By Pablo, Jake, Elliot and Jamie

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Title: The drop. Genre: Thriller. Time period: Contemporary.

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Location: UK, London.
Budget: Low to medium. Target market/Demographic: Young males and females aged 18-25. LOGLINE: This thriller is based in central London about a mysterious man who is wanted around the world for pulling off some of the biggest heist in history. But when he accidently clashes with three teenagers who find his bag which contains his loot, he sets about finding them, any way possible. From this point on the teenagers and the mysterious man are playing the game of cat and mouse within London but this game ends with deadly consequences. TREATMENT: This mysterious man who has successfully concealed his identity for more than a decade while travelling around the world is now has his sights on the most valuable diamonds kept in London. He is no stranger in pulling off a clean robbery since he has had many years of practice, performing some of the biggest heist in history. We see him successfully pull off this dangerous and risky heist however whilst he makes his clean getaway he suddenly gets spotted by an undercover MI6 agent. The mysterious man also notices the MI6 agent and is forced to think fast in order to escape and get rid of the stolen goods so guided by the adrenaline he throws the bag off a bridge into what he thinks is the river teams, however he misses and the bag drops into the hands of three ordinary London teenagers who are suddenly caught in the middle of the mix, the mysterious man sees this but is forced to leave it with the three teenagers in order to escape from the MI6 agent. The teenagers were so shocked that they could only stand back and watch how the mysterious man got away with the MI6 agent chasing behind him. They teenagers then have a discussion whether or not to open the bag, until when they finally make the decision to open it to their surprise they find diamonds. They are now faced with the mission of trying to head to safety while avoiding the mysterious man who has managed to get away from the agent and sets about finding the three teenagers who have yet to rely how much danger they are in, the next 48hours will change their lives forever. This type of thriller has been shown by films like 4,3,2,1 and Adulthood, to keep the audience on the edge of their seats because it has a cat and mouse element to it (for example here this element is used between the teenagers and the mysterious man). It captures the audience’s attention because it makes them want to find out if the teenagers successfully get away or if the mysterious man finds them before they get to safety, the use of this element in a thriller has been shown to be very successful by the popular movie Catch Me If You Can.

For our Media studies project we are going be scripting, staring in and filming our own opening scene. The concept behind our scene is to basically use the technique of parallel edit to make three teenagers ,who are walking around Southbank, and a mysterious man clash. This results in the mysterious man dropping his bag in front of the teenagers and then them running away trying to get away.  Our genre of film is going to be a thriller, as this will add some mystery to the ambiance of the film and will keep the audience on their toes. The location where we are going to filming our opening scene will be in central London.


As a group we had a brain storm about where we should film our opening sequence. We had multiple ideas and choices about where the location will be, but one stuck out better then the rest of them. We chose to film it in central London, as there are many iconic landmarks that will stand out. Further more there is a bridge near the south bank in central London called Hungerford bridge, it is close to the London eye and the houses of parliament which also makes it closer and easier for our group to meet up and start filming due to the fact that we live near central London.


In the opening the props and costumes are going to a very important aspect. The costumes of the carters are going to be important, for example the mysterious man will be wearing a black suit so this will add a sense of mysteriousness of the character also the audients will know that he is one of the main characters. We are going to be three every day teenagers wearing casual clothing. We will also be using a bag which the mysteries man will be carrying his stolen goods, witch the teenagers later find when he disposes of it.


Pablo - Samuel.  Eliot-Antony - Also editor.  Jamie-Aiden - prop manager.  Uncle Pablo - John smith (mysteries man).  Jake - camera guy.  Jamie's brother Luke – Agent.