BY: Rashmi Sharma Neha Anand Gaurav Malhotra

€ High-performance

work system ² the right combination of people, technology, and organizational structure that makes full use of the organization·s resources and opportunities in achieving its goals.

€ To

function as a high-performance work system, each of these elements must fit well with the others in a smoothly functioning whole.

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Organizational structure: t its l i t s f l ivisi r rti g r l ti s i s.

Task design: t r i s t t ils f t rg iz ti ·s c ss ry ctiviti s ill gr t ri t j s rt r s si iliti s. People: ll s it ll r r f rt ir j

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Reward systems : c tri t t ig rf r c r gi g l t striv f r j ctiv s t t rg iz ti ·s v r ll g ls.

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Information systems: r i f r ti syst s l rg iz ti s t s r i f r ti i ly.

In ig - rf r nc rk syst , ll t l nts ² l , t c nology, nd org niz tional str ct r ² ork tog t r for s cc ss

Outcomes of a High-Performance Work System
Hig rf r The outcomes of each employee and ork group contri ute to the system·s overall high performance. Hig r du t qu lit The organization·s individuals and groups ork efficiently, provide high-quality goods and services, etc., and in this ay they contri ute to meeting the organization·s goals.

Fl xibilit When the organization adds or changes goals, people are flexi le and make changes to as needed to meet the new goals. Gr t ust r s tisf ti High performance from workers and quality products will contri ute to customer satisfaction. L l tur v r Good reward system will lead to low turnover and satisfied employees.

Conditions that Contri ute to High Performance 
Equipment and work processes are structured and technology is used to encourage maximum flexi ility and interaction among employees. Employees participate in planning changes in equipment, layout, and work methods. Work design allows employees to use a variety of skills. Employees understand how their jobs contribute to the finished product or service. Ethical behavior is encouraged.

HRM·s Contribution to High Performance

practices match organization·s goals ´ Individuals and groups share knowledge ´ Work is performed by teams ´ Organization encourages continuous learning

design permits flexibility in where and when tasks are performed ´ Selection system is job related and legal ´ Performance management system measures customer satisfaction and quality
´ Work

HRM·s Contribution to High Performance
Organization monitors employees· satisfaction € Discipline system is progressive € Pay system rewards skills and accomplishments

Skills and values of a diverse workforce are valued and used € Technology reduces time and costs of tasks while preserving quality

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