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VFN Message to Libertarians #1

VFN Message to Libertarians #1

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An anarchist message to Libertarians
An anarchist message to Libertarians

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Mark Van Gelder (icarus) on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Libertarians:
We are anarchists, and we love you. We love your pushto social liberalism and fiscal conservatism. We love your beliefs in limited government. We still think we can dobetter than that.
Libertarianism vs. Anarchism
First, we must discuss the difference betweenlibertarianism and anarchism. Traditional libertarianism isanother name for Anarchism. American-stylelibertarianism is the belief that a limited governmentworks best, but still necessary. Anarchism is the belief that all governments, no matter how small, still exists onsome amount of violence and theft and is therefore
illegitimate. This is not to say that anarchists don’t want
rules or boundaries for people in their interaction withothers. The opposite is true. Anarchists want a humanitybased on free association, non-violence, and true liberty.
But Don’t You Guys Throw Bombs?
Not at all. This is a false media stereotype of anarchists.Unfortunately, this idea has found its way into themainstream after the actions of a few self-proclaimed
“anarchists” in the early 20
century. The stereotypecontinues in modern because our message is dangerousto the existing power system. During the recent protests,more than one action has been linked to undercover policemen acting as agent provocateurs. Even the plansof the so-
called “Cincinatti 5” to blow up a bridge was
concocted and run by an FBI agent working undercover.Most anarchists just want to live peacefully with the rest
of humanity. Real anarchists don’t th
row bombs.
The Non-Aggression Principle
The Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) is the belief that noperson has the right to initiate violence on any other person, regardless of the situation. This is the principlewhich drives most libertarian thought.Unfortunately, Libertarians tend to build an exemption for those in the government. Most Libertarians accept that
some kind of theft or violence is a “necessary evil” to
prevent violence and theft. As anarchists, we are pushingfor people to understand the NAP and help apply it at alllevels of society. The only way we can do that is byabolishing governments.
Government is such a great idea, it’s mandatory.
What is Voluntaryism?
Voluntaryism is another term for anarchism. It is aphilosophy which states that all human interaction mustbe free, voluntary, and free from coercion. Governmentsinherently violate this idea by stealing from peoplethrough use of taxation. Taxation is a coercive enterprise.It uses the threat of violence to make people give themmoney. It is inherently violent. If you refuse to give themwhat you have earned, they threaten you with violenceand kidnapping to get you to pay up.
“Experience shows that if something is going to go really 
wrong, predictably waste your time, annoy you and attack your dignity, and finally just prove to be totally ineffective
at accomplishing the task, there’s a good chance that it involves the government.” 
 -Jeffrey Tucker, Anarcho-Capitalist 
Non-Politics is the Future of Politics
 As libertarians, you understand that the smallest possiblegovernment is ideal. This is philosophy as known asminarchism (minimal government). As anarchists, webelieve that coercion and aggression are not allowed byanybody.That includes the government. As libertarians, you mayor may support the concept of government. If you do, weare going to explain why libertarianism is the future. Andwhy anarchism will be the future after that. Anarchistsand American
style libertarianism are very close. Anarchists believe that self-defense can be self-managed. Instead of viewing everybody in a collective
known as “American,” “liberal,” “conservative,” “Hindu,”
  All people deserve the chance to live a healthy,productive life. The only way we can ensure that chanceis by creating an equal playing field, in which nobody hasspecial privileges, special rules, and a monopoly over anything.By having a government, we have created a systemwhich, while formed with almost the best intentions, hasbecome the most authoritarian system on earth: not justover its own people, but over every other person onearth. That is why the concept of the US as a world policeis dangerous and laughable. To withhold our consent in anon-violent way is by using gray and black markets, theonly truly free markets on earth. ANARCHY. AGORA. ACTION.

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