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Celebrate! 2012

Celebrate! 2012

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Published by: Messenger Post Media on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   P   R   S   R   T .   S   T   D .    U .   S .   P   O   S   T   A   G   E
    P     A  I     D
    M   E   S   S   E   N   G   E   R   P   O   S   T    N   E    W   S   P   A   P   E   R   S   1   4   6   9   2
December 2012
 Add a dash of sparkle to your holidays.
celebate! add a das of spakle to you olidays • decembe 2012 • page 2
Friday, December 14Saturday, December 15Sunday, December 163:00 pm each day 
Cilde $10
Seios $16 • Adults $18
School o the Arts45 Prince Street, Rochester
Flwer Ct Ballet Presents Tchakvsk’s 
 November 30-December 16: Fridays 5-8:30 pm, Saturdays1:30-7:45 pm, Sundays 1:30-7:30 pm, Bufet each day 4-8:30 pm
Te istoic village will be all aglow wit festivelydecoated omes—ejoy eeactmets of Yuletides past, sig alog to joyful oliday sogs,deligt i mey music, catc te ligeig aomaof wood smoke i te cisp, spaklig ai, savo aefesig dik ad step to a lively tue—wileejoyig favoite Cistmas customs. Deligt ia buet suppe featuig festive dises, soup,salad, plus a sumptuous spead of mout-wateig dessets.
Bufet is open rom 4:00 to 8:00 pm. Reservations required. Call (585) 538-6822.Genesee Country Village & Museum, 1410 Flint Hill Road, in Mumord.
Yuletide in the Country
The Cookie Exchange
Saturdays& Sunday, December 8 & 9, 2:00-4:00pm.
Holiday cookies are a specialpart o the season and it’s un to try
ew ecipes tat become a favoite. If you’e tied of tyig to make cookiesaloe at ome o ae boed wit tesame ecipes, come ad make temwit fieds i ou kitce. You maybe familia wit some of te ecipes, ad otes may be ew. Goups of two willmake a dieet cookie to sae, ad wat we do’t eat duig class, you catake ome ad ejoy wit family ad fieds. Let’s get ito te oliday spiitbakig togete. $45.
New York Wine & Culinary Center,
800 South Main Street inCanandaigua, (585) 394-7070
Holiday Hors d’Oeuvres
December 14, 2:00-4:00pm and December 6:00-8:00pm.
Tis class will demostate te way to use fudametal cookigmetods to pepae os d’oeuves aead ad is tem as te guests aeaivig. Ty caapes fom cicke, s ad vegetables ad lled pastiesseved ot wit sauces so simple ayoe ca make tem. Make you olidayetetaiig easie ad lea some geat ideas adteciques. Te goup will make a vaiety of ot ad
cold hors d’oeuvres and at the end o class we’ll set
a buet fo eveyoe to ejoy. Te pesetatio is just as impotat as avo ad we’ll cocetate ouique ad simple pesetatios tat will “wow” youguests. $50.
New York Wine & Culinary Center,
800South Main Street in Canandaigua, (585) 394-7070
Cooking & Baking CLASSES
celebate! add a das of spakle to you olidays • decembe 2012 • page 3
“We’ve doe ve Geva sows, fouave bee Cistmas sows, ad tis is
our third
Christmas Carol 
,” says DebbieMuelle, te cilde’s mote. “Teeae so may tigs we ejoy. Te woleexpeiece of doig a oliday poductiois wodeful.”
Mueller and her husband Jef, have seven
cilde ages 15 mots to 14 yeas. Tisyea daugte Ei, 6, plays Tiy Tim,daugte Mega 10, ad so Kyle 11,also ave oles i te sow. DaugteLaue, 13, is assistat to te diecto.Geva as bee poducig
 A ChristmasCarol 
sice 1986, ad tis is te tid
year o the adaptation by Mark Cuddy,
wit a specially composed musicscoe by Gegg Co. Te Cistmas
classic produced at Geva has all o the
essetial elemets icludig Scoogebeig visited by spiits wo elpim udestad te tue meaig of Cistmas. Complete wit te Fezziwigs,te Catcits, ad moe, tis magicalpoductio icopoates some of teewest stage tecology alog wit aspecial goup of actos wo wam te
audience’s hearts.
“A majoity of te cast ave bee ivolvedwit it sice te pemiee i 2010, so fotem, it is vey muc like a omecomigad spedig te olidays wit family,”says Daw Kellogg, CommuicatiosMaage, Geva Teate Cete. “Ad weave ove a doze cilde, all local kidsi tis sow.”Accodig to Muelle, e cilde love coectig wit ote actos adbeig i te Geva eviomet evey day. Se says tey become vey close,vey quickly, ad become tei ow little family. “Te kids look fowad toauditioig ad evey yea ope tey get a pat ad te tey make veygood fieds wo tey keep fo may yeas,” se says.But Muelle also believes it is a geat educatioal oppotuity fo e cilde.It is’t just a social oppotuity, but a leaig expeiece tat puses temto kow wat it meas to take esposibility, lea about commitmet, toemembe lies ad sogs, beig o time ad i te igt place at te igttime. “Tey do miss scool, tee ae actually eigt o ie days of all-dayeeasals,” says Muelle. “Te sows u late i te eveigs so tey ae oftelate to scool te ext day. Sometimes we ae’t ome util 11pm ad by tetime tey wid dow it’s afte midigt.”But se says te cilde do ot seem to be pased by it, ad welcome te
opportunity to be part o the production. They each play several diferent
oles i te sow ad switc costumes fequetly. “Tey love te costumecages. Tey ave vey elaboate costumes, ad ae costatly switcigfom costume to costume. I tis sowtee ae o beaks. It is costatmotio fo tem,” Muelle says.But it’s also costat motio fo tepaets i a dieet way. Kellogg sayste commitmet paets make is uge
or a production like this. She says it
is amazig to watc paets bigtei cilde to ad fom eeasals,
ensure they are there or the shows,
elp capeoe, ad make suc atemedous eot, especially aoudte olidays. “It’s a lifestyle almost. Weae i Geva-mode ad we we aei tat tee eally is otig else. It’sevey day,” says Muelle. “People kow
and understand that our lives revolve
aoud it fo two mots solid.”Ad eve toug tee is o fee time,
they love it. Mueller works hard withthe schools to help children catch up
ad make up missed wok. Sometimesit is callegig as tee ae ote
responsibilities and what she calls
“Cistmas coict.” Ote activities mayovelap, like oliday cocets ad familygateigs ad evets tougout te
holiday season.
“Te wole tig is amazig to me,”Muelle says. “We do about 21 sowsad te st time I was socked adweepy we it was ove. It takes a fewweeks to get out of Geva-mode.”
Geva Theatre Center is Rochester’s
leadig pofessioal teate, eowedatiowide fo its outstadig live poductios icludig classics, musicals,comedies ad damas. It attacts moe ta 180,000 patos aually.
 AChristmas Carol 
is te oly poductio Geva bigs back eac yea, adaccodig to Kellogg, te ouse is usually full fo eac sow. “Te commuityloves te taditio,” says Kellogg. “As I talk to people aoud te commuity,may tell me ow tey big tei family evey oliday seaso makig it patof tei aual celebatios.”Kellogg says wat makes
 A Christmas Carol 
suc a geat stoy is tecombiatio of dak ad scay momets ad fuy, lively oes. Se says teeis so muc to see, tee ae so may special eects, ad so may “ow didtey do tat?” momets. Muelle agees. But fo e, “ow did tey do tat?”meas sometig dieet.“You may feel like beig cose fo a Geva sow ad te makig te familycommitmet is ot attaiable, but tat’s just ot tue. It is attaiable,” saysMuelle. “Geva looks at moe ta talet. Tey look at pepaed, well-beavedkids ad paets wo ca take o te esposibility, ad te commitmet,ad wo just wat to ave a lot of fu. Tese ae te oliday memoies wewill ave foeve.”
A tratnal hla
Te story o A Christmas Carol,a traditional holiday avorite or centuries, is or one Webster amily also a call to the theatre.Te stage at the Geva Teatre Center is part o the Mueller amily’sannual holiday estivities because the childrenare requently part o Geva’s annual productiono the holiday classic A Christmas Carol.
Geva presents A Christmas Carol • November 23 through December 23
Box Oce 585-232-GEVA • www.gevateate.og • 75 Woodbuy Blvd., roceste

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