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which is why Raymond has a wide variety of products across price points. • The premium positioning also makes it aspirational. • Huge retailer network •Not much is known about the brand's advertising in the early years except that the late adman Frank Simoes created the first ads for Raymond.Brand Overview • Raymond was the first brand to start over-the-counter sales of suiting. Nexus Equity received the Raymond mandate. • Today the brand boasts of 650 The Raymond Shops across India and 40 overseas. The first exclusive retail showroom. .Raymond has a suit for all men. "Frank Simoes was doing great advertising for Raymond. It is also available in around 20.000 multibrand outlets. King's Corner. opened in 1958 at Ballard Estate in Bombay. •The Singhanias took over The Raymond Woollen Mills in 1940s. • In the early 90s. From common man to the rich one.

and every communication created showed the changes happening around the Alpha male.Storyboard of Raymonds Agarwal created 'The Complete Man' for Raymond. a metrosexual. . caring. at other times a doting husband or a sincere friend and always looking dapper in a crisply ironed Raymond suit. family man who was very different from the way men were portrayed in the 70s and 80s. "That was the angry young man era. Thus the protagonist of Raymond was born — sometimes a caring father. But the Raymond man was softer.

.. two decades later 'The Complete Man' lives on. Besides the man. another constant in all Raymond ads since the 90s has been the signature tune playing in the background.Feels like Raymond' was added to Raymond ads.•Some of the advertising made by Nexus even did away with the mandatory product shots in the ad and just concentrated on the man and his qualities. ― •The fundamental idea was anchored in a basic human truth — that a man values his family so there was no need to change that at all. •Agarwal says 'The Complete Man' came about because he wanted to create something that could "look at the brand over a decade's horizon and still be relevant. The absence of spoken words in the ad makes it easier for adaption to local TV channels without translation. and is now the mandate of R K Swamy BBDO.Shekhar Swamy. the focus from clothes had moved. the man was at the centre of all ads. That was something missing. •The current ad on air shows a tender interaction between a mother and a son." says Swamy. ." • The Tag line 'Feels like Heaven. • Shifts in the advertisement:." Today. group took over the advertising.

The various ad themes have been – • The journey began with its first Ad showing a Monarch playing chess. • The next theme was a Guide to a well dressed it Macho or Sensitive. which conveys the message of looking good and Dressing well from the Brand. • In 80‘s the theme was Celebrating Life‘s moments and that You don‘t have to Be A Raymond‘s Man To Be A Raymond‘s Man.Various Ads Themes •Raymond has portrayed different sides of a Man‘s personality . which was fine tuned to people‘s Celebration followed by Suggestion – ―Never Say No to Life‖. . • In the 60‘s and 70‘s the Ad turned to Common Man looking for advice on looking good as part of the growing industrialization of India.

emphasizing on the finer qualities of a complete man. SUCCESS OF “THE COMPLETE MAN” CAMPAIGN •Emotional Touch Aspirational power in a way that has given an impetus to the change in the metro man. . or aspired to evolve.Raymonds: The complete Man campaign Baseline: The Complete Man. CEO. • Social trends indicated that the upper-end Indian male had indeed evolved. Agency: Enterprise Nexus Target Audience: Real man. Enterprise Nexus). How Raymond took the bold step of translating this concept into an advertising strategy? • Portraying a caring man was a revolution in Indian advertising. a 3-D flesh and blood figure (Source: Rajiv Agarwal.

•"The Complete Man is limiting because almost everything that had to be explored about the 'complete man' has been explored.Reincarnation of Complete Man • In January 2002.changed the advertising agency for its textile division from Enterprise Nexus (Enterprise) to RK Swamy/BBDO • During the early 2000s changed its emotional approach towards a fashion and attitude-centric approach. • Made change in their approach to address the dual issues by establishing the copy line Feels like Heaven Feels like Raymond • Conveyed the message of having the sensitive feelings who is confident and caring .

. magazine. MONEY :―TAILOR MADE FOR SUCCESS‖ Target Customer: Youth who thinks that he knows Everything and Aspires to be a Complete Man MEASUREMENT Ad EFFECTIVNESS‖ spends 5-6% of Annual Revenues on marketing and Brand Building.How Raymond’s has been successful in turning out well all the Five M’s of Advertising MISSION ―POWER DRESSING‖ : Buzz Word Objective: To project the Brand for the male segment. The media has been selected keeping in mind the RFI factor to cover largest audience base and Target Customers. MEDIA -TV. MESSAGE―THE SUBTLE & THE DIRECT‖ Message Generation: No Celebrity Endorser Purpose: Raymond‘s Man is just like you and me.318 Exclusive retail Outlets. Hoardingsyd etc . mainly young executives.

. The company have always taken care to not showcase Raymond as an elitist brand. • Despite its premium imagery Raymond has patrons across all social economic strata. • Emotions and relations are the same across people and that is why the ads connect well.•The milieu for every Raymond ad is upper middle class.

distinctly remember the well dressed male campaign ." • "The dignified feel that was present in the earlier ads is missing today. more novel and more cerebral.So what's the difference between the past campaigns and the current ones? • Frank ( Simoes )." It needs to be more contemporary. It now feels like any fashion brand campaign. . It showed textiles in a very sophisticated and well designed manner • 'The Complete Man' advertising created by Nexus"spectacular. aspirational and very elite conscious.

• While Raymond today partners its customers in all important moments like getting a promotion. the call to extend this celebration to everyday living has a very positive ring to it. meeting friends or just spending memorable moments with loved ones. • ‗something for everyday’ is reiterated by this campaign thought. and dwelt on the theme ‗Walk in with an idea.‖ .Shifting Focus to Retail Chains • First retail campaign was launched in 2011. walk out with a wardrobe‘. •‗Celebrate everyday‘ is billed as an extension of that campaign. •―The campaign reminds its audience that celebrations are not restricted to special occasions. encouraging customers to treat every day as a special occasion.

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