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and Electronic Period

Presented by Marwin Villa
Electromechanical Period

This period started around 1840-

1940. In this period, the use of
electricity for information handling and
transfer bloomed. This period saw the
use of the telegram and the telephone
was later invented.
Telegram is considered the first
electrical communication device. It is
first invented in 1837 by William Cooke
and Sir Charles Wheatstone. Then in
1844, an American inventor named
Samuel Morse successfully introduced
the first single-circuit telegram which
gave rise to the Morse code .
In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was
granted the patent for the telephone. At
this time, computing devices also started
to revolutionized information handling and
processing. Machines were mechanical in
nature but were run by electricity. These
machines were intended to encode and
transmit information over telegraph lines
Electronic Period
It started in the 1940s and continues to
the present. The highlight of this period is
focused on the advent of solid state devices
or electronic devices. The four main events
found in this period are the following:
• The late vacuum tubes period
• The transistors period
• The integrated circuits period
• The computer processors period
The late vacuum tubes period
It is the start of electronic period.
The drawn of the Electronic
Numerical Integrator and Computer
(ENIAC), the first electronic and
general purpose computer, marked a
revolutionary period in computing.
The transistor period
In 1947, the transistor was invented. It
is an electronic device with properties and
functions similar to vacuum tubes, but it is
lightweight and faster. The full transistor
computer was developed in 1957 and was
faster than vacuum computers.
The integrated circuits period
An American electrical engineer named
Jack Kilby was credited for introducing the
integrated circuit (IC) in 1958. IC is a
device that is composed of group of
transistor and circuit elements compressed
in a single package. The IC revolutionized
the use of computers and electronic
devices resulting in faster operating speed.
From this time up to today,
computers are evolving from basic
textual interfaces to graphical users
interfaces or GUI
The computer processor period
The first household and office
personal computers were bundled with
productivity tools tailored for house and
office use. For decades, scientists and
engineers developed methods of
connectivity for sharing processed
information stored in cocomputers and
processing devices .
The result of this is the
interconnection of computers devices
and equipment we enjoy today,
commonly known as the Internet or
World Wide Wed.
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