2011 CC Korea Project

2011. 01.10

2010 Main Projects 
Seoul city a opts MOU  Translate Australia TF report  wrote government2.0 book (publish on June)  Host conference with Semantic web community Translate Open Government(Publishe by Acorn)  Operate Government2.0 Community 10th consecutive open Seminar (movie irector, economic specialist, e  2n open stu y  Monthly volunteer meeting  December network party

International Conference


c 2010 
CCL Campaign with 3 portal sites.  music/ film/ book artists joine  Host REMIX contests

CC Campaign

Consecutive networking

Letds CC 

CCL contents search engine open



CC Salon, etc





Aca emic/government/art/business etc invite various international speakers (about 300 omestics atten e )  Invitation to CC Asia volunteers, open meeting  Host CC film festival (10 ays)






2011 Business Direction
2011 Business Direction
Government , Artists , College stu ents, etc, expan the category Base on current volunteers, expan the networking
£ £ £ £ ¢

Expan Network

Excavate CCL Projects

Using remix contests, etc, create easily comprehensive projects to the public about CC.

£ £


Expan CCL acknowle gement

Through ifferent channels an me ias, reinforce a vertisement Develop teenage e ucational curriculum






Network Structure

CC Volunteer

Expan acknowle gment of CC

Portal, government, or relate organization

2011 Main Projects 
In 2011, focus on main projects to enlarge the return

ART Festival

Government 2.0

Letd Functional improvement
Improving Let CC service management, an reliability of information an contents
¥ ¥ ¥

Expectanc y

Precise Programs





CC Film Festival CC Global photo contest CC Concert CC Remix Contest Being an Artist Workshop 

Ignite Government2.0  Government 2.0 Camp  Public Institution Consalt 

Public omain connecte search  CCL contents filtering Recomman ation an bookmark system  Expan CCL contents in Meta Blo











Effectively a vertise efinition of CC to many artists.  Naturally comprehen the meaning of CCL by participating  create environment for pro ucers an consumers.
¥ ¥ ¥ 

Re uce the cost with participants With participants, accuracy an clear vision of public omain  Expectancy of public omain an its usage in the in ustry.


Illustrate CCL license arts an performances, an open workshop for anyone.
¥ ¥ ¥



Project that anyone can join an with the purpose of opening the public omain

‡Usage of CCL contents ‡Expan acknowle gement of CCL ‡Accuracy improvement on CCL search engine ‡Expan applying CCL

2011 Program Details
ART Festival Plan

Main Target



Hon ae Street

CC Global Photo Contest 2n Share Film Festival Artists CC Concert Me ia Art ( Remix Contest 20,30 cultural art consumers Being an Artist Workshop



Appx. August

2011 Program Details
ART Festival Practical Strategy
Strategy 1 Strategy 2 Strategy 3
‡ Make art festival executive office an run projects ‡ Use worl wi e CC Network an plan global cultural festival ‡ Hong ae Art Community, Me ia Art Community, etc, create bon with current artists through correlation
© © © © © © ©

Strategy 4

‡ Cooperate with Portals by online or offline


Strategy 5

‡ Plan projects so they can be broa caste through ocumentation. ‡ Maximize the a vertisement effect




2011 Program Details
ART Festival Sche ule

executive office

Ma Apr Festival Plan y

rrc h

Hea Director

Domestic an International network infrastructure
Main Director(For each catagory) 

il Jun


A vertising


Remix contest, Picture contest A vertise 



Liaise for sponsers Buil online web

e Jun e

Jul y 


2011 Program Details
Government 2.0 Plan
Main Target Project 1 

Government Associates Ignite GOVkr
‡20 page sli es * automatic sli e15sec = Talk for 5min about government 2.0 relate
(Invite various speakers: government, civilians, etc)

IT Followers GOV2.0 Camp
‡Create an outcome for team mission in 3 ays. ‡Create a mo el by cooperating eveloper, with IT relate esigner, government irector, irector, etc.

Public facility consult
‡Consult for CCL on local governmentds public domain.


Participants from ifferent fiel s ± different aspects of ideas  Opinions about Government 2.0  Government2.0 issues on the surface 

Suggest a model for government 2.0 and create legit outcome with many associates More social issues


Appx. May

Appx. July  




Easy flow by providing CCL guidelines and to be adopted by other local governments


2011 Program Details
LetdCC Functional Improvements
Summary Expectancy
‡ Improvements on LetdCC service and its contents reliability ‡ After opening, improvements based on the users feedbacks ‡ Find a way to make search engine more reliable
(1) Search through public domain and academic lectures(check the system and the organization)


(2) Consideration for contents blacklist and whitelist

(4) Saving cont nts il (Wiki Commons, Archiv / support inde nde storage pe nt ) gy rvicein rastructure (5) Morere alistic to plan ISP(In ormation Strate Planning) than se nts a, tc tablogs (6) Expand thepromotion or CC conte on Allblog/Blogkore e Me Functional Improve nt me Plan


Construct syste m

UI blue print & De sign

De lopme ve nt

2 months


1 month

1.5 moths   

Comple te 6 months total    


(3) Apply e suggestion



Ope ning on Nove r mbe

2011 Program Details
Teenage Educational Curriculum Development 
Suggestion Background
Current copyright education program is slanted on copyright regulation and copyright protection eBalance e d ducational curriculum is nede be e fair useand thecopyright e d twen 

2011 Program Details
Teenage Educational Curriculum Development Direction of Educational Curriculum Development Introduction 
Participant should find a way to practice and draw a conclusion -. Activity Centered / Debate Centered -. Simply, one talks and others listen  Suggest realistic educational curriculum that can be used in the field -. Suggest various curriculum modules (Advice different curriculum at different time) -. Intimate cooperation with current educators (Prove by participating in educational curriculum or demonstrational education)  -. To be easily approachable by current educators, provide different samples with different curriculums  Neutrality of copyright protection and fair use -. Not demanding participants, but convince them why its necessary for copyright protection to be in existence -. Suggest alternative way by understanding CCL and its convention  Distribute educational curriculum to distinct channels -. Distribute online -. Make educational booklet to distribute in different fields

2011 Program Details
Youth Educational Curriculum Development
Member Structure
Jul y

Understand the needs
Interview current educators Diagnose the needs

Au gu st

Education direction
Establish specific educational curriculum and its direction

Au gu st

Pan Curriculum

Se pte mb er

Liaise Participants

Plan educational curriculum

Octo Demonstration ber

Curriculum Completion
Educational Curriculum Ends

Octo ber

Educate educators emb


Dec emb er

Reinforce through demonstrational education

Educate those who will be the educators

Create educational curriculum booklet Feedbacks from online web

Thanks for Reading

CC Korea Jennifer Kang / hskang@cckorea.org

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