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Professional & Leadership

Development in Nursing
Rachel Lima

Direct Patient Care Abilities
• Personal Strengths:
– Rapport with patients
– Technical Skills

• Opportunities for Improvement
– Mastering infrequently used skills

• Short-Term Goals/Strategies
– Develop confidence, master common nursing skills

• Long-Term Goals/Strategies
– Influence patient care through staffing and patient
assignment responsibilities

Unit Leadership Abilities
• Personal Strengths
– Ability to facilitate teamwork
– “People Person”

• Opportunities for improvement
– Learning and assuming professional leadership
– Legal considerations

• Goals/Strategies
– Charge RN: could be long- or short-term goal
– Senior RN Manager, Unit Director

Organizations, Journals,
• Short-Term Goals/Strategies
– BSN Degree and RN License
– Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
– Join Emergency Nurses’ Association (ENA)
– Journal of Emergency Nursing

• Long-Term Goals/Strategies
– Trauma Nurse Certification (TNS)
– Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) Certification –
requires 2 years
– CCRN – if applicable to patient population

Management/Leadership Book
• Four rules for finding both
success and happiness in
one’s current line of work
• Compliments Strengths:
– Setting small, realistic goals
– Mastering skills to increase my
value as an employee

• Highlights Areas for
– Need for change in mindset

Leadership Shadowing Experiences
• SWAT RN at Banner UMC-South
– Prioritizing nursing tasks
– Communication strategies with

• House Supervisor at Banner UMCSouth
– Interdisciplinary collaboration and
– Conflict resolution
– Maintaining a positive workplace

Professional/Community Activities
• Smoke detector installation with the
American Red Cross Foundation
– Interaction/communication with
underserved populations
– Humbling experience

• Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
– Clinical knowledge
– Hands-on practice of mock codes

Timeline of Short-Term Goals
December 15, 2016

Graduate from an accredited nursing program with my BSN degree

Early my
February 2017
Pass my NCLEX exam and receive
Get PALS Certification
RN license
February 13, 2017

Start my 16-week orientation in the ED at Banner UMC-South

Early June,
the Emergency Nurses’ Association

Complete my orientation in the ED

Early-Mid 2019
Explore Charge RN Opportunities


Timeline of Long-Term Goals
Pursue promotion to Charge


Receive 2019
TNS, CEN, and
CCRN certifications

Complete remaining
prerequisite courses
required for MCAT

Pursue position of leadership in 2020 Take MCAT and apply to medical
Association of Emergency Nurses

Apply to medical school


Explore additional leadership
opportunities on the unit


If not admitted to medical school, pursue
promotion to senior manager or unit

If admitted, begin medical school

Continuing Education and Higher
Education Endeavors
• Ultimate Career Goal: Forensic
• Short-Term Goals
– Experience in ED Nursing
– Coursework for MCAT

• Long-Term Goals
– Take MCAT
– Medical School

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