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Winter Spring 2013 of Virginia Shooting Sports Association Newsletter

Winter Spring 2013 of Virginia Shooting Sports Association Newsletter

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The Winter/Spring 2013 Issue of Virginia Shooting Sports Association's member publication, The Bullet, is now available
The Winter/Spring 2013 Issue of Virginia Shooting Sports Association's member publication, The Bullet, is now available

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Published by: AmmoLand Shooting Sports News on May 20, 2013
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Volume 3 Issue 1
The Bullet
The Official Publication of the Virginia Shooting Sports Association
 Virginia Shooting Sports Association
The Bullet
A quarterly publication of theVirginia Shooting Sports Asso-ciation. To advertise in TheBullet, call (540) 672-5848.Find us on the Internet at:www.myvssa.org.Member articles welcomed andencouraged.NCRR Shooting Clinic 3VSSA Offering FreeTraining to Teachers315th Annual Crush’nClays6Violent Crime Drops 8 June Squirrel Season 92013 State Champion-ships10From the President 13
 Virginia Y.E.S. 14
Rob Pincus and Appen-dix carry
10 VSSA ShootersScore in OrangeBlossom Regional14NRA FoundationGrants162013 Virginia AirResults15
Inside this issue:
When this year’s General Assembly Session began,the VSSA legislativeteam knew that our workwould be cut out for us.With all of the talk cen-tering around PresidentObama’s federal gun con-trol agenda, we knew thehandful of anti-gun legis-lators in the House of Delegates and the StateSenate would try and cap-italize on the events thattook place in Newtown,CT in December 2012.By the time the last dayto introduce legislationrolled around, we saw billintroduced to ban so-called “assault rifles,” so-called “high capacitymagazines, close the non-existent “gun show loop-hole,” bills to chip awayat Virginia’s pre-emptionstatute, and bills to re-strict carrying firearms inthe state capitol. Therewere also a handful of pro-gun bills introduced butfor the first half of thesession, VSSA’s attentionwas squarely focused ondefeating all of the badbills. Both the House andSenate helped us out byscheduling marathoncommittee meetings toaddress all of the fire-arms related bills. VSSA is happy to report thatbefore crossover (the half-way point of the Session)all of the bad bills hadbeen defeated.Having beat back all of the bad bills, VSSA’s leg-islative team was able toturn its attention to thehandful of pro-rightsbills. A particularly spe-cial surprise was passageof concealed handgunpermit (CHP) holder pri-vacy.Introduced by State Sena-tor Mark Obenshain,Sen-ate Bill 1335began as awill to protect the privacyof permit holders who hadan active protective order.But when the bill landedin House Militia and Po-lice, a substitute was of-fered that protected thepersonally identifiable in-formation of all CHP hold-ers.For the last several years,bills have been introducedto prevent incidents likeoccurred in 2007 when theRoanoke Timespublished the entire database. Afterthe Attorney General is-sued an opinion that thedatabase was not intendedfor that purpose, the data-base was no longer availa-ble for the State Police.However, newspaperscould still go to their localClerk of (cont. on page 2)
Another Successful General Assembly Session
Winter/Spring 2013
A Message from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli
 You and I understand thatour rights come from ourCreator—not the govern-ment. Without the ability todefend ourselves, individu-als have no rights.Luckily, our Founders un-derstood that natural rightspredate government. Thats whythey passed the SecondAmendment to the UnitedStates Constitution to pro-tect our right to defendourselves and loved ones.It states a simple conceptthat was obvious to them:A well regulated Militia,beingnecessary to the securityof a free State, the right of the people to keep andbear arms shall notbe infringed.Being an advocate for gunrights takes more than justvoting the right way. Ittakes persistence. It takesthe willingness to stand upfor what is right even if it’s
not popular. It takes leadershipand guts. Others will tell you theyhave good voting records whilerepresenting conservative coun-ties. I put the bills in and led fromthe front, all while representingFairfax.As a State Senator from Fairfax,I proved that I was on the side of gun owners across the Common-wealth by being a consistentchampion of our Second Amend-ment rights. Duringmy tenure, I:• Worked for the repeal of unrea-sonable restrictions on con-cealed carry permit holders andfor reciprocity between statesthat issue concealed carry per-mits.• Successfully advanced the billthat finally stopped counties fromrequiring duplicate local back-ground checks when purchasing afirearm—checks that those countiesused asnothing more than a back-door wait-ing period on law-abiding Virginians.• Fought for and won protections forlaw-abiding gun owners, despite com-ing from some of the most anti-gunpolitical territory in the entire Com-monwealth.When I ran for Attorney General, Iwas endorsed by organizations in-cluding the Virginia Shooting SportsAssociation, Virginia Citizens De-fense League, Gun Owners of Ameri-ca and had an A+rating from the Na-tional Rifle Association. Without yourhelp, I would not be in the position Iam today to defend our rights.I have continued my fight against theliberal gun-grabbers. I have led aneffort among states to have a Mary-land law barring law-abiding citizensfrom carrying outside their ownhomes (similar to the
case, butoutside the home) declared unconsti-tutional.As Attorney General, I am the law-yer for each government agency. Itis still true that lawyers merely ad-vise, while clients (state agencies)decide. When I was in the privatesector there were only two timesthat my clients did not take my rec-ommendations. Since I got into gov-ernment, I lost count of how manytimes state agencies didn’t heed myadvice. Thats exactly why I’m running forgovernor—to become the decision-maker and your advocate for gunrights. As your governor, I promiseto continue my record of defendingourconstitutional rights. We must main-tain the progress we have made inthe Commonwealth onthis issue.When I lived in Fairfax, I was amember of the Arlington-FairfaxIzaak Walton League. I’m an avidshooter. I always look forward torange time (especially skeet).I ask for your continued support in mybid to become Virginia’s next gover-nor because I understand the philo-sophical basis of the Second Amend-ment, the practical application as afellow sportsman, and most importantI am the only person running who hasbeen a leader in the fight to defendour Constitutional right to keep andbear arms.
 Also passed by the General Assem-bly and signed by the GovernorwereSB1363andHB2317which provide that residency for membersof the armed forces includes boththe member’s permanent duty postand the nearby state in whichthe military personnel resides forthe purposes of firearms purchases. Another bill of interest to gun own-the Circuit Court and get the per-mit holders in their localities. TheFredericksburg Freelance Star wasfamous for printing the names of individuals who were recently is-sued permits. With the passage of SB1335, they will no longer be ableto do this. This was the biggest vic-tory of the Session for Virginia gunowners.ers that passed and was signed bythe Governor was Delegate ScottLignamfelter’sHB1833which clearsup much of the confusion in theConcealed Weapon Statute in theCode of Virginia. The statute hadbeen amended so many times that itwas increasingly difficult to navi-gate.
Cuccinelli (cont)
General Assembly Session (continued)
. The NRA Sports ShootingEvent held at the NorfolkCounty Rifle Range was aterrific success! Our staff of 42 RSO’s hosted over57 participants and all whoattended mentioned howexciting the event was,and how much they havelearned throughout theday. Many who never shotbefore left our Range andactually headed out to agun store to make a possi-ble purchase of a firearmor bow. The air pistol and rifle disciplinetaught participants how breathe con-trol, along with a steady trigger pull,made pellet gun/rifle shooting so pre-cise and enjoyable. Manyof the ladies who neverpicked up a firearm beforewere amazed at howmuch fun it was to put onein the bulls-eye. Leavingthe air pistol/ rifle area,they migrated directly intothe range to shoot .22pistol and rifle. Everyoneemerged from the rangewith grins from ear to ear.Using 410 and 20 gaugeshotguns, our RSO staff showed novice shotgunshooters how much fun itwas to hit clay targets and poppers.Our Archery discipline did an out-standing job introducing all to ar-chery. From the time we opened tothe time we closed, archery had theirhands full with people waiting toget a chance to try their skillswith a bow.As our guest's left the club withtheir paper targets in hand, wehad comment after commentabout the fun they had andquestions of “when are we go-ing to do this again?”.SportShooting Day was a great op-portunity for us to change peo-ple’s minds about gun controland educate participants aboutthe different disciplines that areavailable. Many who had nevershot a gun before experiencedthe enjoyment associated with shoot-ing sports. Those who were “gunshy” or apprehensive about guns, leftNCRR with a totally different attitudeand respect for the Sport.Norfolk County Rifle Rangeenjoyed hosting this event formany different reasons, but themost rewarding was seeingthose who once were “gun shy”or apprehensive about gunsleave the range with a new atti-tude and respect for the sport of shooting.With this in mind, we encourageevery gun range to hold a “NRASports Shooting Day” to edu-cate and introduce the public tothe shooting sports in a safeand enjoyable setting.Beginning July 1, 2013, the VSSA Training Team will offer free NRA certified pistol training to any teacher in the common-wealth of Virginia. This training meets all the requirements for a Concealed Carry of Weapons (CCW) permit in Virginia. You can come to us in Fairfax, or we can set something up with a local range. All we need is access to a range and aclassroom, everything else will be provided. Contact our training team lead, Tom Ciarula at Tom-C @ Cox.net to makearrangements.
NCRR NRA Sports Shooting Day Great SuccessBy Brian Hirschler 
VSSA Training Team Offers Free Training to Teachers

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