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Warren Havens Et Al Response FCC Judge Sippel, 11-71
On Positive Train Control leveraged into Advanced Railroad Wireless, and ARW spectrum
komå nú griðastaðir - a vimeo, commons.pdf
FCC Sanctions Order Re Warren Havens - FCC backtracks and concedes only had a rule that by "implication justified" its action, which is no rule at all.
Skybridge, Havens Et Al v Maritime, Mobex Et Al, Third Amended Complaint, NJ US District Court, Sherman Act 1- FCC Licensees Case
LTE for M-LMS 900 MHz for Intelligent Transportation Systems. N.D. Tripathi. Aug 2012.
Progeny LMS, LLC, Waiver of Two Multilateration LMS Rules - SkyTel Comments on Progeny Test Report- Technical Evaluation
Progeny LMS, LLC, Waiver of Two Multilateration LMS Rules - SkyTel Comments on Progeny Test Report
Havens v Mobex. 2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 148654
Uni. Penna. 2011 Paper on Serious Architecture Security Defects in APCO 25 Radio Systems
Skybridge Spectrum Foundation
Havens Response, FCC 11-116
R-GPS (Robust GPS), Enhancing GPS Accuracy and Security Using DSRC, V. Ekambaram k. Ramchandran (Uc Berkeley)
Telesaurus v Power, Reply in Petition for Cert to US Supreme Court, FCC Sec 332 Preemption
Meteor Burst Communications Equipment Providers. SkyTel Compilation. June 2011, V1
Meteor Burst Communications, Chile Navigation Stations and Buoys
Meteor Burst Communications, US Network Brocure (Not Current, But SkyTel Plans Next-gen US+ Networks)
55-2 [MCLM Motion, Attachment, Calabrese Declaration)
US Patent, Meteor Burst Comm Nationwide, With Mobile Positioning
US Supreme Court Call for Response, In Telesaurus v. Power
Passive Radar Low Frequency Array, Including 30 MHz, For Meteor Trail and Other Detection
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