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Kimberley Chronicle Issue #19

Kimberley Chronicle Issue #19

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Published by Wade Jarvis
The story of the Marysville Dairy.
The story of the Marysville Dairy.

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Published by: Wade Jarvis on Nov 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kimberley Chronicle
Volume 19 Monday November 19 kimberleychronicle@gmail.com
Your Biweekly Source for Kimberley’s Past, Present & Future 
Angus Hay, his sons Billy and Angus Jr and the milking sta posing in ront o the brand new barn.
Photo courtesy of the Kimberley Heritage Museum.
 Milk From Marysville 
 Welcome to our nineteenth issue. We hope nobody was oended with last issue’s headline so closeto Remembrance Day. We at Kimberley Chronicle thought that it was noteworthy that Hitler may have seen a Nitros game, however we in no way think that anything Hitler did was appropriate. Wehad hoped that Ghandi or Jesus had seen a Nitros game but we could nd no proo to substantiatethat claim. Just to be clear Hitler was a bad dude and we are very thankul or all those that helpedstop that angry little German. Tis issue’s topic is o a lighter note, one that is near and dear to mysel.Having milked a Jersey by hand beore school as a child and working on larger dairy arms throughoutmy teenage years, I have a warm spot in my heart or most things milk-related. So it gave me muchpleasure to nd out that there used to be a dairy arm within 200 m o the Kimberley Chronicle ofce. We love hearing rom eedback rom our readers, questions, comments or rants can be directed to kim-berleychronicle@gmail.com. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, we are in the process o addingdigital copies o back issues to that site. imes were tough in Marysville101 years ago. Te smelter hadrecently shut down and work  was scarce. Ben Keer was orcedto nd work at the Lucky Boy Mine in Lardeau (North End o Kootenay Lake). He would re-ligiously send money home orhis wie Laura and their youngamily. Laura, at some pointdecided to buy two calves, andthus started the rst dairy armin Marysville. Ben eventually moved back home and ran thearm with his amily. He wouldsell the arm to Te Consolidat-ed Mining and Smelting Com-pany o Canada (C.M.&S.) in1925. Te company would goon to build barns, silos, bunk-houses and cookhouses or thesta, and a home or the man-ager o the arm.
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Kimberley Chronicle
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Angus Hay took over as manager o the arm in 1927 havingbeen the District Agriculturalist in Cranbrook prior to movingto Marysville. He organized a raucous community barn dancewhen they erected a new barn in 1930. On a trip to Quebeche bought a show herd o 20 Ayrshire cattle that were the mostprized dairy cows in the East Kootenays. Te Lord and Lady Stairs o Scotland paid them a visit when they were in town.Te company had their own vetenarian on sta to look aerboth the dairy herd as well as the hundreds o pigs they raised.Te pigs were ed scraps rom the company cookhouses inMarysville, Kimberley & Chapman Camp. Te company wasselling milk to residents at 10 cents a quart delivered to theirdoorstep.When the depression hit in 1931, the company decided to sello the show herd and Dave Suttie would take over as arm man-ager in 1932 until 1948. In that time the dairy herd went rom50 to 70 head and was the biggest herd in the area. In 1943the company ooaded the delivery portion o the business toStewart McLure who would also go on to build a state-o-the-art dariy processing acility in Kimberley that would pasteurizeand bottle milk rom ve dairy arms in the area.In 1944 disaster struck. A re broke out and enguled all o thebarns. Tankully the herd was saved rom the blaze but thecattle had to be milked outdoors until new barns were built.Any miner that had ever milked a cow was assigned to this task until the new barn was built that all. A month aer that reone o the employees moved to another dairy arm that alsoburnt down. Finally aer 15 res the arsonist was caught andhe conessed to the destruction that he had caused.Te arm as well as the processing acility changed hands a ew more times and eventually George Roberts baught the armin 1951 which by now consisted 125 head o cattle. In 1957George died in a car accident and the last remaining barn burntdown that same year.For 45 years Kimberley was sel-sufcient in regards to dairy products, a ne testament to the hard-working nature o ouroreathers.
Tanks to Willa McLure and her wonderful book Memories of Marysville.
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 rivia & Puzzles
1) What local landmark is named ater Ben Keer the dairy armer?2) What is the average milk production per Canadian coper year?3) How many dairy cows are there in Canada?4) How much does the average dairy cow drink every day?5) What local landmark is named ater Laura Keer, the rstdairy armer in Marysville?6) 7) 8)9) 10) 11)
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Cows and Politics Explained
A SOCIALIS: You have two cows. Te government takes one and givesit to your neighbor.AN AMERICAN REPUBLICAN: You have two cows. Your neighbor hasnone. So what?A COMMUNIS: You have two cows. Te government seizes both andprovides you with milk.CAPIALISM: You have two cows. You sell one, buy a bull, and build aherd o cows.A FRENCH CORPORAION: You have two cows. You go on strike be-cause you want three cows.

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