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New Moon: Edward's POV, Chapter 1

New Moon: Edward's POV, Chapter 1



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Published by Cullen1801
I hold no rights to anything. Based on "New Moon" by Stephanie Meyer. PLEASE,PLEASE COMMENT!!! I would really love to hear what you think!!!! This is chapter 1 of "New Moon" in Edward's POV
I hold no rights to anything. Based on "New Moon" by Stephanie Meyer. PLEASE,PLEASE COMMENT!!! I would really love to hear what you think!!!! This is chapter 1 of "New Moon" in Edward's POV

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Published by: Cullen1801 on May 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New Moon: Edwards POVI DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. BASED ON “New Moon” by StephanieMeyerChapter 1: PartyAlice, Bella said that she didn’t want her birthday to becelebrated. Why do you have to be so difficult?” I said to Alice aswe walked out the front door to go to school. Today was Bella’sbirthday. September thirteenth. She’s eighteen years old today.An age I would never be. An age I never made it to. Bella didn’twant to celebrate her birthday. As usual, Bella didn’t do thenormal, human thing. Most humans loved birthdays andpresents….If I wasn’t in her life, she would probably love her birthday. The only reason she didn’t want to celebrate it was because shewas turning a year older than me. She had a horrid fear of gettingolder because I couldn’t get older with her. I couldn’t grow andchange with her. She would get older and older and I wouldforever be seventeen. Her physical appearance would continue tochange as I stayed the same. But her mind, her personality, herwarmth, and all the other things that I love about her wouldremain the same. She would still have those same, mesmerizing,chocolate brown eyes. Eyes that I always got lost in. And althoughI also wished that we could stay the same forever together, thatmeant dooming her to a fate that she did not deserve and so Iwould just have to suffer in silence. Her soul and her future aretoo important. We can’t change what is supposed to happen. Iwant her to be normal. As normal as Bella can possibly be. If thatmeans staying with her as she continues to grow old, than that isexactly what I’m going to do. I would gladly stay with her as sheages. She would always be my Bella. She would always bebeautiful to me. Inside and out.“Well, she is just going to have to deal with it Edward. This is hereighteenth birthday. This is a big day. It should be celebrated.She’s only going to turn eighteen once.” Alice said back to me,interrupting my reverie.
“But a party Alice! You’re already pushing it by bringing the giftyou bought her to school. You already know how’s she’s going toreact when she sees it.” This is her day. Even though she doesn’twant to celebrate it. I still want her to be happy today. Especiallytoday. And Bella isn’t going to be very happy about this. But I cansee Alice’s point. She will only turn eighteen once………“Please, Edward. Please, please, please,” Alice pleaded.“…………..Ok, Alice, but don’t push her too hard. You know howyou get when you want something and don’t get your way. Begentle with her. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”“You act like I’m going to tie her down and kidnap her. It’s just a party. A couple of hours. Geez, give me a break.” Alice said.I didn’t say anything else. I just threw her one last warning glance.She would know what it meant.
‘Ok, gentle, gentle I got it.’ 
Alice thought.We were pulling into the school parking lot now. Bella still wasn’there yet, but I could hear her truck nearby. She would be heresoon and I would be whole again. I missed her so much last night.I wanted to stay with her, but I needed to hunt. Especially since Iwasn’t planning on letting her out of my sight today. It had beenweeks since the last time I hunted. We spent every day together.We were practically inseparable. I hated being away from her. Not just because I was scared that something would happen to her,although that was definitely a concern, but because I just feltbetter….happier when I was near her.After that whole thing with James was over, I wasoverbearingly protective for awhile. I didn’t want her to be withoutmy protection for a single second. This allowed so much time forus to be together. I thought that my protective nature would makeher angry with me. But she didn’t seem to have a problem with it.She seemed to enjoy my company as much as I enjoyed hers. Outof all the summers that have passed in my lifetime, this pastsummer was by far the best I have ever experienced. And the factthat it was probably the rainiest summer the Olympic Peninsulahas ever had didn’t hurt either. Although it wouldn’t have
mattered. The sun would never keep Bella and I apart, as it oncehad in the beginning. Bella loved me, vampire and all. Mysparkling skin did not scare her. She actually thought it wasbeautiful. Typical Bella.Bella pulled into the parking lot and parked her truck. Assoon as I saw her face, my lips turned up into an involuntarysmile. I would never tire of her beautiful face. She smiled whenshe caught sight of me and then frowned as she saw that Alicewas holding a gift in her hand beside me. Here we go. I hadalmost forgotten Alice was standing beside me.Alice skipped over to Bella to give her her present. I decided tostay behind to give them their space.“Happy birthday Bella” Alice said once she got to Bella.“Shh” Bella said in return. Glancing around the lot to make sureno one heard Alice mention her birthday. Bella hated to be thecenter of attention.“Do you want to open your present now or later?” Alice asked herwhile they made their way to where I was standing. She alreadyknew Bella’s answer.“No presents”“Okay..” Alice said and then thought
“ You’ll get more at the party anyway. This can wait until then” 
, “Later, then…… Did you like thescrapbook your mom sent you? And the camera from Charlie?”“Yeah. They’re great.” Bella said with no enthusiasm.
think it’s a nice idea. You’re only a senior once. Might as welldocument the experience.”“How many times have
been a senior?” Bella asked Alice.“That’s different.” They finally made it to where I was and I held out my hand forBella’s. It always surprised me how my cold skin never botheredher. Doesn’t repulse her as I thought it would. She was eager tohold it in hers. The warmth was always a pleasant feeling. I gently

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