The Five Rings
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Miyamoto Musashi
1584 -1645 Famous Japanese samurai and swordsman Through stories of his excellent swordsmanship in numerous duels, from a very young age Founder of Hy h NitenIchi-ry or Niten-ry style of swordsmanship Author of The Book of Five Rings


Gorin-No-Sho - Treaty of « The Five Rings »
Water Method to build up and empower physically and spiritually

Ground Guidelines about Musashi·s tactic

Void Need to know the others strategies Fire Psychology within the tactic to apply in duals and battlefield Wind It·s difficult to know yourself if you don·t know others

The 9 rules of personal behavior
1. Do not think dishonestly † ´You should not copy others, but use weapons which you can use properlyµ  Honesty Long term orientation in negotiation The way is in training † ´You must practice constantlyµ & ´There is timing in everythingµ † ´In a crisis we will not rise to our expectations, but fall to our level of trainingµ Paul Vunak † ´Timing in strategy cannot be mastered without a great deal of practiceµ Importance of analyses & high uncertainty avoidance


The 9 rules of personal behavior
3. 4. Become acquainted with every art Know the Ways of all professions † ´It is difficult to know yourself if you do not know the othersµ † ´Observing the spirit of the enemyµ † ´The become the enemy means to think yourself into the enemy·s positionµ  Interest for many types of knowledge Sony-Ericsson Diversification & Benchmarking

The 9 rules of personal behavior
5. Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters † ´Even if you kill an enemy, if it is not based on what you have learned it is not the true Wayµ  Victory is only important if deserved Masculinity & Achievement Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything † ´In strategy it is necessary to treat training as part of normal life with your spirit unchangingµ † ´If you attain this spirit, it applies to everyday lifeµ  Behavior is the same in the personal and professional life Business is also done outside the work place but it stays only professional


The 9 rules of personal behavior
7. Perceive those things which cannot be seen † ´The training of killing enemies is by way of many contests [«] discovering the meaning of life and deathµ † ´With your spirit calm, attack with a feeling of constantly crushing the enemy, from first to last. The spirit is to win in the depths of the enemyµ † ´Do not let the enemy see your spiritµ  Importance of the spirituality, saving face Stay calm, humble, control of emotions

The 9 rules of personal behavior
8. Pay attention even to trifles † ´You can win quickly by taking the lead, it is one of the most important things in strategyµ † ´Forestall the enemyµ  Perfectionism, sense of details Meeting: rituals, salutations, gifts« Toyotism, Zero defects (e.g: Sony, Canon) Taiichi Technical problems with Toyota Yaris

no. 50·s


Do nothing which is of no use † ´Both in fighting and in everyday life you should be determined though calmµ  Be patient & calm communication

Consequences in business
Analysis is the key: high uncertainty avoidance Pay attention to details, technical information Be formal Rigid time perception &long term orientation Business done also outside the work place Yes culture: avoid confrontation Low context † Keep distance with your interlocutor † Implicit communication Be patient,calm&humble

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