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COLP & COFA conference 2013

COLP & COFA conference 2013

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Published by Ark Group
Arm yourself against the personal and business risks that you are exposed to in your new role.
Arm yourself against the personal and business risks that you are exposed to in your new role.

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Published by: Ark Group on Jan 21, 2013
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4 easy ways to register
+44 (0)20 7549 2535
Or see back page for mailing details
The COLP and COFA nominations have now been approved and this conference will provide valuable insights and practical advice from both the regulators and leading practitioners in the professional practices sector, and is an opportunity for COLPs and COFAs to build a network of their counterparts in other firms.
Rachel Khiara
, Partner,
Khiara Law
A word from our chair...
Arm yourself against the personal and business risksthat you are exposed to in your new role
A highly practical one-dayintensive conference:
Get the latest guidance from the SRA and The Law Society, whomade key announcements at both of our previous events 
Bring hypothetical breach scenarios with you and receive personaladvice from your keynote speakers during our extended Q&A 
Benefit from a heavyweight speaker panel, featuring RiskDirectors from many of the UK’s largest law firms 
Know how to identify a material breach – attend our practicalworkshop to benchmark your response to case scenarios 
Decide when you should report a breach, and when you shouldn’t 
Get support from others performing the same role 
Determine whether you have sufficientbudget and resources for your role 
Put effective compliance systems, controls and training in place 
Identify and mitigate risks arising from your international networks
Expert contributions and strategic insights from:
B  o  o  k   b  e  f   o  r  e   
1  5  
t  h  
 F   e  b  r  u  a  r   y   a  n  d    
s  a  v  e   £  1  4   9  
presents the 3rd
conference 2013
 Your appointment as the
Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP)
Compliance Officer for Financial Administration (COFA)
has beenapproved by the
Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
and you havelaid down careful preparations for your role and read through all of theregulator’s guidance notes so that you are ready to hit the ground running.But with any new role, there are bound to be practical issues that will onlybring themselves to the fore once you have begun the role in earnest. 
 Are you sure about what constitutes a
“material” breach
and what doesn’t? 
Do you know
what to report and when
What happens when you
disagree with senior management
Do you have
enough budget and enoughresources
to perform your job effectively? Any role within compliance or enforcement in a law firm is likely to be alonely one at times, especially with fee earners having financial incentiveto ignore due diligence during undeniably difficult market conditions.
Don’t feel that you are alone
 Yet, you don’t have to feel unsupported. Managing Partner brings you its
incredibly practical
3rd COLP & COFA conference,
appropriately timed
 for a few months following the start of COLP and COFA implementation, togive you the opportunity to come together to discuss the practical issuesthat you find yourselves actually facing in your new roles, with the
overallstrategic aim of keeping your firms out of trouble with the regulator
More senior practitioners
Now that the COLP and COFA roles are in place, our speaker panelhas been developed to include even more Directors and Heads of RiskManagement from large to medium UK law firms, who will reveal toyou their insights into the roles and responsibilities of the COLP andCOFA from their individual perspectives.
More practical,interactive sessions
Based on feedback from our2012 events, the conferenceformat has been re-worked toinclude a greater number ofdiscussion panels, giving you the opportunity to hear from more expertsat once and to share your own thoughts and questions from the floor,as you work your way through the implementation hotspots together.We understand that the
identification of material breaches
remains oneof the biggest unresolved issues for many of those taking up the COLP andCOFA roles. So we are delighted to include, for the first time, a
session run by two senior risk practitioners which will explore,through a series of case scenarios, the key trigger points for reportingthese. This will present you with an ideal opportunity to sense-check yourinstincts and initial reactions against those of other COLPS and COFAs.
 You are in safe hands
Managing Partner
has established itself as a
leading provider
COLPand COFA learning and networking events
. Our first two conferenceswere attended by in excess of
80 senior delegates representing thetop 100 law firms
and were selected by both the
 The LawSociety
as the perfect forums within which to
reveal key industryannouncements
, which were
later widely reported by the legal press
.Our 3rd event will maintain this reputation and we are delighted to
welcomeback keynote speakers from the
 The Law Society
once again
 to let you into the latest thinking from the perspective of both your regulator,and your representative body. The keynote from the SRA will be particularlywell-timed, with the regulator having announced (at Managing Partner’sannual Risk Management for Law Firms conference) in December 2012 thatit plans to decide upon the detail of the annual reporting requirements forthe COLP and COFA roles during early 2013, and also to consult with theprofession on international responsibilities between January and March 2013.
The international dimension
Following the last two conferences it has become clear that more andmore law firms are opening foreign offices or working with foreignclients and that there is no clear consensus as to how to interpretthe SRA’s regulatory guidance for these overseas territories.For this reason, our
3rd COLP & COFA conference
features a
specificpanel session
focused on
identifying and mitigating international risk
senior risk managers
from major international firms,
FreshfeldsBruckhaus Deringer
, and
Berwin Leighton Paisner
explain how they
monitor risks
arising in their
extended overseas networks
safeguardyour own firm
against international risk when you return to the office.Having taken on the COLP or COFA role in a law firm,
you have assumed alarge amount of personal responsibility
on behalf of your firm, and
youmay not always have the support of your partners
. Attend ManagingPartner’s 3rd COLP & COFA conference to
insure yourself
against the risksthat your new role necessarily exposes you to. Leave at the end of the day
armed with practical peer-level guidance
updated regulatory guidance
 and a business card holder full of numbers that you can
call upon if youfind that you are faced with a challenging breach situation
in your firm.
+44 (0)20 7549 2535
This conference is aimed at those who have taken onthe COLP and COFA roles within law firms.It will also be suitable for “COLPs” and “COFAs” – those who donot hold the official title but who are effectively responsible formaintaining ethical and financial standards within their firms.
Who should attend?
CPD information
 Attendance at this conference qualifies for
5 hours, 30 minutes
(COLP) and
6 hours
(COFA) of 
SRA accredited CPD
(at intermediate/advancedlevel). To claim your hours, quote provider code: EEW/ARCL.
Awareness o bestpractice and the issuesbeing addressed bypractitioners.Mark Coker,Vinson & Elkins
Past event eedback 
see back page for mailing details
09:00 Registration and refreshments09:30
Chair’s opening remarks
Rachel Khiara, Partner,
 Khiara Law 
KEYNOTE|Supporting risk-based and firm-wide compliance:A view from the Solicitors Regulation Authority
Samantha Barrass, Executive Director – Supervision, Risk, Education andTraining and International Affairs,
Solicitors Regulation Authority 
KEYNOTE|The new regime: Raising standards
Pearl Moses, Practice Lead Consultant: Risk and Compliance,
The Law Society 
Participants are invited to bring with them...1. Scenarios that they have encountered in their firms– or –2. Hypothetical situations that they are uncertain about...in order to find out from
Samantha Barrass
how these incidents should be tackled, whetheror not they should be reported and if so, when.
11:00 Morning coffee break PRACTICAL IN-ROLE GUIDANCE11:30
PRACTICAL WORKSHOP|Identifying “material”and “immediately reportable” breaches
Participants will be presented with a number of different “breach”scenarios and will have the opportunity to discuss these on their tablesin relation to the guidance on material breaches and criteria issued bythe SRA. Delegates will then have the opportunity to feed their answersback to the workshop facilitator as part of a floor discussion concerningthese cases. Additionally this session will look at questions such as: 
Is an issue with a supervision failure at heartnecessarily a “material” breach? 
Given the personal obligation for individuals to report to the SRA, canyou have a reporting policy that requires staff to report internally first? 
How do you manage reporting allegations of discrimination,harassment or bullying? Is it different if these aremade against a Partner or senior manager? 
When do you get to a systemic failure? 
When you report to the SRA what do you report and what doyou hold back – can and when does privilege operate?
Co-facilitators: Andrew Cheung, Director of Compliance,
and Annette Fritze-Shanks, Head of Risk Management,
Taylor Wessing
Knowing when to report a breach
You have established that you may have a material breach on your handsand you know that the SRA advice is that you should report it to themas soon as practicable but what about the internal considerations? 
Sources of information about incidents 
Systems and controls to support the COLP’s monitoringobligations, including recording incidents and breaches 
Establishing whether or not you are dealing with a material breach 
Seeking internal and external advice 
Should you approach your Managing or Senior Partner(or the Firm’s Board) before you report? 
 Avoiding internal strife e.g. arbitration – what do you do if yourfirm’s management or others within the firm disagrees with you? 
Reputational issues 
Robert Farrant, Head of Risk Management,
 Mills & Reeve
12:50 Networking lunch break13:50
Building your role, your team and theresources you need to do the job
Building your risk register 
Establishing clear, reporting lines 
 Are people willing to go to you as the COLP/COFA? 
Do you need a deputy in place? Can your deputy report directly? 
Ensuring good communication between the COLP and COFA
Panelists include: 
Bill Richards, Consultant: Compliance andProfessional Standards,
 Lawrence Graham
Chris Bull, Principal,
Edge Internationa
 Juliet Tainui-Hernandez, Director of Risk,
 Addleshaw Goddard 
Developing effective compliance training for fee earnersto reduce the number of breaches you need to report
Your new procedures may be impressive on paper but it is likely that veryfew of your people know much about the SRA’s requirements. By buildingawareness you can improve compliance and reduce the number ofbreaches you need to report. This session will focus on matters such as: 
Establishing culture change, bringing everybody in 
Key compliance messages 
Devising internal incentives and/or penalties 
Responding to patterns of non-compliance 
Positive or negative reporting?
Tim Prior, Independent consultant
15:10 Afternoon coffee break15:40
INTERNATIONAL|Identifying the risks arisingout of your foreign offices and networks
Responding to the SRA’s latest guidance on international affairs 
 Adhering to outcomes-focused regulation (OFR)principles in your foreign jurisdictions 
Keeping alert to new and emerging risks in your foreign network 
What do you need to bear in mind when working with overseas clients?
Panelists include: 
Moderator: Rachel Khiara, Partner,
 Khiara Law 
Nicole Bigby, Partner – Director of Risk,
 Berwin Leighton Paisner
Sonya Foulds, Head of Regulatory,
 Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
 Andrew Cheung, Director of Compliance,
Chair’s summary remarks for COLPs & COFAs
Understanding the relationship between OFRand the Solicitors Accounts Rules 
Monitoring the number of material and non-material breaches 
Identifying patterns of “trivial” non-complianceto develop training solutions 
 Anticipating a new role for auditors 
Reporting to the SRA annually – what shouldbe in the annual report; when? 
Seizing the opportunity to encourage fee earner compliance
Panelists include: 
Moderator: Chris Bull, Principal,
Edge Internationa
Tracey Calvert, Director,
Oakalls Consultancy 
Nick Lakhani, Finance Director,
 asb law 
Glyn Morris, Finance Director,
 Higgs & Sons
17:00 Close of conference

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