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Language, Dialect, and Varieties

Firdha Malik Hasannudin Jumana Risca Febrina Tian Dini Agustina

Language variety is an interesting topic to be discussed since we live in heterogenic and vary community.Introduction Language variety is one of the main topics of sociolinguistic. Kridalaksana (1974) as cited in Chaer and Agustina (2004: 61) defined sociolinguistic as a branch of linguistic which try to explain characteristic of language variety and determine the correlation of language variety characteristic with the characteristic of society. appreciated. That is why we think that language variety should not only be admitted but also understood. and preserved .

• • • • • Characteristics of Language Language is arbitrary Language is productive Language is dynamic Language is vary Language is humane .Discussion Language According to Chaer and Agustina (2004: 11) language is a system. which means that language is formed by a number of components that has constant pattern and can be regulated.

• Speaker’s culture. • Situation.Language Variety Hudson in Wardhaugh (1986:22) defines a variety of a language as a set of linguistic items with similar distribution. • The way to use language . The existence of language variety is mainly caused by: • Background of speaker’s origin. • Attitude. • Point of view or topic of discussion. • Speaker’s social community.

grammar. . and vocabulary from other varieties of the same language is called a dialect.Language Variety Based on the Speaker Any variety of a language characterized by systematic differences in pronunciation.

Language Variety Based on the Speaker a) b) c) d) Idiolect Regional Dialect Temporal/Chronological Dialect Social Dialect .

One of them is from Banyumas or usually called by Banyumasan.Banyumasan In Javanese language. It is used in the west of central Java. it is also known by its dialects. Characteristics of Banyumasan: • the domination of vocal ‘a’ • sharp pronunciation of ‘k’ • there is no level pattern (unggahungguh) .

The different of Banyumasan is possibly caused by the position of Banyumas itself (west of center Java) which is far from the central of power and culture of Java in Surakarta and Yogyakarta. It products two levels of language.History of Banyumasan Jawa Kuna which does not use level pattern changes into Jawa Anyar which involves unggahungguh. This change started from the end of Pajang kingdom or the beginning of Mataram at the middle of 17th century. this change does not happen in Banyumas. Therefore. . they are Jawa Ngoko and Kromo.


Vulgar d. and h. and social status of the language speaker. position. status. argot. Basilect c. Jargon g. there are language varieties which are called by : a.Deals with the level. chant. . Slang e. Colloquial f. Acrolect b.

trade. This variety deals with the usage of the language in specific field such as journalistic. education. economic.Language Variety Based on Its Function (Functional Variety) Language variety based on its function is known by register. . military. etc.

and e. frozen style b. casual style. consultative style d.Language Variety Based on Formality According to Martin Joos (1967) stated that there are five style of language. formal style c. . intimate style. They are: a.

background of speaker’s origin. That variety is caused by heterogenic of speakers whether it is about its geographic. and they have their own beauty that should be preserved. . do not be shame to admit. The differences of language make diversity and variety of dialect. Language is varied based on the speaker function and its formality. your own dialect wherever you come from.CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION Language has its variety. So. No one will respect and appreciate except ourselves. social interaction. It also causes the existence of dialect. use. or attitude and etc.

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