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• Welspun as a group considers Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) an autonomous part of its being. • Believe in not only nurturing employees but also the society at large. • five E's : Enrichment of mind, Enrichment of body, Education, Empathy, Empowerment of Women • Welspun has taken initiatives to further the cause and continuously looks for other possibilities to make the difference.


over one thousand populations have been benefited by the CSR activities of Welspun .000 people received aids and appliances. • Served over 1500 people.ENRICHMENT OF BODY • Organised total six health and eye camps in the last seven months (July-January 08) in association with the local NGOs . Around 10 people availed of eye surgical facilities and over 1. • In all.Gram Panchayat & local hospitals.

Eye Camp at Vapi • Around 130 workers were benefitted from the camp organised on 16 December 08’. • Clinical conditions such as external eye infection. vision loss caused by nutritional deficiency and the incurably blind were examined. • Preliminary vision testing was performed by ophthalmic assistants by using vision charts (in the local language) and E type charts. • Patients who had problem with their vision were given ready-made spectacles at a discounted rate on the spot. .

L. In addition.G) were conducted free of cost.Health Camp at Vapi • On 12th October at Morai village. a free health camp was organised. Gynecologist.B.R.B. • Free medicines were aministered for common ailments.D. H. some essential medical test ( Urine Test. Pediatricians and Paramedical staff from Abhishyam Foundation provided free service to the beneficiaries. V. • Ophthalmologists. . • Around 150 mother and children were benefitted from the camp.

. Essential medical test (H.Matrusparsh Hospital. • Around 500 mothers and children from Versamedi Village and Welspun Colony were diagnosed for various ailments.. • The first of its kind camp in the locality where doctors from leading hospitals of Kutch District . • For common ailments and general restoratives like Iron and Folic Acid Tablets. R. V. G. Anjar. D.. Urine Test. Navjeevan Hospital. B. Vitamin tablets and syrup were distributed to the beneficiaries.) were also conducted for expecting mothers. Gujrat for mothers and children. L.Health Camp at Anjar • On 13 June 2008 a health camp was organised at Versamedi Village. • Each beneficiary was given a personal health card to keep abreast of their present status on health. Sneh Maternity Hospital. Kandla Port Trust Hospital and Indian Medical Association volunteered to offer their services..B.

• 402 eyes were provided free service in association with Princey Eye Care. Welspun organized two-day vision checking camp on 15 & 16 January at Mumbai.Vision Checking Camp at Mumbai • In pursuance of its commitment on employee welfare. • Patients who had problem with their vision were given spectacle frames / glasses at a deeply discounted rate. . • Preliminary vision testing was performed by the ophthalmic team using vision charts and E type charts.

we extend any help required to our employees. . • They hold Cancer detection camps as well • Have set up a gym at their plants which is accessible to all the employees. • In addition to the above amenities.Medical Camps • Apart from regular visits by Doctors. welspun continuously organize medical camps both. at all times when the need may arise. for women and men.

A post event discussion with the doctors revealed that the most common problem faced by mother is anemia. help them take necessary steps. The camp created health awareness among the local population where beneficiaries were informed. Dahej. • • .Health Camp at Dahej • • • • Organized a free Health Camp on 30 November 08’ in Vadadla Primary School. guided about their health status and administered free medicines. For common ailments and general restoratives like Iron and Folic Acid Tablets. and if need be. genitals and urine infection The most common problem faced by children are oral cavity dental and skin infection and malnourishment. Target group for the camp was mother and the child group. Vitamin tablets and syrup were distributed to the beneficiaries. The main purpose was to increase awareness amongst beneficiaries of the medical condition.

Blood donation camps • Welspun. who are unable to pay for their blood requirement. • Held in association with renowned Blood Banks and the blood collected from these campaigns are used for the economically backward sections of society which comprise of individuals belonging to a state of indigence. in its endeavour to help the underprivileged. There is active participation by our employees is in large numbers. • The Welspun family as a whole makes sincere efforts to donate blood on a regular basis and contribute back to the society. organizes Blood Donation Camps at various locations. . • It is also contributed to individuals suffering from Cancer and other critical diseases.

• User friendly library software is being developed and designed to meet the needs of the readers. .ENRICHMENT OF MIND • Workshops on Nutrition and Yoga • Relaxation and yoga audio and video collection to de-stress and re-energize are available at library resources. This endeavour also focuses upon accessing materials by electronic means. • Has started the drive in upgrading libraries across its facilities.

• Employees are taught easy steps that can be practiced at their work places as well. • Classes on nutrition are also held at all our plants. to derive the benefits of Yoga. .Workshops on Yoga and nutrition • Regularly conduct workshops on Nutrition and Yoga where by the benefits of the same are explained to all. These workshops have greatly helped in enhancing the lifestyles of most of our employees and their families.

EDUCATION • Welspun Vidya Mandir a school up to class 10. This involves granting aid to schools. acknowledging and rewarding meritorious students and an initiative called Welspun scholars. • Regular events are held at these institutions and children are encouraged to take up activities that significantly contribute to their over all growth and development • Also support various education initiatives at all levels. which is a pre-primary school for children • these schools are open not only to the children of the Welspun employees but also the children of the other local families. • Welspun Anganvadi . .

by supporting and encouraging the underprivileged sections of society in terms of education etc.Economically Backward Children • Welspun extends help to children who are incapable of looking after themselves. • Welspun makes for not just contributing to their cause but also communicating with these children on an ongoing basis so as to also receive constant updates on the progress achieved thus boosting their confidence .

• They not only provide employment to the orphans and others associated with the blind but also work towards a more enriching life for the visually impaired. whereby our employees feel touched and closer to the organization and the visually impaired receive proceeds that are utilized for life enriching purposes like education. training and over all stability. • Besides generous contributions to provide self esteem to the visually impaired we hand out products made by them to our employees on special occasions like birthdays etc. specifically girls. recreation.Visually Impaired Children • Welspun is closely associated with blind and visually impaired children. • Tied up with a Blind School and try to ensure that they make a difference to the lives of the visually blind. . even if in a diminutive way. • This is a mutually beneficial relationship.

we are supplying the institutes with facilities and man power to offer free computer classes.EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN Project “Kishori” • Understands the importance of being not only educated but also well versed with computers • As part of vocational training. • Organizes computer courses that are offered to working women who intend to apply for positions in both Government and non-government organizations. .

have participated and have trained for two to three hours daily.Project "Lijjat" • Programmes providing training in the art of papad making have been organized • Women of one hundred and forty eight Welspun families from a tiny village in Versamedi. • This project has provided vocational training and in turn has led to the women making a small amount of money that today makes a significant difference to their lives therefore empowering them. . Anjar. Gujarat.

campaign was launched in Mumbai. Naya Savera. • A little amount of care. . a handful of warmth and a heart full of love for a girl child can make a big difference. These overwhelming responses bolster our spirit to lead the initiatives in a long run.Naya Savera Campaign • Girl child is a cause close to heart in Welspun. • Around 35 employees took the pledge and adopted more than fifty girl child. • In this endeavour.

.ENVIRONMENT  Plantation of Jatropha • Welspun City. • planting thousands of saplings of the Jatropha tree • The Jatropha seeds have excellent oil content of 37% and the oil can be combusted as fuel for simple diesel engines. with a veritable forest of about 500. Kutch in the state of Gujarat • Welspun City is in the process of transforming itself to one of the largest green belts in the area. • The Jatropha plant is a drought resistant perennial and grows well in sandy and well-drained soil.000 trees. a 2500 acre township set up in the heart of the barren lands of Anjar.

thereby not only ensuring safety.ENVIRONMENT  Water Effluent Plant • We have set up a Water Effluent Plant at Welspun City at Anjar. • This plant recycles the water to be used for industrial and household purposes. . but further security for our employees and society at large.

An Inconvenient Truth by Nobel Laureate. • At the launch of the campaign. Al Gore was screened at Head Office besides our plants at Anjar and Vapi. Mr. • The movie presents an eye opening and compelling view of the future of the planet and the civilization. • Encouraged us to undertake more activities under the banner of 'Energy Saved is Energy Produced'. the hard-hitting movie. a month-long campaign on Energy Conservation was launched on 26th July 2008 •The campaign focuses on generating energy-saving habits among each and every Welspunite. .ENVIRONMENT  Campaign on Energy Conservation •Energy Saved is Energy Produced. A wake-up call that cuts through myths and misconceptions to deliver the message that global warming is real and present danger.

• Effective understanding. • By helping others. we help ourselves to grow. communication and relationships are essential to develop solutions and avoiding or diffusing conflict. orphanage children etc. Right to Information Act. • In this regard from the CSR front we have worked with several NGOs and helped to promote the social cause like. Legal Rights for Women. Differently-able. .EMPATHY • Welspun consider empathy as a salient component in our activities.

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