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Cooking Taoshobuddha Way - Herbs and Spices

Cooking Taoshobuddha Way - Herbs and Spices

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Published by Taoshobuddha

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Published by: Taoshobuddha on Oct 11, 2012
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Cooking lovinglyAndMeditatively
Cooking Taoshobuddha Way
Herbs and Spices
All great recipes begin with pure and hygienic spices that are rich in flavor andtaste. My effort has been in search for the best and nutritious ingredients in orderto create quality Indian Cuisines. The pursuit for premium taste was achievedonly by using the purest and finest spices and herbs and blends through
blend of spices in various combinations.There are six basic emotions or inner functioning often referred to as demonicvices when these are not purified. These are kaama (sex - desire), krodha(anger), lobha (greed), moha (passion or attachment), mada (ego) and matsarya(jealousy). You may wonder what the relation between these emotions and spicesis. Certainly there is subtle relation between the two. Each of these emotionsaggravates a particular physical and psychological condition. These manifest atthe body-mind level as disease of a simple or complex type. When theseemotions are sanctified then the fragrance of the being manifests as awareness,bliss and harmony. And each spice or the herb acts as the antidote for one or agroup of these emotions. Therefore Herbs and spices form an importantingredient of our daily life. Each herb and spice has certain medicinal qualities aswell. Therefore from early part of human civilization herbs and spices have beengrown, harvested, traded and consumed both as medicine and as part of culinarydelights. Such has been the understanding of the ancient sages and the masters.Out of this awareness emerged the special blend of combining these spices andherbs as integral part of day to day life and living.The earliest mention of these herbs and spices we trace in Hindu scriptures likeRamayana, and Vedas.
is entirely dedicated to the sacredknowledge of these herbs and spices. Still one can find traces in
, and
Chakra Samhitas
. These are replete with description and thecurative properties of these herbs and spices. Some of those mentioned in these
Cooking Taoshobuddha Way
Herbs and Spices
scriptures are not found in India. However blending of cultures and migrationexposed humanity to more than 500 different herbs. Chinese have introducednearly 1000 herbs whose descriptions date back to 2500 BC. And suchdescription is found in
Yellow Emperor 
.Hippocrates, a Greek Physician, who is the father of modern medicine, has alsolisted hundreds of herbal varieties, all taken together bear ample testimony tothe significance and importance of the use of herbs as cure for ailments.As man evolved his ingenuity allowed him to explore all that nature has intreasure. In the old days herbs were collected from the forests, hill tops, plains,and river
beds as these grew there. But there was no organized effort to growthese. These herbs were used both for medicinal purpose as well as to as flavorsand delight to cooking.Almost all the civilizations and culinary styles use herbs and spices to varyingdegrees. However Indians have used these herbs and spices morecomprehensively than any other civilization. Each herb has flavor, medicinalqualities and tastes. However when these are used as combinationcomplementing one another the value of such combination is enhancedmanifolds. Besides Indians no other culinary styles has explored thesecombinations so extensively.I admire the ingenuity in creating special combination for special vegetables andmeats. And in doing so many factors were also taken into account so that theparticular dish becomes not only tasty instead easily digestible as well. It is allbecause of special blends created for these dishes. In the subsequent pages I willspeak of certain basics about these blends. Use of these herbs and spicesindividually or as combination not only provide nutrition instead enhances thetaste of the dishes thus prepared.Herbs is the leafy part of the plant while herb is the stem and root part of a tree.All the parts are used in cooking and medicinal purposes.Spices can be classified in four categories:

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