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History Final Paper

History Final Paper

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Published by Sarah McMahon

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Published by: Sarah McMahon on Mar 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sarah McMahonModern European Intellectual HistoryProfessor Rollins12/12/12
 A review of 
Nazism through Kant and Hobbes’
Nazism started with the leader himself, Adolf Hitler. He was a failed art student at the time ad he was associates with the anti-sematic man Karl Lueger. AsHitler watches the political success of Lueger he also joins the First World War as asoldier. As a
soldier he was a tenacious fighter but that didn’t hinder him from
getting injured in the war. After he comes back from the war Hitler starts to read theworks of Chamberlain, Langbehn, and people like them. Hitler also became closefriends with a highly anti-sematic playwright Dietrich Eckart. As Hitler rose topower he created the NSDAP in 1920.The NSADP had two sections, the SA who wore brown shirt and the SS. TheSA was not as exclusive, this branch was known as the thugs. The SS was much moreexclus
ive, the requirements were that members much be male, right around 5’ 8”,
blond hair, and blue eyed. This section of the NSDAP was for intelligence gatheringfor the group. As the Nazi party formed it became weaker in times of success andpeaceful times, but it started to become stronger when distress became prevalent inthe nation. When Hitler gets elected he slowly takes over with the help of the Naziparty. Hitler then starts the holocaust. He and the Nazi party start to exterminate the
Jewish people who are under their rule. They burn books and libraries and start tomake propaganda to get more people to follow them. They create concentrationcamps and gas showers. World War two breaks out as the Nazi party starts to tryand take over more areas around its current field of rule..Hobbes would not mind this way of doing things. Hobbes tells us that ashuman beings we are naturally greedy and nasty beings. We need to be scared intolistening to our leader. He calls this terrifying leader the leviathan. This proves that this leader should be able to use scare tactics because if they do not no one will
listen to them if the weren’t scary. Hobbes thinks that the only way to do anything
with a large group of people is to be able to have power over them. They wont listen
if you have no terrifying power because it’s in their nature. Though Hobbes would
have no problem with one scary leader having power over large groups of otherpeople but Hobbes would want the ability to vote for a new leviathan if the currant one was not scaring people into submission. The Nazi party did successfully scarefollowers into cooperation with them.Kant and Hobbes both agreed that people are selfish and brutish. Kant even
goes so far to state that people have a “childish vanity” about 
them on top of not being able to work together as a team. But Kant would have some serious problemswith the Nazism way of doing things. Kant describes his ideal way of doing things as
having a “leviathan” that does scare others into submission but to als
o have a superleviathan that watches and scares the smaller leviathan. Kant would want an evenhigher power to scare the Nazi party into obeying them.
Kant believed in a super leviathan that would not only scare the leviathanunderneath it but to add extra fear to the people underneath the original leviathan.Kant created this super leviathan idea from the League of Nations that washappening when he was alive. He thinks that being under the leviathan will be goodfor others because it will scare them into obeying laws and rules. If there was noleviathan or super leviathan people would kill each other to be on top and no goodwould come of it.Kant would be all right with an idea of a leviathan but he would not be able tostand for the Nazi way of doing things. Kant could not stand for the idea that theNazi party stopped people from doing certain things in society. Kant would say that this Nazi leviathan would have to be replaced because it is impeding on the ideas of society. Kant wants a leader who does not hinder enlightenment but help advance it by letting the people speak there enlightened ideas. Kant would also disagree withthe Nazi party because of the unnecessary violence. He thinks that our ruler must beboth scholarly and benevolent, which the Nazi party is not.
Kant’s suggestion for a change on the Nazi party would be that not only have
Hitler as a ruler, but a group of Nazi rulers who work together. Having a group of Nazi rulers would not be enough for him to be happy though, Kant would also beopposed to the limiting of books and ideas to the people under Nazi rule and therandom acts of violence that come with the Nazi party tactics. He thinks that to be agood leader the violence has to stop, or at least have an extremely good reason, andthe
re can be no knowledge restriction to the ruler’s people.

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