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What Does Apple Do Apple is an innovative company that manufactures, markets, and sells many kinds of consumer electronic

devices. Apple has developed a series of computers, phones, portable media players, software, and many other products that have advanced technology from what it used to be, as well as creating new needs from the consumers.

History of apple company
1.1 1976–1980: The early years 1.2 1981–1985: Lisa and Macintosh 1.3 1986–1993: Rise and fall 1.4 1994–1997: Attempts at reinvention 1.5 1998–2005: Return to profitability 1.6 2005–2007: The Intel transition 1.7 2007–2011: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 1.8 2011: Post–Steve Jobs era 2012 present post Tim cook

Inc. software and Internet offerings.Apple. Mission Statement: Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students. educators.” “ . creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware.

.Apple Inc. and Internet offerings . educators. software. creative professional. Vission Statment Apple is committed to bringing the beast personal computing experience to students. and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware.

.Apple Inc.3 iPod 2. Products 2.1 Mac and accessories 2.2 iPad 2.4 iPhone 2.5 Apple TV 2.6 Software .

Apple Products .

Apple Products .

s 1977 to 1981: Michael Scott 1981 to 1983: Mike Markkula. 2000 to 2011: Steve Jobs 2011: Tim Cook. 1993 to 1996: Michael Spindler.Apple Inc Ceo. Apple’s Tim Cook Ranked First Among Top 25 Highest Rated CEOs of 2012 . 1996 to 1997: Gil Amelio. 1983 to 1993: John Sculley.

. Current scnerio of the company is to increased investment and innovation going.Apple Inc. .

SWOT Analysis Strengths: Retail Store Products/Branding Steve Jobs Marketing/ Advertising Innovation Weaknesses: Non-Compatibility Price Proprietary Opportunities: Stock Investments Jobs-Moving Up Threats: Copy-Cat Products Market Share-PC’s Too Broad Steve Jobs Health .

Apple sold 22.000 Macintosh computers. representing five percent unit growth and 17 percent revenue growth over the same quarter.000 iPods during the quarter.315.Profile . representing 44 percent unit growth and 47 percent revenue growth over the ending 2007 quarter.121.000 .Apple Corporation iPod and Computer Growth in2011 Apple shipped 2.319. Quarterly iPhone sales were 2.

Profile .7% a year ago. Gross margin increased from 31.Apple Corporation Financial Results 2007: Revenue-$9.6 billion & net quarterly profit of $1. Share Holders: As of November 2.58 billion.1 billion & net quarterly profit of $1 billion. 2006: Revenue-$7. . International sales account for 45% of revenue.336 shareholders of record. 2007.2% to 34. there were 30.

Financial Results Apple Earnings Per Share Growth: 92.19% in 2011 In its fiscal year ending in September 2011. Apple Inc. hit new heights financially with $108 billion in revenues (increased significantly from $65 billion in 2010) and nearly $82 billion in cash reserves .

6 billion in cash amassed by robust demand for iPhones and iPads. .Apple Inc. heeding investors who urged it to return part of the $97. Divident decalration Apple to Pay Dividend will pay its first dividend in 17 years and buy back $10 billion in stock.

digital still photography. the Company has focused on the use of technology in education and has been committed to delivering tools to help educators teach and students learn.Apple Corporation Markets & Distribution Apple Consumer’s Education: Throughout its history. . audio production/sound design. Creative Professionals: Creative customers utilize a variety of activities including digital video and film production and editing. graphic design.Profile . development. special effects. print production. web design. publishing. music creation/production. and administration. compositing/titling.

Apple Corporation Markets & Distribution Other Market Segments: Apple also provides hardware & software product solutions for: Science. . Information Technology. Government. Business.Profile .

The Apple Retail Store Activities: •Employees: •Local Gathering Place •Apple Specialist: Knows •Free Musical software. inside and out Performances •One-to-One Personal •Entertaining/Informative Training: Hour Long Presentations •Free Workshop-Group: •Youth Workshops: YearTraining round •Genius Bar: Damaged •Apple Camp: Summer product assessment •School Night: Students & •Concierge: Help you find Teachers showcase own anything is in the store work done on Mac .

“People don’t want to just buy personal computers anymore. They want to know what they can do with them. and we’re going to show people exactly that. .

Burn and watch personal videos with the built-in slot-load DVD.99 Features: Apple’s Leopard Operating System 20” screen. easy touch-screen access to your programs. and 320 GB of Storage Space. Burn and watch personal videos with the built-in slot-load DVD Watch. rewind.5 GHz processor Intel Core2 Duo. PC Price: $1.Apple vs. $0 Internet security not necessary. 1 GB of RAM. $149. Price: $1. 4 GB of SDRAM.98 Features: Windows Vista operating system 22” screen. Total: $1.99 Microsoft Office 2007. and 250 GB of Storage Space. $69. . 2. $149. pause.99 Norton Internet security.4 GHz processor. & record live TV Get quick.757.99 Microsoft Office 2007. Total: $1.199 $169 -3 Year extended warranty.299 $239 -3 Year extended warranty.517. 2.

Corporate employees can take part in the AppleHealth fitness program located at the two corporate locations.Employee Benefits Apple Inc. offers each full-time employee health. Full-time employees are offered 401(k) plans. stock options and financial education. . Apple employees are given FlexDollars to purchase basic benefits or have the option to allocate the money to a different department. disability and life insurance through a program called Flexible Benefits.

Most Famous Ad Campaigns 1997: “Think Different” ad campaign was created 2002: “Apple Switch” ads 2006: “Get a Mac” more famously known as PC vs. Mac .

Downloads •Target Different Demographics .Recommendations •Compatibility with PC’s •More Accessibility •Simply Mac •Price •Software-Word Templates.

” Steve job .” “Creativity is just connecting things.“Dream bigger.