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Next slides will open the answers to the 09 best queries for our health WITH WORLD CLASS PRODUCTS!!! ARE YOU ALL READY??

Query No: 01
Any solution from Ayusante

For Metabolic disorders like sugar disorders??

Maintain Glycemic Health, Naturally..!!



regulates appetite and improves metabolic health • Provides strength to keep body free from chronic ailments of diabetes .Benefits GlucoHealth • Assists body to maintain normal Glycemic Health • Strengthens pancreas.

Works By • Reduction in glucose absorption from gut • Faster break down of free glucose GlucoHealth • Enhancing the tone of the pancreas • Reduction in insulin intolerance • Antioxidant activity thus reduces damage to the vital unit .

Active Markers Standardized GlucoHealth Green tea Polyphenols. (-)-epicatechin and tannoid principles have been researched for their role in promoting Glycemic Health . Pterostilbene. Kotalanol. Marsupsin. Phenolics. Pterosupin. Salicinol.

Evidence Synergy GlucoHealth • Salacia reticulata is a α-glycosidase and aldosereductase inhibitor. hence this controls the absorption of Glucose • Tinospora cordifolia modulates the gluconeogenic enzymes activity • Pterocarpus marsupium activates glucose transport into the cell .

Synerg y sensitivity to insulin • Curcuma longa increase • Cinnamomum zeylanicum elevates insulin. GlucoHealth plasma • Emblica officinalis reduces the oxidative stress • Camelia sinensis prevents development of insulin resistance . stimulating insulin.

Query No: 02 Any solution from Ayusante For having a normal respiratory health?? .

and if you breathe well you will live long on earth .Sanskrit Proverb Solanum Breathe Healthy…… .For breath is life.

Allergy and Respiratory Health .

Benefits • Expels mucus and relieves congestion due to common cold Solanum • Reduces inflammation and soreness in the throat • Maintains healthy immune system .

Relieves chest congestion and clears soreness of throat Glycyrrhiza glabra– Reduces inflammation and helps reduce cough . Assists in immunity enhancement Zingiber officinale .Employed in cough and asthma.Improves the body’s resistivity to infectionImmunomodulator. • • • • Adathoda vasica– Clears phlegm providing relief from cough and sore throat Piper longum. Solanum xanthocarpum. Helps relive congestion. • Solanum Dasamoola . Beneficial effect in bronchial asthma attributed for its action on histamine • Tinospora cordifolia . excellent tonic for general debility.Evidence Synergy • Helps to restore health and vitality.Clears the respiratory tract. a combination of ten herbs.

Query No: 03 Any solution from Ayusante For having a normal RENAL HEALTH?? .

Naturally….RenoPlus Nephro health . 2014-02-26 .

Nephron & Renal Process: Renormalization of Urine .

Renal System .

The Promise RenoPlus • Effective supplement in maintaining healthy kidney function • Regularizes the urinary calcium. phosphates and magnesium levels and thus prevents stone formation • Increases the urinary output • Prevents bacterial growth and UTI .

Crateava nurvula. anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory activities to prevent the formation of kidney stones. the active constituents have been researched extensively for its benefits in Kidney Health . Cordifolides and Shatavarins. Boerhaavia diffusa.Evidence Synergy • RenoPlus Bergenia ligulata. maintenance of fluid balance and control bacterial growth • Lupeol. Bergenin. ensure retention of nutrients. Punarnavine. Tribulus terrestris and Tinospora cordifolia synergistically have nephroprotective. Sapogenins.

Query No: 04 Any solution from Ayusante? For having a normal CARDIAC HEALTH?? .

2014-02-26 .Lipidnorm Healthy Heart…naturally…..

2014-02-26 .

How LipidNorm works? .

Where we can advise-LipidNorm & GlucoHealth?? .

naturally Lipidnorm • Maintains healthy serum cholesterol levels • Supports healthy heart muscle • Helps in managing hypertension • May reduce the risk of atherosclerosis .Benefits • Natural cardio-protective supplement • Manage lipids profile.

Cholesterol lowering properties and protective effects on atherosclerosis development .Evidence Synergy Lipidnorm • Sesame lignin complex (Sesamum indicum). has calming and oxidative stress relieving effect • Saccharum officinarum .Rejuvenative Tonic. LDL. triglycerides and HDL • Withania somnifera . Guggul sterols and gugglesterones (Commiphora wightii) and Allicin from garlic bulb (Allium sativum) have high antioxidant property and effective in maintaining serum lipid profile levels including serum cholesterol.

Anxiety?? .Query No: 05 Any solution from Ayusante For addressing Stress.

Features of stress .

What happens-If stress continues? .

Axiom forte Free from Stress…naturally… .

Do we use this kit? OR .

.By Anxiom Forte?? Gradually…..

Benefits A unique combination of herbs Axiomforte • Calms the mind at the end of stressful day • Channelizes mental energy and helps wake up fresh • Helps relieve mental fatigue .

Asiaticosides and Withanolides. the active constituents of this composition have been linked to provide protection from stress and anxiety . Valerenic acids.Evidence Synergy Axiomforte Valepotriates. Jatamansi acid.

Query No: 06 Any solution from Ayusante For addressing Oxidative Stress?? .

Grape Seed Extract.Antioxidant Complex Green Tea. XanMax® .

What is Oxidative Stress-Risk? .

Benefits of Antioxidants in daily life .

all cause oxidative stress. excessive alcohol. lack of exercise. cardiovascular diseases .Antioxidant Complex • Unhealthy lifestyle . neurodegenerative. • Characterized by excessive formation of ROS in the body cells and tissues leading to diabetes. stress due to environmental as assaults. inflammatory. consumption of unhealthy foods.

amla ytannins. carotenoids. accelerate cell regeneration process  Detoxify and help body from degenerative disorders . zinc .Evidence Synerg Antioxidant Complex Green tea polyphenols. catechins and catechu polymers from grape seed.all linked to  Protection from oxidative stress enabling to tackle fatigue  Nourish body tissues.

Query No: 07 Any solution from Ayusante For Cleansing our Body from Toxins?? .

Naturally… .ToxCleanse Detoxify .

Toxins in Blood .

Benefits • Maintains normal colon health • Regulates digestion and metabolism • Promotes natural body skin health • Protects common microbial infections ToxCleans e .

Query No: 08 Any solution from Ayusante For protein powder with antistress. immunity booster?? .

AHA from Apple.Nutri Protein Plus Soy Isoflavones. Colostrum 2014-02-26 .

All naturally! .Benefits The unique blend • Provides energy • Boosts immunity • Improves body metabolism • Maintains proper muscle and bone health Nutri Protein Plus ……..

IGm from Colostrum promotes immunity . Soya isoflavones. Vitamins and rich concentrates of herbs provides energy and regulates body metabolism • Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) contributes for the anti-aging and anti-oxidant activities • IGg. Anti-oxidant rich nutrients from fruits.Evidence Nutri Protein Plus Synergy – the ultimate combination • Unique blend of nature derived proteins.

Query No: 09 Any solution from Ayusante For protein powder with Intelligence . Immunity and Growth Booster for Kids?? .

Kid’s NUTRI PROTEIN Drink Growth. Immunity 2014-02-26 . IQ.

Benefits Kid’s NUTRIPROTEIN Drink This healthy drink helps Physical and Mental Growth Boost Immunity Improve intelligence and memory retention Maintain energy and vigor .

repair and maintain cells . body tissues and bones • Fats transport nutrients that maintains normal function of all organs • Vitamins and minerals are body’s primary resources for growth.Evidence Synerg y Kid’s NUTRIPROTEIN Drink • Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy • Protein supplies energy and amino acids • Amino acids are the building blocks that build. repair and maintenance .

.!! 2014-02-26 .Goodness unto You.