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Due date: Reflective report Monday, 19 March 2012, by 2pm.

You must print out and submit a hard copy. All submissions must be made to the assignment collection boxes at level 2, Block E. Please obtain an assessment cover form from Yoges/ Rena from the Divisional Office.

What to include in the reflective report?
-Learning log 1-5 (Read the IFA module booklet) -Summary of the business’ transactions -MYOB financial information (Ledger a/c, Trial Balance, Statement of Income & Balance Sheet/ Statement of Financial Position) -Reflective report (maximum 1,000 words)

Depth and breadth of thought given to the reflective report including: -Depth of reflection on development of skills during the year -What the student has learnt about their skills and themselves in writing this report .

How to write a reflective report .

.What is reflection? • It is a process of looking back on what you have learned. and thinking about how useful it is and how it can affect your future personal and career development.

does a future financial professional only need numeracy skills?” . • How important are IT skills for a future finance professional? • How important are the development and the understanding of numerical data skills to a future financial professional? • However. • “The skills you have been developing in the IFA module..In IFA your reflection is on.

– the bookkeeping test and preparing accounts manually – The MYOB project and preparing accounts using a computer package – What it means to be a professional .Your reflection is on… • Your learning during your first year at Taylor’s • And you should reflect on….

Why is it useful? • Relates what you are learning to what you already know and to your plans for the future – makes learning more meaningful .

Activity • Is it reflective or descriptive? .

Reflection in this module involves • Thinking about your learning during the year……. – What would be useful to you in your future career? – What did you find interesting? – What was not so interesting? – What skills do you feel you will need as a future professional? .

DURING and AFTER your learning experience .When does reflection work best? • When you think about what you are doing BEFORE.

Help with reflection • Think about the developing a professional framework .

Developing as a professional – lifelong process Business awareness Ethics and professionalism Personal effectiveness Professional judgement Technical and functional expertise Looking back on the 2011 term: what have you learnt in each of these areas? .

Not just learning a series of “topics”! Learning about accounting and whether it is “up to the job”: Achieving a degree involves • thinking about how each “topic” fits into a greater whole • understanding the underlying principles • critiquing the effectiveness of accounting .

Learning types • Take the attached quiz on the VARK questionnaire • What is your preferred learning style? • How may your learning style affect your experience of various modules? .

difficulties and confusions • How did you deal with any difficulties? • How might you have avoided a difficulty/confusion? .Writing about your feelings • Think about your learning during this year • Think about…… Issues.

How are you changing? • How are your ideas changing as the year progresses? • Complete the Perceptions of Accounting exercise…. • Do you feel that accounting is all about numbers? Why or why not • Has your view changed over the year? ..

Asking for feedback • Have I asked for feedback on my work? • How have you responded or made use of feedback received? .

html .uk/~rosbotto/general / asking yourself… • What am I learning? • Who and what is proving helpful? • What connections can be made to other areas of study? • How and where might I use my new knowledge and competence? • Source: http://userweb.

where I can use these skills? • Can I use the MYOB project to help me in a future job? .Examples • Bookkeeping skills – how will I use these skills? Have I applied for a job after the May 2012 exam. /reflect.Think about a learning episode • After the learning episode ask yourself… – – – – – What can I do better now? What surprised me? Who and what helped? What questions are to answered? What next? • Source: http://userweb.html .

. • I discussed it with a friend and…. .Starting points • • • • The most boring thing was… The most annoying thing was… The most intriguing thing was… One thing I learned today was about how other people act….

Remember • You should be writing about yourself and your journey through university – so it is very personal – it should contain your thoughts and feelings and not just be a descriptive answer to these questions .