shall reveal Myself once more,
and again he will be a voice in the wilderness, returning to earth only
because I need a forceful servant from above to help you people. -The
world, however, will hate him and use all means to get rid of him,
although his deeds and words are all good. However, the world has
sunk into utter darkness and all the light has gone. Therefore, a bright
light will shine on earth, and all the Light-bearers will obtain oil from
it, so that their own Light may burn brighter, which the world is trying
to extinguish.

And all that find themselves in the true belief will recognize him as
the forerunner for My coming, and they will know that the time is
fulfilled, that I may be expected and with Me, the last judgment. They
will pay attention to his words feeling that it is Me who speaks
through him, that I Myself announce My coming through My
messenger as it is predestined from eternity. However, he will have a
lot of difficulty with the people, who serve the world and who do not
want to hear his admonitions and warnings, but make attempt on his
life although he is prepared to help all people and many also accept
his help.

They want to prevent him from fulfilling his mission, but I will not
take him back to My Kingdom until he has prepared the way for Me,
until he has announced My coming to all who want to see Me and
whose faith is strengthened by him because he tells them what he has
received from Me, what he hears through the 'Inner Word', through the
Spirit which is active within him in quite an exceptional way.


B.D. 4879
April 14, 1950



You will soon find that My Word will be fulfilled, for the time has
come which I have constantly announced through Seers and prophets.
They all proclaimed My Word and, therefore, spoke only of that
which I wanted to tell men. Therefore, there is no doubt that these
prophesies will be fulfilled, since MY WORD is the Truth. However,
the believers are not clear as to when My prophesies will be fulfilled,
and therefore, they are not taken seriously, for everyone thinks that
only the future will bring that which has been announced a long time
ago. They do not know when the time is fulfilled and do not assume
that they are in the middle of this time. –

They believe, and still do not believe. They do not reject it, but do not
believe it for the present time, and are consequently lukewarm in the
work on their souls.

But I keep telling you that you do not have much time left for
changing your life, if you do not want to be surprised. You will be on
this earth for a very short time only, and it is up to you whether you
will also belong to the inhabitants of the New Earth. For then you
have to believe firmly and unflinchingly that the end is near and
prepare for this end. You must live in accordance with My Will, then
you will experience it in yourselves in what time you are living.

Then you will lose no more time, for then you will know what fate is
awaiting man on earth. And so that you may not belong to those
miserable ones who must fear the end, you will have to join Me and
turn your back to everything that is the world's. But if you live your

lives without faith, you pay only attention to the world and do not
recognize the gravity of the hour.

And then you will be lost hopelessly for an endlessly long time. I can
only warn you of the end and admonish you to love, but I cannot
convey cognition and knowledge to you by force. Therefore, you are
in great danger, and that only because you do not believe the words of
the Seers and prophets that the end is near.

However, My Love causes you to walk painful paths to turn your eyes
away from the world. My Love speaks to you through MY servants; it
wants to save you, but it allows you complete freedom.


B.D. 4899
May 19, 1950



I convey the Gospel to earth, and as you receive it from above, it is

pure and un- contaminated through the will of man. I know that this is
necessary, that count- less people cannot find Me because they are not
taught the truth. Therefore, I Myself enter the spirit of those who want
to serve Me, so that they now receive the truth in its purest form. This,
My Love and Wisdom, has long since recognized as essential, and I
protect the recipient of the truth from above, from the influence of
impure spirits, that would like to continue his thinking and prevent the
truth from being conveyed to him.

Therefore, whoever receives My Gospel, which I Myself taught on

earth and which I again require My servants to spread on earth, can
rest assured that he has the truth, that he, as My disciple of the final
time, can teach his fellow-men without having to fear that error may
enter his teaching. And thus, he should influence all those who cross
his path. He should consider himself as My spokesman and always
stand up for that which he has received from ME PERSONALLY and
which, because it is the pure truth, has taken roots within him!

At present there are many beings of light incarnated on earth, since the
great spiritual distress requires extraordinary help, which can only be
given by them. Such souls are usually spiritual leaders, i.e. they are in
close association with Me because they are living according to My
Will, and consequently they can receive My teaching directly and pass
it on to their fellow-men.

Such beings of light have a degree of maturity that makes it

impossible for them to fall. They always go through life most humble
and unselfish and are only endeavoring to bring My Kingdom to men,
not expecting any benefit for themselves; they only want to serve Me
and help other people. Therefore, such a being of light, sent to earth
by Me, can incarnate itself several times if this is necessary because of
the low spiritual state of men.

Such an incarnation then always consists of serving absolutely to the

end, for My will is predominant in these beings since they voluntarily
subordinated themselves to Me, and they can never lose their degree
of maturity on earth. Inferior spirits can never have any influence on
such a being. An already perfected spirit like this can never fall in his
life on earth, which means, he can never fail in the fulfilling of his
mission. In the eyes of men such a mission may appear to have failed
through a sudden recall into the spiritual realm, or through adverse
human measures that prematurely terminate the mortal life of such a
spirit. However, I know that, too, from eternity, but do not interfere
with My might in the free will of men. But the work of salvation will
nevertheless be completed, and everything will happen as is destined
in My plan from eternity.

Even the most perfect spirits from the heavens will incarnate
themselves temporarily to achieve a certain spiritual success among
men because men are too weak in their resistance without such help.

And then also the dead will rise from their graves, i.e. the spiritually
completely blind may be awakened and made to see through such a
flash of lightening from above.

But then it will be the time before the end, when also My coming back
to earth may be expected, which has constantly been announced by
prophets and seers. And prior to My coming the greatest light on earth
will be shining in a most simple appearance. Once more he will
announce Me as he did before I appeared in the flesh on this earth,
before I commenced My teaching of the people whom I wanted to
bring the Gospel.

He was My forerunner and will be it again. You will recognize him by

his words, as he will be using the same words in announcing Me as he
once did. His spirit only returns to earth to fulfill the law, according to
which he must precede Me, fully aware of his origin and his mission.
He understands everything and also knows what his lot on earth is
going to be. But he does not avoid it because it is part of the work of
salvation in which he participates because of his love for the yet
He knows that his mission is fulfilled only with his death, and he has
no other desire than to be united with his LORD and MASTER, his
BROTHER and FRIEND, his FATHER from eternity.


B.D. 5041
January 14, 1951



I have truly but one goal, to give beatitude to you men. - But this can
only be if you yourselves want it. You must understand that not MY
WILL decides this, but only your will, which is free. And My
adversary contends for this will. He does not want to let you go, but
cannot hold you if you desire to follow Me. Therefore, you will
understand that and why he afflicts those people who strive for Me,
whose will has actually already decided for Me, but whom he wants to
win back. -You can only gain beatitude if you unite with Me, and this
can definitely be achieved when man has decided in My favor. There
is no danger for the one who wants to follow Me, hut he will be faced
with all kinds of temptations while he lives on this earth because My
adversary is not going to give in, even if he is without success.
Although My adversary works with cunning and violence, his spirit is
in darkness, otherwise he would recognize how futile his striving is.

I want to give you beatitude, and you men yourselves authorize Me by

your will that seeks Me, to draw you towards Me. But Satan, who
realizes that you are lost to him, does not give in, because he
underestimates the power of My Love, thinking he might still wrest
from Me what already belongs to Me. The means he applies is to
cause confusion, to plant doubts in a person's heart and thus shake his
faith in Me. However, it is again your will that decided the issue.
However, if you belong to Me, you soon recognize Satan's deception
and turn your back on him. What you did not understand becomes
clear, and you rid yourselves of his influence; he cannot hold you
because you strive towards Me. Therefore, the one who strives
towards Me will reach his goal irrespective of Satan's raging during
the final time before the end.

Sometimes he will not be easy to detect, for he steals in under a mask

and catches hold of the most fleeting thought that might serve his
purpose. He works with much cunning and violence and uses those as
his tools who are not fully instructed in the truth; because error
provides the cover he needs in his fight. Pure truth protects of him, for
those who have the truth always recognize him. However, even the
least error provides him with a foothold, and then he causes an awful
confusion, like a wolf breaking into a sheepfold and causing fear and
terror. But even then he will be unable to harm My sheep if they flee
to Me, their shepherd, who protects them against all dangers.

Thus it is again but the will that decides the issue, and if that is
directed to Me, Satan has lost all his power over a person. This you

should know, that you are always on the right path if I am your goal.
Then you can neither fall nor trip, since I walk with you, because I
Myself want to help you gain beatitude. Therefore, do not fear any
adverse power, but rely solely on Me, your God and Father from
eternity. Submit to Me and strive towards Me - then your will belongs
to Me, and I will surely not allow you to fall into the hands of My
adversary, who wants to alienate you from Me.

My Love takes hold of you, and the power of My love will also
conquer him as no- thing can ever resist it.


B.D. 8815
June 19, 1964


I shall also clarify this question, as it is essential that you, who are
receiving My Word, do not fall into error, for there are many who
believe to be the long awaited forerunner who will announce My
coming. But I keep telling you that he will come at the time of the
antichrist, that his appearance will coincide with that of the former,
and that you will then also recognize him. He will not be there for
long and will appear when people need him most, when they need
comfort and strength. Thus you may expect him only when the final
phase has commenced - when the natural catastrophes have ended -
when a ruler has seated himself on the throne whom you will clearly
recognize as the antichrist and who will cause the religious conflict to

Then also, that messenger will appear and testify to Me and My

Kingdom. But do not think he has already appeared; he is not yet sure
of himself and his mission. However, when he does appear, everyone
will recognize him by the power of his voice and speech. He will not
seek to be recognized as the voice of one crying in the wilderness -

however, that he will be - and he shall speak, inspired by the spirit
within him, for his desire to testify Me, to announce My coming and
convert men will be so great that he will not use any discretion, but
speak up surrounded by enemies who seek to make attempts on his

But keep in mind that the time of the end has not yet come, that there
is still time to speak freely which, however, will soon change when
My intervention has occurred, when the suffering of mankind has
become so great that One will offer to help. Then his time will have
come, for he is the last of the prophets and whoever listens to him all
gain considerable strength.

You have been told repeatedly that he will be an unpretentious person,

whose power of speech will remain unknown to you as long as he
lives his humble life. But suddenly there will be a breakthrough in
him, he will recognize his mission and become a mighty orator for
God, who will proclaim My Name in all the world and not be afraid
to fight for My Name. He will point to Me as the Savior of mankind
and fight for Me and My Kingdom. And you will recognize him by his
recognition of Me as the Word that became flesh, by his clearly
pointing to the fact that I became a man in JESUS CHRIST and that
he does not see any difference between Me and Jesus and accepts
Jesus as GOD.

And his words will fully agree with the doctrine I conveyed to you
from above. That is the proof that he is John the Baptist, the voice of
one crying in the wilderness - My forerunner who has returned to
announce Me, who shall follow soon after to fetch My own when their
souls are in extreme distress.

Time and time again there will be men who imagine being the
embodiment of John. I will keep enlightening them and telling them
that he will make himself known to them in an unusual way, and that
he is not to be sought in the ranks of those who feel themselves called.
He will appear where you will least suspect him. And this shall suffice
you, who are awaiting him prematurely, for the time has not yet come.
However, it will not be long now, and then everything will happen in

a quick succession, for there is not a long life ahead of him. He will
pay for his work on earth with death as is proclaimed verbally and in
the Scriptures.


B.D. 3276
Sept. 30, 1944


Listen to what the spirit of God tells you - a time of grace has
commenced, and if you are willing to strive for the kingdom of God,
you can feel how blessed it is. A perpetual activity of the beings of
light is noticeable, who convey to men on earth the gifts of grace from
the spiritual realm. Beings of light are incarnated on earth to serve
men as guides in the final time. The thinking of those men who strive
towards God will be enlightened and thus they will be closer to the
Truth. In the times of distress on earth God's Love will reveal itself by
helping wherever help is prayed for.

Men with faith will accomplish extraordinary things and the power of
faith will become evident. And thus graces upon graces will be
evident as also the adversary will use all possible means to cause
spiritual distress to men, but God will obviously help them. And
during this time of grace there will arise a man whose spirit is from
above, whose soul is completely united with the spirit within him and
who, therefore, will speak what the spirit reveals to him - the fullest
truth in a very clear form. God Himself will speak through him -he
will admonish people to persevere or warn them against relinquishing
Him. And this preacher is the Lord's forerunner - when he appears the
coming of the Lord is near. And through this man the measure of
grace will be considerably increased, for he will mean considerable
support to all believers, and to the unbelievers a chance will be offered
to gain faith. He will have a considerable influence on the people who
hear him because he is so full of strength and might. His words will

ignite and spread like wildfire in the country where he will be active.
He will speak without fear and hesitation, enlighten people and draw
their attention to the coming of the Lord in the clouds and to the last

However, he will not find much belief since the majority of men are
no longer interested in God and the spiritual and, consequently, are of
a completely adverse thinking. They do not recognize the
extraordinary gift of grace and, therefore, do not make use of it. So the
end is unavoidable, and the abyss is opening up to swallow all that
does not recognize God and reject His Word. God keeps giving, and
that which He gives is an undeserved gift of grace, designed to help
people to maturity, even in these times of distress - whether it is
sorrow or joy, it all serves man to lift his soul to God - it is always
pointing to Him, and coaxing and guiding to the right path - it is
always grace.

And when this man comes, the measure of grace will increase for
men, for he is enveloped in light and radiates this light which flows
from the spiritual realm. He distributes knowledge - his ward is full of
wisdom and power and easy to accept as it is offered convincingly and
people can understand it if they only listen to it attentively.

In His Love, God makes it easy for men to believe, by sending them
His messengers who possess extraordinary power by which alone they
may be recognized as messengers from heaven. However, he is
attacked from all sides and only few recognize his mission and stick to
him – only few draw strength from his words. But these receive an
abundance of strength and grace and are able to withstand all the
attacks by the world, all hostilities that now become evident. The final
time will be extremely hard, but also extremely full of mercy, for
everywhere God will be revealing Himself, wherever there is a heart
in distress that opens up to God's grace. And thus it will be possible to
be victorious in the last battle on this earth, that the soul can emerge
from it unharmed so that it can gain eternal life if it has to depart from
the earth prematurely, or that it perseveres in this world to the end and
is bodily removed from this earth by the Lord Himself to begin a new
life on the new earth.


B.D. 7062
March 10, 1958



None of you people would be walking in Truth if this were not time
and time again proclaimed to you through My spirit. - The pure truth
preached to men during My life on earth did not remain pure, for as
soon as human design began to use My doctrine for the aims of whole
nations, everything was intermingled with human supplements. - My
pure doctrine did not sufficiently comply with men's selfishness, and
so the different communities sought to shape this doctrine more or less
to suit their own purposes.

Thus, the church, which I Myself once established, the so-called 'first
church', soon became a caricature of what it had originally been. And
My pure doctrine had to undergo countless changes, and that which
exists today can no longer claim to be the pure truth.

In order to maintain the truth, pure, clean vessels are needed, into
which My spirit can keep flowing. The Divine Spirit must be able to
keep flowing, and the doctrine, I have given to men must be preached
by such men who are 'filled with the spirit', otherwise the Words could
already undergo changes in the mouth of the preacher and present a
different meaning. It must always be taken into consideration that
something pure and divine will lose its purity in ungodly surroundings
because I do not force the will of men. What the individual makes of
the truth conveyed to him, is up to him. - And My holy Word was
perverted already during My life on earth, if it suited people for their

I can keep conveying My pure Word to the earth through My spirit,
but I will not deprive men of their freedom by forcing the Truth upon
them. But while people put themselves at My disposal to be prepared
as vessels for My Spirit, it is always possible to correct existing errors,
to answer any question that needs clarification and convey to men a
pure light that originates from Me - the Primal Light from Eternity.

But people hold on with tenacity to the spoilt doctrines at the bottom
of which is My adversary who will always fight against the Light of
Truth. And thus an almost impenetrable night has spread over
mankind, for error and falsehood are equal to darkness. And it is made
extremely difficult for My light-bearers to penetrate this darkness,
since men are already so deluded that they can no longer recognize a
true light.

Therefore, a mighty light will begin to shine, and this light will testify
to Me and My coming in the clouds. It will tell of the judgment and of
the removal of My own on the day of judgment. A radiantly bright
light will be rising and again preach My pure Word - a voice in the
'spiritual wilderness' will appear and endeavor to awaken men from
their sleep of the dead.

He will come to the aid of those who testify to Me and My work on

their behalf, He will speak mightily and not spare those who are
dishonest; he will not fear the mighty, but tear the mask from their
face, expose them and reveal their true intentions.

He will fight with the sword of the tongue, for the high and the low
will bear him ill will, since no one wants to hear the pure truth which,
however, does not deviate from the doctrine I once preached on earth.
This will be My messenger through whose mouth I will speak Myself
and who will fulfill his last mission on this earth: once more to
announce Me and My coming, as it is written.

When this light begins to shine, you will know that My coming is near
and so is the judgment. And then extraordinary things will happen also
through him, but this will no longer be detrimental to men's freedom
of will, for he will not find much belief, and only the awakened will

recognize him and his mission. However, he will give unusual
strength to the weak, for his ward is forceful.

Then the last phase of this earth will have come, for this proclaimer
will at the same time be the most fervent opponent to the one whom
men will be choosing for their worldly ruler and in whom My
adversary will incarnate himself to perform this last infamous work
against Me. For then the religious conflict will commence, but My
own will find great support in that light which I Myself will be
sending to the earth.

They will receive much strength to stand firm in the time of greatest
distress, which precedes My coming to the earth. For I do not leave
you, My faithful ones, without help. And that you may remain
steadfast, I am announcing to you this light, this 'voice', and besides,
you will know that I will soon be coming to fetch you, to make an end
to the activity of My adversary, to help truth to its final victory.


B.D. 8869
October 17, 1964


The world is the domain of Satan, yet you have to pass through it
because you are all more or less still bound to the lord of this world, as
you have not yet completed the last task of spiritualizing yourselves in
this world. You are not yet perfected and, therefore, not yet free from
his mastery. However, you are all aware of My will which keeps
calling on you to love your neighbor unselfishly. Thus you know what
will bring you nearer to perfection and, therefore, you should keep
striving after one thing - to free yourselves from selfishness and turn
this into love of your fellow-man.

This way you will more and more distance yourselves from his world
- you will pass through this world and it will no longer hold you, but
has to release you if you make every effort to fulfill My will. Then the
life on earth will only be a short phase on the road to your eternal
homeland - you will free yourselves from the fetters with My help, for
then your will is directed towards Me, and where your goal is, there is
also your heart. Your longing is for Me and the world has no longer
anything to offer you - it cannot stop you on your way upward.

However, if you do not perform this change from self-love to the

unselfish love of your fellow-man, then your last short journey over
the earth is in vain - then you remain bound to the one who wants to
drag you back to the depth. But I cannot force your will, you must
strive for this change of your own accord so as to gain immeasurable
happiness. For this reason you cannot be given complete proof of that
which awaits you in the eternal life if you strive for Me - nor what is
in store for you if you surrender to My adversary, otherwise you
would be forced into believing which, however, could not be rated as

Through My revelations, however, everything is explained to you and

besides, you have within you the soft voice of your conscience which
warns and admonishes you. But you drown this voice within you by
the world and disregard it. There is not a single human being whose
attention is not somehow drawn to the consequences of his way of
life, and therefore, no one can shirk the responsibility when he stands
at the entrance to eternity.

Again and again I approach men and seek to inform them of My will
that does not demand anything more than a person's perfecting to love.
I seek to bring Myself to people's attention through blows of fate to
make them call to Me in their distress, when I shall definitely be
prepared to help.

However, I cannot reveal Myself any clearer than through My direct

address from above, without forcing anyone's will. But you lack the
faith and do not rate My Word from on high as a truly great grace that
is to help you make up your minds. If you could only make yourselves

familiar with the thought that My Word might be true, so that you
could then arrange your life accordingly, a lot would have been
gained, for I look even upon the least bit of will that is directed
towards Me and help you to find your way to Me completely, so that
you no longer attach too much importance to the world, that you
loosen the ties with it and thus with its master.

I regard already the will to free yourselves from his 'fetters as the first
step on your road back to Me and will bless every further effort and
give you strength to accomplish your complete release from him.
However, you must walk the road through the world, for it is your last
chance to rid yourselves of the lord of this world - and you have to
pass this last volition test if you want to enter the blessed Kingdom.


B.D. 8889
November 29, 1964


All your thinking must be in accordance with the Truth when you put
yourselves fully at My disposal, when you want to serve only Me and
completely surrender to Me, so that I direct and guide you. Then you
need no longer worry that you may fall into the hands of My
adversary, that he might use you for his own ends, for then I Myself
stand between you and him, I, THE PRIMAL LIGHT from eternity,
and then you are My true servants who speak in My name and stand
up for the truth.

But this you must know, that there is still a lot of error among men,
that wrong ideas have asserted themselves for decades and centuries,
which simply could not be removed because they were so firmly
anchored, and which could only have been rectified through My direct
revelations from above, which would have had to be believed. This,
however, I could not do because of men's freedom of will and the

tools which I used were condemned as servants of Satan, for also
dignitaries of the church had concerned themselves with problems,
and their opinions must not be contradicted without endangering one's
life. And if they maintained that I Myself decided who would gain
beatitude and who would be condemned, an ordinary person through
whom My spirit could have worked, would not have been listened to
because they did not know anything about the working of the spirit
within man. For if a man could stand up for such a false dogma, his
thinking had to be completely perverted – he would not have
possessed any love that could have enlightened his spirit.

And these are also the men who gave people a completely distorted
picture of Me and My nature, so that it was impossible for people to
love Me, and they could only fear Me and My might. Thus men kept
getting farther away from Me, as they did not recognize a loving
Father in Me, and they were not allowed to seek the truth them-
selves, otherwise they would have relied on Me and I could have
revealed Myself to them. However, I have always spoken to those
who, through their spirit, wanted to hear Me, and I have revealed to
them secrets of creation which I alone as the ETERNAL CREATOR
could reveal to them - and I have informed them regarding the
meaning and purpose of creation and of their mortal life.

But always, there were only few who accepted this knowledge
because it was de- famed as a false doctrine, and they did not want to
recognize the divine influence within it. And so many false doctrines
have spread that every thinking person lost his faith to such an extent
that together with the false doctrines, he also rejected the true
teachings; that he soon lost every religious tie, unless he was a thinker,
who pondered about himself and his existence, in which case I could
enlighten his thinking. However, through the influence of My
adversary the number of those who desired the light kept decreasing,
so that there are always only few individuals to whom I can reveal
Myself And these will have great difficulty in rectifying the
widespread error which was accepted by the masses. If mankind lived
within truth, conditions in the world could never be what they are now
- harmony and peace would be reigning since they are the results of

However, the light does not force its way, and thus the idea that the
light would break through suddenly and light up the entire darkness is
also wrong, for the darkness will be increasing until the end, and only
isolated sparks of light will be shining forth and enlighten the hearts of
those who desire light - until in the end the ETERNAL LIGHT
ITSELF will shine upon the earth, but only visible to those who are
and wish to remain My own, whilst the others will sink into the
darkness. For the light cannot be where it is resisted. The world,
however, is full of resistance and, therefore, in utter darkness.

On the new earth, however, the light will be shining brightly; then the
adversary's might will have been crushed, he will again be shackled
for a long time, and during this time there will once more be truth on
earth, presented by My angels who will be in constant communication
with men on the new earth. Then the light will have broken through
and the shadows expelled - which can never happen on this earth
while the adversary is still active and men do not oppose him.

But he who is standing in the light already here on earth will also
retain it, for the light from above can never be extinguished once it has
broken through somewhere. Therefore, I admonish all light-bearers to
still draw into their ranks the willing ones, who do not resist when a
light shines to them. For the time is nearing the end, and those who do
not find their way to the light here, will be swallowed by the darkness.
Their lot will be the same as that of My adversary - they will once
more be bound for an endlessly long time.


B.D. 8866
October 1, 1964



Whether after the death of your body the gates to resplendent eternity
will be open to you depends on the decision of your free will, whether
you form such close ties with Me that you recognize in Me your God
and Savior, that you recognize Me as the Redeemer from sin and
death and surrender to Me completely - that is, that you no longer can
separate ME from JESUS and bring all your guilt to Me under the
cross asking Me for forgiveness.

I really do not ask much of you in order to receive you into the
kingdom that is resplendent in light. I only want you to recognize ME
in Jesus, who descended to earth as the Son of God and served Me as
a vessel, so that I could be visible to you. I do not ask much, and still
you find it so hard to gain the kingdom of heaven, because you have
to fight pride, self love and all the bad habits that show that you still
belong to My adversary, who transferred all these vices and bad habits
to you, to that you were so-to-say, in agreement with him and most
remote from Me. And for the greater part these bad habits still exist
within you when you live as men on earth; but with the help of Jesus
you could easily rid yourselves of them, for He gained a strengthening
of will for you. Thus it is not impossible for you to free yourselves
from these bad habits, but it depends on whom you direct your will to,
and this alone will determine your lot in eternity.

The knowledge about the salvation through Jesus Christ is only weak
nowadays - only few believe in the work of salvation, surrender to Me
completely, make use of the graces earned on the cross and desire to
free themselves from all guilt. But these are certain to find redemption
and can enter through the gates into My kingdom in the most brilliant

Time and time again I speak to men, explain to them what is most
important and what they have to know - about the work of salvation
by JESUS CHRIST. But that most people do not listen, that hardly a
single spiritual word can be spoken with them, that is the work of My
adversary, who in the final time makes every effort to seduce those
whose faith is weak, presenting everything to them as a legend which
is no longer believed. And I can only repeat My admonition to form a
close tie with Me, your God and Creator, and to seek the light within

you which I shall kindle in every one of you, if only you have the
earnest desire to find the truth. Then you will also receive a light about
JESUS and His work of salvation, and you will no longer be

But seek to obtain this light be fore the religious conflict commences,
for then you will have to make your decision for or against Me. Then
you will have to stand firm, and you will have to possess sufficient
knowledge, that you need not fear any contradictions, that you can
stand up for Him and His salvation work full of conviction. But all
those will have every reason to fear this time, whose faith is still so
weak that the least pressure will make them relinquish it. And that will
be the last decision that they will have to make regarding their faith
prior to the end. And then it will become evident, how many will
apostatize from their faith and now many people will be lost and be
faced with a re-banning because there is no other way out.

Therefore, I can only keep speaking to you and admonishing all

people to establish closer ties with Me, who have not yet relinquished
Me and still know about the Divine Savior, even if they lack faith. But
it is My earnest endeavor to guide these to faith, to show them the
graces of the work of salvation and admonish them to seek a proper
light, which I shall be happy to kindle within them, that they may find
redemption from sin and death.


B.D. 8816
June 21, 1964


I can only tell you that solely through a life of love you gain a strong,
unshakable faith, for love unites you with Me. - Then you will also be
convinced of My power which will be at your disposal whenever you
want to use it. Therefore, I keep calling upon you to perfect yourselves

to love, so that you may adapt yourselves to Me. Then all powers will
return to you, which now are buried within you to break through once
more, depending on the degree of love that you develop.

But when you now are making use of My power, convinced to be able
to overcome everything with this, My power, then your soul has
already a high degree of maturity.

And then it will become evident what you can achieve, for I do not
deny you My power - since I want to give you everything to help you
towards perfection, - for I am very sorry for you in your state of

However, I cannot work on you contrary to My eternal order, as My

working is subject to a living faith in your part which can only be
awakened through love. You have to have this faith to be able to resist
the onsets in the last fight, for only then it will become evident
whether you stand up for Me or apostatize, when the pressure is on.
But I shall see to it that My own rely on Me, that their strength of faith
keeps growing, that they can draw strength from Me, whom I am so
close that they will sense Me and no longer do anything without My

Then also the strength of faith will become evident; they shall receive
whatever they need, be it earthly food, which will be denied them by
the enemy, be it My Word that will supply them with abundant
strength. Then their faith will be strong enough to profess Me before
the world, and thus to stand firm in the last religious conflict, so that
they will belong to the ones that are removed, who believe every-
thing to be possible that proves Me. Therefore, they are not astounded
at the process of removal, for their faith accepts everything that is
outside the laws of nature, that is miraculous - thus also the new earth
with all its creations that did not exist on the old earth, which are
incomparable in their magnificence and splendor. Therefore, I set
great expectations on all, that want to be My own; they still have to
strengthen their faith and I want to help them with My Ward to
achieve this, that they are better able to resist - for there has never
before been such a struggle on earth as the one that will now be taking

place, and it will require great strength to remain steadfast in it. But I
want to help you by PERSONALLY speaking to you and revealing
My endless love which wants to be requited, so that it can provide you
with the strength to remain steadfast.

And the reward I promise you will be a life in the paradise of the new
earth ... a life in association with Men, who can always be where there
is love, and only love can be the foundation for a living faith.
Therefore, the first and last commandment will always be: Love God
above everything and your fellow-man as yourself... Then you are
fulfilling your task on earth and can once enter the realm of light and
beatitude ...and see God.