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Wonderful Things Kids Say, by Mary Kretzmann

Wonderful Things Kids Say, by Mary Kretzmann

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Published by Mary Kretzmann
Inspiring and endearing stories from devotee children at Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA.. From the book, Finding God in the Heart of your Family, by Mary Kretzmann
Inspiring and endearing stories from devotee children at Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA.. From the book, Finding God in the Heart of your Family, by Mary Kretzmann

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Published by: Mary Kretzmann on May 14, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Wonderful Things Kids Say
(and do)
 by Mary KretzmannThis book is a work of love, and a serious topic. But there are so many endearing andamusing things that kids say and do, that I wanted to have a space for that, too, especiallyif these things create a window into the soul nature of the child. Here are a few stories…Imay add a few more in the future.
Let’s All Share:
One day, when Krishnabai was age 2, I made some chocolate chipcookies, one of my specialties, and they were cooling on our little table in the kitchen.Right then, a new member of the community stopped by for a friendly chat. We all sat atthat table and had tea, and we each had a cookie. Now, Krishnabai was young, but shealready knew that normally I had a policy of “just one cookie.”
As we sat there talking, Krishnabai was eyeing the remaining cookies, silently. I knew shewas contemplating how to ask for another one; I was half-expecting a 2 year-old whine,and I was at the ready. However, she then said in a cheerful voice, as though just “one of the girls” making a proposal for the good of the group, “I have an idea, why don’t we allhave just one more!”
 I was amused at her adroitness at such a young age, and so I laughed and said okay. Such“community spirit” could not go unheeded.
You Can Be Anything You Want…
One day Krishnabai, then age 8, was in thekitchen, and out of the blue, put this classic question to Peter, age 4, “Peter, what do youwant to be when you grow-up?”He quickly, and matter-of-faculty, replied, “A sailboat.”“Peter, you can’t be a sailboat!”And, taking in her sage advice, he replied, “Okay, then a suitcase.”She laughed and gave up on any further questions.
(After that, we all assumed he would enjoy traveling, and as a young adult he has enjoyed traveling to Mexico, Costa Rica, India, England, Italy, and around much of the US. Manyof these trips were Ananda related, either with the Ananda School  ,or to visit Ananda Communities and the surrounding areas.)
Spiritual Evolution:
 My husband, Tim, and I went on a beautiful pilgrimage to theHoly Land and to Assisi in the mid-80’s. It was deeply meaningful, but it was also hard for me to leave the children for the 3+ weeks, because Peter was not quite 4 years old, andKrishnabai was age 8. I knew she would be okay, but I was concerned about Peter. I’lldiscuss the deeper aspects of pilgrimage in another chapter…but this is the space for mostly lighter fare.When we were just returned from the pilgrimage, I was sitting with Peter on my lap,showing him a beautiful book that had many pictures of Assisi. He was already familiar with St. Francis, and had sometimes seen statues of him in Ananda homes or gardens. But,when he saw a painting of St. Francis in the book, he asked, “Oh, is this before he was astatue?”
 I was amused, but also impressed because there is a sort of unspoken hierarchy involved;only the “greater saints” of any religion are honored by having a statue made in their remembrance.
Tourist Guide to Past Life?
Again, as we were sitting there looking at the book about Assisi, Peter said something very offhandedly, and matter-of-factly, as though pointing out pictures in a photo album, “Oh, I’ve been there before, but it wasn’t insidethat big building, and it didn’t have the big painting on the front of it.”
 He said it so naturally and positively. That would place the memory in the same century asSt. Francis; who had over 5000 followers; so it is entirely possible that a devotee child born at Ananda was present there. Such a powerful memory could rise to the surface by seeing a photo of the real life place now. This chapel holds powerful vibrations; photoscan communicate that memory to the inner soul. Paramhansa Yogananda says that our inclinations in the first six years of life can give us strong clues regarding our past lives.
Circle of Golden Light:
When Krishnabai was about age 9, my friend Kasandra, and Itook our kids up to Portland, OR so our girls could attend a
Suzuki Music Institute
. (Think 
a one-week summer school for kid musicians.) It was held on a pretty college campus, andwe would walk from one event to the next. Kasandra’s daughter, Joia , was age 6 at thetime.Kasandra and I were walking along engrossed in our conversation, when we realized thatfor some time Joia had been playing some sort of game as we walked on a long walkwaythrough a green area between the buildings. She would run three or four big steps, and then jump forward. And then, again, and again, repeating that process over and over. She was avery active child, so it took us a while to notice it as unusual, even for her. After a littlelonger of this, Kasandra asked, curiously, “Joia, what are you doing?”“See that big circle of light? I am trying to jump through it.”
Well, no we couldn’t actually see it, but we realized what she must have been seeing. It wasan aspect of the spiritual eye. Normally, if one is blessed to see it, it may appear at the point between the eyebrows as a circle of golden light, and within it is a field of blue, and then a perfect, 5 pointed white star. Sometimes children may see it after their bedtime prayers, for instance, especially if it was a loving experience. Sometimes this can seen inthe “cold light of day” and may appear “life size.” We realized that as Joia moved  forward, so did the light. It was much as if she had been trying to jump on her own shadow. We were glad to know that her inner joy was manifesting that light!
The Helpful Little Clown:
Our daughter, Krishnabai often baby-sat a lovely little girlnamed Hannah, who was age 4 at the time of this story. Hannah was normally a very calmand cheerful child, and her eyes portrayed some depth beyond her young years. However,on this day, Hannah was very sad because she had just been told that her parents weregetting a divorce. She was very quiet, and withdrawn. It was sad to see.Krishnabai brought her to our home, and our youngest, David, was in the living room. Hewas age 2, so I didn’t think he would grasp much of what was going on. However, hegathered some of his toys and, standing in front of Hannah, started doing goofy things. Shewas still sad, but it did divert her attention a bit. (Of course, 2 year olds can try to be thecenter of attention, but this had a different feel to it. He seemed to be on a mission to cheer her up.) Finally he got his little plastic mini-
 Hot Wheels
tricycle, and flipped it over rightin front of Hannah, and started pedaling the wheels upside down. It was a very comicalsite, like he was a little clown. It worked. Hannah started giggling, and even laughing a

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