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ASMAE-SNYC WORK CAMP 2012 (Day 8, May 8, 2012)


Title: Time: Facilitators: Participants: No. of Participants: Description:

Banana Race 8:00 am 8:30 am ALL Group 6 members 7-12 years old 40

This is the first game of day 8. It was planned to start at 7am but since the last nights activity end late around 10pm we decided to adjust the time so everyone could still take a good sleep. The objectives of the game are to tests the ability of the players to make a good strategy on how to pass the banana using their feet using the least time and to tests their physical ability specifically their flexibility. The children were very happy while playing the game especially during the last part of the game when they have to eat the banana and they have to make sure that each member of their group is able to took a bite from the banana. Title: Facilitators: Time: Participants: No. of Participants: Description: The mechanics of the game goes like this, first started out with a starting and finishing line of about 10 (Ten) feet apart then in between the two lines there were obstacles that the players should pass and then there will be two persons assigned to be the Bombers. The players should successfully cross the obstacles without being hit by the Bombers with balloons that are filled with water. The player being hit by balloons with water are then considered eliminated. The aim of the game is to tests the players sensitivity around them and to tests how fasts are they. At the end of the game I observed that everybodys wet and everybodys happy. Air Raid Manilyn, Gilbert, Allyssa 8:30am - 9:00am 13 years old and above 20



Facilitators: Time: Participants: No. of Participants: Description:

Bibet, Jhubel, Lara 9:00am 9:30am 13 yrs old and above 30

In this game the players were divided into two groups. Each group was given 5 random photos. Each group picked their photos randomly through draw-lots method then they were given 10 minutes to create a story that contain a moral, will lasts for 3 minutes and will connect the different scenes from their random photos. Clearly the objective of the game is to tests the creativity of the participants on creating stories that will contain a moral and their creativity on how they will present their story.

Title: Facilitators: Time: Participants: No. of Participants: Description:

Modified Tug-of-war Kim, Royland, Janus 9:30am 10:00am 6-12 yrs old 40

The game was supposed to be a modified version where the players will be using their core strength not their arm strength and upper body strength to win the game. One representative only per team will battle. The rope will be placed on their tummy with a small pillow. They have to position themselves like the sumo- wrestlers position at the start of the game while facing at two opposite directions. But unfortunately we do not have small pillows and the rope that we used is too thick to be tied on the players body so we decided to do the conventional tug-of-war. The kids were very happy while playing. We also tried to play the game with other facilitators and the two French volunteers also joined us in pulling the rope. Title: Facilitators: Time: Participants: No. of Participants: Description: Amazing Race ALL Group 6 10:00am 11:00am 13 yrs old and above 30

In this game the participants were divided in 2 groups, and then tasks were given in each station that challenged the players physical ability, mental ability, decision-making ability and the strength of their teamwork and cooperation. We were surprised and happy when the two French volunteers decided to join the relay race. They were really good. They did the sack race and coconut shell race with us. At the end there were no winners because both team excel in the game and it is not always who wins in the end but what the players learned through the game while they are doing the game.

Title: Facilitators: Time: Participants: No. of Participants: Description:

Charade Relay Rico, Rachel, Cathy, John Dave 2:30pm 3:00 pm SNYC/ ASMAE Scholars mothers 25

In this game the players were grouped into two and the two groups fall in line. The groups were given only one word and there was one representative each group who will directly receive the message and he/she will pass the word in action. The players were not allowed to say a word during the play. The first team to give the correct word will earn points and at the end of the game the team with highest score was announced as the winner. The two French volunteers also joined this game. They had a lot of fun while doing the game. Though there are minor confusions about dos and donts during the game during the first trials. Title: Facilitators: Time: Participants: No. of Participants: Description: Calling-Calling is a game that tests both the awareness and speed of a player. The participants were then divided into two groups and they fall in line and numbers were assigned to each of the line. The rule here is when youre number is called the player should go at the center Calling calling Bibet, Allyssa, Cathy, Manilyn 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm SNYC/ ASMAE Scholars mothers 25

and try to get the handkerchief and bring to their bases. The parents reminisced their childhood days through the games that they played and the French volunteers enjoyed playing with them.

Title: Facilitators Time: Participants: No. of Participants: Description:

Water Volleyball Manilyn, Bibet, Kim 4:00 pm- 5:00 pm 13 yrs old and above 20

Similar to volleyball, but the ball that was used is a balloon filled with water and each team was given a piece of cloth which they used to tossed and catch the ball. If the ball falls to the ground then its a score for the opponent and/or the water from the balloon spilled/ the balloon was pop then its also a score for the opponent. The red lines indicate the outside boarders, if the ball went over the boarders it is a point for the opponent. The SNYC members were very competitive that the scores were much closed. At the end of the game all of the players were wet because when they missed to hit the balloon it popped and the water bursts. The French volunteers didnt join the game. Maybe they dont want to get wet but they watched the game. The games objective is to promote sportsmanship.

*After the water volleyball the French volunteers together with the SNYC members played a game that is usually played here in the Philippines, I forgot how it was called. In the game the players will make a big circle and there will be a person at the center who will think of a category (ex. Colors) then he/she thinks of a Color but will not tell anyone. The person will go around and each player inside the circle should give an example of color (ex green) then the person who will mention the color that the person at the center thinks will be splashed with water. It was fun ^^.

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