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Netra Sharma Sapkota NRM & GCC, USAID/Nepal nsharma@usaid.gov

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USAID in the Asia Region
Kazakhstan Mongolia Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan Afghanistan Nepal Pakistan India Burma Bangladesh Laos Tajikistan China North Korea

Asia Region
USAID Missions and Offices Non-Presence
Sri Lanka Thailand




Papua New Guinea Indonesia

East Timor

USAID Assistance to Nepal
‡ In 1951, the U.S. was the first country to sign a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Nepal ‡ Since then, USAID has granted more than $1 billion to Nepal
USAID/Nepal 8-Year Obligations
90,000,000 80,000,000 70,000,000

US Dollars

60,000,000 50,000,000 40,000,000 30,000,000 20,000,000 10,000,000 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Fiscal Year

Health and Family Planning General Development Office Democracy and Governance


Economic Growth and Education

Maternal Child Health and Family Planning

Natural Resources Management and Global Climate Change

Food Security

Humanitarian Assistance

USAID·s response to Climate Change helps
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Cuntries to plan and develop low emission trajectories in support of economic growth; Countries to take prompt, substantial action to adapt, and build resilience, to the impacts of climate change; Mainstream climate change into development programs to ensure enduring success; Apply science and technology and unleash innovation in partner countries; and Ensure accountability in activities and results.

Ongoing Programs that primarily aim to GCC
‡ Pilot climate resilience activities in the Sacred Himalayan Eco-region in partnership with WWF and CARE SERVIR Himalaya in partnership with ICIMOD REDD in the Eastern Himalayan Eco-region Integrating Environmental Security across Sectors: A Blueprint for Addressing Glacial Melt in Asia

‡ ‡ ‡

Ongoing Programs that partly contribute to GCC
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Health Programs Education Programs Economic Growth Programs Conflict resolution and Peace building programs ‡ Democracy and governance Programs

Completed Programs and studies that aimed to address the issues of Global Climate Change
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Strengthened Actions for Governance in Utilization of Natural Resources (SAGUN) Program Terai Arc Landscape (TAL) Program Payment for Ecosystem Services: Developing Forest Carbon Projects for Nepal - completed Impact of Climate Change on Livelihoods and Biodiversity in SAGUN Working Areas ² completed Global Climate Change in the South Asia Region: An Analysis and Roadmap for the USAID RDMA Mission for Asia - completed Integrating Environmental Security across Sectors: A Blueprint for Addressing Glacial Melt in Asia ² ongoing study Asia Pacific Regional Climate Change Adaptation Assessment - completed Asia Regional REDD Program Planning Assessment - ongoing USAID/Nepal Tropical Forestry and Biodiversity Assessment Glaciers as Indicators of Climate Change Adapting to Climate Variability and Change: A guidance Manual for Development Planning For further information and publications please look at: http://www.usaid.gov/our_work/environment/climate/index.html

Planned Programs that primarily aim to GCC
‡ Natural Resources Management and Climate Change Program (s) ‡ Food Security Program (s) ‡ Climate Change Regional Center of Excellence

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