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It is great pleasure to present this report on the project title “Unemployment” undertaken by me as part of my Diploma In Library Science curriculum. I am thankful to my Institute for offering me such a wonderful challenging opportunity and I express my deepest thanks to all , for providing all the possible help and assistance and their constant encouragement. I would like thanking my project Guide for his comments and suggestions that have been helpful in developing this project. Thanks for all over completion of this project. It is with great sense of satisfaction that I present my real venture in practical computing in the form of project work. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all who assisted me during this project.

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 Content  Unemployment  Its Types  State wise Analysis  Estimated Population  Urban Educated Face Rising Unemployment  Important Facts  Cause Of Unemployment  How to Remove  Bibliography .

Unemployment is defined as a situation where some one of working age (1559)is not able to get a job but would like to be in full time employment. .


. When the economy is in its boom phase. unemployment rate rises. there is a reduction in the unemployment. when is passes through the recessionary phase. Conversely. This type of unemployment is consistent with the trade cycle.

Technological progress may make an industry capital intensive from a purely labor intensive one. The release in labor from such an industry gives rise to the problem of unemployment. Structural employment occurs due to a change in the composition of some industries. .

 This is when people are unable to work because there are sufficient jobs are available in an economy.. . Involuntary unemployment says that people are unemployed for a lack of aggregate demand. during a great depression. For example.

. This is a type of unemployment that occurs when those who are able and willing to contribute economy’s production of a country but prefer not to produce.

He has lost one job and is searching for the other. . Frictional unemployment occurs when an individual is between two jobs. i.e.

are Uttaranchal and Chhattisgarh.5% and 0.4%.0. respectively.A state-wise analysis of the trend reveals states such as Goa have the highest unemployment rates of 11.8%.  While on the other hand states which enjoy the lowest unemployment rates. . followed by Kerala at 9.1%.

According to the figure the population of the India is 1182 million with 63. Out of the total population. Of the states\UTs coverded.872 million persons(73. not everyone who is in the working age is interested in joining the work force.2%) live in urban areas .8%) live in rural areas and 310 million persons (26. however. so the worker population ratio is much lower.5% in the working age of 15-59 years.


in the range of 30-70%. Within this category the largest chunk comes from Urban India. unemployment rates are much higher among educated individuals. Self employment is high in less developed states. depending on states. . The proportion of self employment goes. At present the nature of unemployment in India is changing. Today.

there are 9. where as for females the unemployment rate is 14.4% means that out of those 359 persons per thousand. the unemployment rates is 8%.1% in rural areas and 7.4%. On the basis of labor force unemployment is 9.  The unemployment rates of 9.4% or about 40 million who were unemployed. it is split out as 10. or 424 million people.  For males.3% in Urban areas.3% . The rural unemployment rate is 10.1 and the Urban unemployment rate stand 7.6%.

Land is very limited in comparison to population. the land is not sufficient for the growing population. the population is increasing rapidly. therefore. In India. It creates the unemployment situation for a large number of persons who depend on agriculture in rural areas. particularly rural areas. Limited land: Land is constant and cannot expand like population growth since. It has adversely affected the unemployment situation as. the growth of population directly encouraged the unemployment by making large edition to labor force. India population increasing rapidly. .  Rapid population growth: It is the leading cause of unemployment in rural India.

people are fully employed and the period between the post harvest and before the next sowing they remain unemployed. Now a days.Seasonal agriculture: Agriculture in India is basically a seasonal affair it provides employment facilities to the rural peoples only in the particular season of the year for example. during the sowing and harvesting period. these are adversely affected by the industrialization process it is found that they cannot compete with modern factories in matter of production as the result . the people who work the cottage industries remain unemployed.  Decline of cottage industries: In rural India.  . village of cottage industries are the only mans of employment particularly of the landless people.

 Defective education: The present educational system is not job oriented. the people who have getting general education are unable to do any work. . It leads to unemployment as well as under employment. it is degree oriented. Thus. It is defective on the ground that is more general then the vocational. They are to be called as good for nothing in the ground that they cannot have any job here.

Proper education should be imparted to the younger men who will be in position to start certain cottage and small scale industries of their own choice especially at village level. Unless this problem is not checked.  Re-orientation of Education System: There must be vocationalisation of education.  .Population control: There is no second opinion to say that population in India is rising at a very high speed. the problem of unemployment cannot be solved properly.

remedy lies in stepping up industrial efficiency. It means that the expansion of existing and the development of new industries are urgently required. They should be provided liberal loans. small scale industries should be given top priority. This has created the problem of over crowdedness and urbanization. •Encouragement to Small Enterprises: To provide the opportunity for self employment. power general and atomic etc should be setup. it is advisable to encourage industries around small towns preferably according to the local environment . Under these circumstances.•Rapid Industrialization: To solve the problem of industrial unemployment. chemical. raw material training facilities and infrastructure and market facilities etc •Decentralization: Experience shows that lack of gainful opportunity of employment in villages and small towns has led to the migration of people to metropolitan cities in search of alternative jobs. Some basic industries like iron and steel industries. defense.

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