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Mario Aparicio, Amber Zeng
Gardner, English 10H- 4
11 March 2016
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Too few instances are presented to
reach an accurate conclusion.
Ex: Stereotypes

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Hey jack! Heres some

Overgeneralization in Ads

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In Levys advertisements, the corporation clearly want to break the racial boundary
and the overgeneralization that only jews can and would love their product--Real
Jewish Rye Bread. In Levys campaign, they used a variety of different models with
different ages and races to address and increase the range of their target audience. By
accumulating a diversity of different models, consumers are more compulsed to buy
the product when they see a familiar face enjoying the product compared to when
they see a model with an unfamiliar face. The advertisement also uses a clean and
simplistic format with easy to read font, which renders a sense of sophistication, as
well as a sense of earnesty. The simplicity promotes a sense of trust in the brand.
Levys has used emotional branding by mixing that trust with the sense of
familiarity brought out by the various models. Combined, the advertisement gives the
consumer the notion of community. This notion triggers the reptilian hot button
within the consumer, making the consumer want to fit into that community, but the
only way to do that is to buy their bread.

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Cmon Trump, speak


When Mexico (meaning the Mexican Government) sends its people, theyre
not sending their best. Theyre not sending you (pointing to the audience).
Theyre not sending you (pointing again). Theyre sending people that have lots
of problems, and theyre bringing those problems to us. Theyre bringing
drugs.Theyre bringing crime. Theyre rapists. And some, I assume, are good
people! But I speak to border guards and they tell us what were getting. And it
only makes common sense. Theyre sending us not the right people. Its coming
from more than Mexico. Its coming from all over South and Latin America, and
its coming probably from the Middle East. But we dont know. Because we have
no protection and we have no competence, we dont know whats happening.
And its got to stop and its got to stop fast. -- Donald Trump

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Donald Trumps contemptuous and harsh tone help persuade the targeted audience-- American
citizens, right people-- into thinking that immigrants are all rapists and a threat to the United
States of America. He states that all immigrants are dangerous, showing his stereotypical ideas and
most importantly, his perspective on other countries. By using powerful and cruel words such as
drugs and rapists, wealthy Donald Trump is able encourage citizens to realize that all immigrants
such as mexicans and people from the middle-east are dangerous to the U.S. . These are the big
words that stay in peoples heads. This is what allows Donald Trump to have an effective connection
with the people who listen to him, leading to Trump creating supporters so that he can run for

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That wasnt


That was


In the previous advertisement, what immediately catches the eye is
the absence of color. The absence of color in the background forces
the reader to focus on the main image and words. The creator used
gold hues and a straight border as well as a calligraphic typeface. This
emanates a false sense of class. The simplicity of the advertisements
also emits sophistication. The use of the pun at the bottom of the ad
creates humor, which generates a more approachable and engaging
impression towards the product itself. It embodies overgeneralization
in a sense that it characterizes its consumers into three main
categories--party animals, string lovers, and lazy people--when in
reality that has no major relation to the necessity of the product to
the individual themselves.


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