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category and brand involvement


Herbal Offerings in Health Supplements, Personal Care Products &

Pain Ointments in the retail & prescriptive segments The company launched Ayurvedic Concepts to enter the consumer markets. Initially, in the late 90s, Ayurvedic Concepts targeted the young urban professional population to create brand awareness. In the early 20th century, it was brought under the Himalaya umbrella brand for several categories of soaps, shampoos, face washes, health supplements, baby products, etc. In 2010, 40% of Himalayas turnover was from consumer products. Himalaya did not advertise as much as other FMCG manufacturers, & brand associations were nurtured by Word of Mouth. To build market share in the highly competitive personal health care market, it begun to advertise its face wash & toothpaste brands The brand has a positive perception among consumers








FMCG was broadly split into: Household Care, Personal Care and Food & Beverages FMCG market in India projected to be around US$15-18 billion in 2010, & expected to grow to US$33 billion by 2015 The average Indian consumer spent around 8% of his income on personal care products In 2010, the oral care market in India was around US$980 million Growth trend of toothpastes over the past 3 yrs was relatively slower than that of other key FMCG categories (11%) Growth of the toothpaste category was even lower, at around 9%


Economy Popular Overall Health Premium Gel Niche

Product Variants

Freshness Herbal


Emotional Benefit
Colgate Fresh Energy Gel Colgate MaxFresh

Anchor White Anchor Gel Babool MintFresh

Himalaya Dental Cream Pepsodent Colgate Dental Cream Colgate MaxWhite

Economy Tier
Dabur Red Colgate Cibaca Babool

Premium Tier

Colgate ActiveSalt


Colgate Herbal

Colgate Sensitive Dabur Meswak Colgate Total Sensodyne

Functional Benefit

Marketing Communication by the Competitors

Overall Health Category

Marketing Campaign / Positioning Statement Paas Aao Campaign makes one want to kiss All round Protection from Decay / No.1 Brand Recommended by Dentist Removes 95% of Germs in just 2 minutes Lets Drive Away Dental Problems Kills Germs to make gums Strong & Healthy

Selling Point Freshness > Closeness Trust + Protection Protection + Effectiveness Curative Problem Solving+ Health

Close up Colgate Dental Cream Pepsodent

Dabur Red Herbal Toothpaste


Colgate Active Salt


58% of respondents brush once in a day 78% of all respondents never visit a dentist dentist recommendation
72% of all respondents do not take a toothpaste recommended by dentist 86% of respondents change their toothpaste on recommendation by dentist

85% of consumers have oral health problems 67% of consumers change their toothpaste to solve a problem Overall Category involvement is 41%

Involvement Levels Analyzed

People all agree that a toothpaste is necessary for them as the low score signifies in the last slide But people display more or less a neutral attitude when they consider the functional attributes of a toothpaste. The functional level score only goes up in the niche segment This suggests that toothpaste is a low involvement category with consumers knowing the need of a toothpaste but are not too attached to functional attributes except in the niche category Consumers in the niche segment are more involved in the buying decision of a tooth paste

Attitude towards Brands

The results of the involvement levels gets reflected in the attitude towards the brand as well Perception that a toothpaste creates freshness and makes teeth shinier gets a score of 3.5 with the niche category scoring higher with a value of 3.9 Functional attributes like germ fighting and oral health gets a score of 3.5 with the niche category scoring 3.9 Personal perceptions like confidence , dazzling smile and a good start to a day gets a avg score of around 3.35 with the niche segment scoring a high of 3.85.

This resonates the findings of the involvement levels. Attitude towards low involvement categories are neutral. People do not share a strong brand attitude. But a higher involvement level category like the niche segment garners a higher brand attitude from the consumers.

Emotional attachment
Analyzing the scores we infer that involvement levels does not play a very important role in this respect. The avg score is around 3.3 with all segments scoring the same unlike what we saw in the earlier slides This also shows that people are almost neutral in emotional attachments towards the brands

Category Involvement
Segment Freshness Herbal Overall oral care Niche Total category High Involvement customers 28% 40% 32% 64% 41%

The above table depicts that the herbal category has the second highest percentage of High involvement customers. It is a favorable situation that can be tapped

Attitude towards category

Cognitive beliefs of the consumers towards non niche categories are almost same with a percentage of score around 60% Affective beliefs score a high in the freshness category with a score of 60% comparing to a low 40 % in the herbal category We can use this data to formulate a marketing strategy which emphasizes on the freshness aspect as well to cash in on the affective beliefs of the customers

Segment Analysis
Consumer Behavior
80% of brush once a day 71% never visit a dentist 75% dentist doesnt recommend the toothpaste Oral Health Problem = 88%

Consumer Behavior
88% of brush once a day 84% never visit a dentist 67% dentist doesnt recommend the toothpaste Oral Health Problem = 92%

Oral Health
Consumer Behavior
56% of brush once a day 80% never visit a dentist 50% dentist doesnt recommend the toothpaste Oral Health Problem = 80%

Consumer Behavior
23% of brush once a day 64% never visit a dentist 88% dentist doesnt recommend the toothpaste Oral Health Problem = 80%

High involvement 28% Low Involvement & high Attitude 66%

High Involvement 40%

High Involvement 32%

High Involvement 64% Low Involvement & high Attitude 89%

Low Involvement & high Attitude 46%

Low Involvement & high Attitude 46%

Recommendations : Himalaya
Need to enter in a new niche / Problem Solving category keeping herbal USP
High avg involvement score : 3.9/5 /
64% of total consumers

Increased use of brushing / customer

Increase of 54%

Higher Consumer Cognitive & Affective Belief

92% & 72% respectively (compared to herbals 64% &44%)

Low Category Involvement customers strong cognitive belief

89% in niche vs 46% in herbal

High affective belief of 60% in freshness category as compared to a low 40 % in the herbal category. We can encash on adding a freshness element in the niche segment

Himalaya Toothpaste : Differentiation

A premium Herbal Toothpaste for the niche category Fresh , Natural & Secure providing freshness and solution to the following problems: Tightening & Reducing swelling / bleeding of gums Prevention of Tooth Decay & Tooth Ache Bad Breath Control

Positioning Statement
To consumers in Urban demography concerned towards oral healthcare, Himalayas Active Herbs Toothpaste is the brand of herbal freshness & oral healthcare, a toothpaste that offers specific solutions to oral health problems with a freshness quotient because its a premium all natural, healthy, oral solution with a herbal product expertise. The brand character is safe , reliable & caring

Brand Campaign
Enjoy superior protection & long lasting freshness with the power of herbs Brand Ambassador to be used
Dentist approval not reccomended

Thank You