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We Shape Future Professionals . 3 = 3625.CAN YOU Please Help Me ?  IF 1=5. 2= 225. 4 = 8925. 5 = ? IIMS .

PURE STATISTICS Placement Ratio Master Degree Ratio Master Degree 28 Lacs (35%) Placement 50000(App x) Graduates 80 Lacs UNEMPLOYEDS Master Degree 28 Lacs (35%) IIMS .We Shape Future Professionals .

approach… as a whole.  To add value to your career. IIMS .  To enhance your financial position.MBA  To develop technical expertise. attitude.  To develop your personality.We Shape Future Professionals .One of the Masters Degree .

Master Master Degree Ratio Degree 28 Lacs (35%) Placement Ratio Placement 50000(App x) UNEMPLOYEDS Gradua tes 80 Lacs IIMS ..We Shape Future Professionals Master Degree 28 Lacs (35%) .Still The Problem Persist ….

How Are You Going To Compete? ? IIMS .We Shape Future Professionals .

We Shape Future Professionals .A New Dimension of MBA - INDUSTRY INTEGRATED MBA IIMS .

IIMS .MBA – INDUSTRY INTEGRATED • Regular Degree Program • A bridge between industry's requirement and present education system.We Shape Future Professionals . • On-the-Job Training (4-5days a week) with corporate houses from the 2nd semester.

5 years of work experience. IIMS . be having 1.A Comparative Study Between MBA and MBA . You will MBA-Industry Integrated  After Completion.  Better Salary Package after OJT  No longer fresher after MBA. You will join the company as Fresher.II MBA  After Completion.  Corporate Exposure for only 1-2 months during summer internship.  No work experience during MBA.We Shape Future Professionals .



We Shape Future Professionals .  Free Laptop.5 years.  On-The-Job Training for 1. The Only College in Odisha providing MBA – Industry Integrated  Dual Degree with Triple Specialisation. Corporate Suits and Study Materials IIMS .

We Shape Future Professionals .  Foreign Language  IRDA Certificate IIMS .Add On to Your Career  ERP (SAP) Training  Six Sigma.

 Assistance in granting Financial Aid from Bank  Faculties from Reputed Institutes of IIM-C. MDI – Gurgaon.We Shape Future Professionals . ICFAI etc  High Bandwidth Wi-Fi Campus IIMS .OTHER BENEFITS  Personality Development Classes  Foreign Trip to gain exposure to foreign culture and work culture. IMI.

.We Shape Future Professionals .Company Visited Campus Till Date… Udaya Solution SK Teleservices Pvt Ltd And The Count Goes on…. IIMS .

4 Lac) CRUX Power ( 0.We Shape Future Professionals UR Publication (1.72 Lac) Reliance (0.2 Lac) UR Publication (1.8 Lac) UR Publication (1.2 Lac) SK TELESERVICE (1.Our ALUMNIs … CeaseFire (1.25 Lac) CeaseFire (1.2 Lac) IIMS .2 Lac) .2 Lac) Uday Soln (1.84Lac) SLB Media (1.8 Lac) UR Publicataion (1.2 Lac) IIMS (1.

Now.We Shape Future Professionals . MBA MBA-II IIMS . You Choose Your Destiny….

We Shape Future Professionals .IIMS .