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Chapter 10-Europe in the Middle Ages

Chapter 10-Europe in the Middle Ages

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Published by: Jonathan Daniel Keck on Oct 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Europe in the Middle Ages,1000-1500
Peasants, Trade, andCitiesChristianity andMedieval CivilizationThe Culture of theHigh Middle AgesThe Late Middle Ages
Peasants, Trade, and Cities
Objectives:1. Discuss the new farmingpractices, the growth of trade, and the rise of citiesthat created a flourishingEuropean society2. Explain how the revivalof trade and thedevelopment of a moneyeconomy offered newopportunities for people
The New Agriculture
Europeexperienced adramaticpopulationincreaseFrom 1000 to1300, thepopulation raisedfrom 38 million to74 millionCauses:conditions were moresettled and peacefulA dramatic expansionof food productionan improved climateNew lands emerged:trees cut and swampsdrainedChanges in technology:New ways of harnessing thepower of water and windIron was used to makes scythes,axes, hoes, hammers, nails*
a heavy, wheeled plowwith an iron plowshareA new horse collar
The development of horseshoes made iteasier for horses to pullheavy loadsA shift from a two-fieldto a three-field systemof crop rotationfall, spring, and fallowfields

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