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P. 1
Question Paper A1

Question Paper A1

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Published by govtjobsdaily
For All Exam Papers visit http://www.govtjobsdaily.com
For All Exam Papers visit http://www.govtjobsdaily.com

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Published by: govtjobsdaily on Aug 26, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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WP@]^JFD CGDH BFS O@,J!]JKDGI* ^F ]@!]JKDGI* @QGLJDG^JFD!]pco`m~jr` Wp`}~jfd}*
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W3>? Ui`g}` ij}~ ~a` dgl`} fb ~a` mfd}~j~p`d~ ugs~} fb g @i`m~sjmgi I`r`s Ifmhgdn j~}bpdm~jfdjdk$W30?? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz Jdnjmg~jfd Ifmhjdk gdn ^sgmh Ifmhjdk gdn fd{ajma i`r`s}~a`}` gs` c`jdk p}`n6W32? @quigjd ~a` {fshjdk fb ]dpccjdk Mjsmpj~ jd Ufjd~ lgmajd` fu`sg~jfdp}jdk =,{js`mfd~sfi$W3;? [ag~ j} ~a` mfdm`u~ fb Msf}} usf~`m~jfd jd }jkdgiijdk mjsmpj~}6 Ui`g}``quigjd$W31? @quigjd ~a` {fshjdk fb >,{js` ufjd~ n`~`m~jfd mjsmpj~ p}jdk mjsmpj~njgksgl$W3:? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz }pu`s jluf}`n n`~`m~jfd fb ufjd~}6 G} u`s ~a`ig~`}~njs`m~jr`} fb Sgji{gz Cfgsn) j} j~ }pkk`}~`n ~f p}` ~aj} gssgdk`l`d~6W=5? [sj~` nf{d ~a` k`d`sgi b`g~ps`} fb JS] Sf~gsz ^zu` ufjd~ lgmajd`} {j~a7>= ll}~sfh`$W=7? @quigjd ~a` {fshjdk fb Ufjd~ fu`sg~jfd mjsmpj~ p}jdk ]j`l`d} Ufjd~Mfd~gm~fs pdj~ jdgd `i`m~sfl`magdjmgi jd}~giig~jfd$W=3? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz SA] gdn IA] ~psdfp~}6 Mgd {` p}` ~a` }gl`~zu` fb Ufjd~lgmajd` !JS] Sf~gsz ~zu`* bfs cf~a ~a` ~psdfp~}6 Ui`g}` `quigjd$W==? Mflugs` njbb`s`d~ ~zu`} fb mfdr`d~jfdgi }jkdgi iglu}$W=>?? [ag~ gs` ~a` njbb`s`d~ ~zu`} fb @MS} c`jdk p}`n {j~a mfdr`d~jfdgi}jkdgi iglu}6W=0? [ag~ gs` ^sjui` Ufi` iglu}6 N`}msjc` ~a`js l`sj~} fr`s Nfpci` ufi`iglu}$W=2? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz A,^zu`) J,^zu` gdn I,^zu` }jkdgi ~sgd}bfsl`s}gifdk,{j~a~a`js p}`}6=W=;? [ag~ j} G}u`m~ Mfd~sfi gdn G}u`m~ Mfd~sfi mjsmpj~}6 Nsg{ gd g}u`m~mfd~sfi mjsmpj~bfs gd jdd`s nj}~gd~ }jkdgi jd Nfpci` Nj}~gd~ }jkdgiijdk ~`ssj~fsz$W=1? [ag~ j} mg}mgnjdk fb }jkdgi g}u`m~}6 @quigjd {j~a }pj~gci` mjsmpj~njgksgl$W=:? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz S`n Iglu Usf~`m~jfd6 @qugijd {j~a }pj~gci`njgksgl}$W>5? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz Mp~~jdk jd Gssgdk`l`d~ jd }jkdgiijdk mjsmpj~} gdns`g}fd bfsj~} p}`6W>7? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz ’Njs`m~ B``njdk“) ’Ifmgi B``njdk“ gdn ’S`lf~`B``njdk“ fb }jkdgi}6 @quigjd$W>3? N`}msjc` ~a` gnrgd~gk`} fb I@N }jkdgi Iglu} fr`s mfdr`d~jfdgi }jkdgiiglu}$W>=? [ag~ gs` ~a` rgsjfp} URM }jkdgi mgci`} p}`n jd Sgji{gz }jkdgiijdk jd]@MS6 Gs`~a`z }ms``d`n fd` fs df~6W>>? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz mgci` l`kk`sjdk6 Ui`g}` `quigjd$
W>0? [ag~ j} @i`m~sjm ]jkdgi S`r`s}`s6 Ij}~ njbb`s`d~ ~zu`} fb @i`m~sjm ]jkdgiS`r`s}`s}c`jdk p}`n fr`s Jdnjgd Sgji{gz}$W>2? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz @H^6 N`}msjc` ~a` {fshjdk fb @H^$W>;? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz ^]) ^]]) BU) ]U " ]]U6 Ui`g}` `quigjd$W>1? [ag~ gs` ~a` `bb`m~} fb S@ jd }jkdgiijdk6W>:? Ij}~ ~a` dgl`} fb rgsjfp} ~zu`} fb Cifmh Jd}~spl`d~} c`jdk p}`n jd}~g~jfd} fd]jdki`&Nfpci` ijd` gdn S@&Dfd,S@ gs`g$ [ag~ }u`mjgi b`g~ps` j} jdmfsufsg~`njd ~a`cifmh jd}~spl`d~} l`gd~ bfs p}` jd S@ gs`g6W05? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz lgqjlpl i`dk~a fb ugsgii`ij}l jd Sgji{gz]jkdgiijdk fr`sS@ gs`g6 @quigjd$W07? [az ~a` s`u`g~`s s`igz} fb ~sgmh S`igz} gs` lgn` ]if{ ^f Ujmh,pu gdn{j~a {ag~~jl` n`igz gdn {az6 @quigjd$W03? [ag~ gs` ~a` s`g}fd} c`ajdn p}jdk rgsjfp} ~sgm~jfd cfdn} jd ^sgmhMjsmpj~} fr`sS@ gs`g6W0=? [ag~ gssgdk`l`d~}&magdk`} gs` s`wpjs`n ~f c` mgssj`n fp~ jd ~a` NM~sgmh mjsmpj~}c`jdk p}`n jd S@ gs`g {$s$~$ Dfd,S@ gs`g6W0>? [ag~ gs` ~a` `bb`m~} fb S@ jd }jkdgiijdk mjsmpj~} gdn af{ gs` ~a`zljdjlj}`n6W00? Ij}~ ~a` rgsjfp} ~zu`} fb Sfp~` jdnjmg~fs} p}`n jd Sgji{gz ]jkdgiijdk gdn{ajma~zu` j} c`jdk mfllfdiz p}`n jd Jdnjgd Sgji{gz}6W02? [ag~ gs` ~a` j~`l} {ajma gs` c`jdk p}`n ~f jdms`g}` ~a` i`dk~a fb g NM~sgmhmjsmpj~ jd S@ gs`g6 [ag~ gs` ~a` lgqjlpl u`slj}}jci` i`dk~a fb ~sgmh mjsmpj~}jd ]jdki`gdn Nfpci` ijd` }`m~jfd fd S@ gs`g6W0;? [ag~ gs` ~a` lgqjlpl u`slj}}jci` nj}~gdm`} bfs njs`m~ b``njdk fb }jkdgi} fd]jdki` gdn Nfpci` ijd` }`m~jfd jd S@ gs`g6>W01? [ag~ gs` ~a` rgsjfp} l`gd} fb }puus`}}jdk ~a` rgip` fb jdnpm`nrfi~gk`} g~ ~a`}fpsm` fb 30 hR ~sgm~jfd6 @quigjd$W0:? Nsg{ g }h`~ma }af{jdk ~a` gssgdk`l`d~ fb uf{`s }puuiz) d`p~sgi}`m~jfd b``njdkuf}~) }`m~jfdjdk " }pc }`m~jfdjdk uf}~}$W25? Nsg{ gdn `quigjd ~a` ]~g~` ^sgd}j~jfd njgksgl bfs ~a` {fshjdk fb Gqi`Mfpd~`s$W27? [ag~ gs` ~a` njbb`s`d~ mfd}~j~p`d~ ugs~} fb gd gqi` mfpd~`s6W23? [ag~ j} ^sfii`z ]puus`}}jfd ^sgmh mjsmpj~6 [az j} j~ d`m`}}gsz jd Gqi`mfpd~`s6W2=? [ag~ gs` guusfgma ifmhjdk) cgmh ifmhjdk gdn n`gn guusfgma ifmhjdk jd`i`m~sjmgi}jkdgiijdk6 @quigjd {j~a }pj~gci` `qglui`} p}jdk }h`~ma`}$W2>? [ag~ nf zfp l`gd cz ]`m~jfdgi sfp~` s`i`g}` jd `i`m~sjmgi }jkdgiijdk6@quigjd {j~a}pj~gci` `qglui` p}jdk }h`~ma`}$

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