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CBSE Class 11 Accountancy Question Paper SA 2 2013 (1).pdf

CBSE Class 11 Accountancy Question Paper SA 2 2013 (1).pdf

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Published by sivsyadav
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cbse xi

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Published by: sivsyadav on Aug 06, 2013
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Second Term Examination 2012-13 (Sample Paper)Class : XI, Subject : Accountancy Time : 3 hours MM : 80
1. Which convention suggested that all natural information should be disclosed in thepreparation of final accounts? (1)2. Name the different kind of accounts under modern system of accounting? (1)3. What do you mean by source document? (1)4. Explain the term ‘Marshalling’ in context of Balance Sheet. (1)5. What will be the accounting treatment of endorsement of cheque in Cash Book? (1)6. Explain an objective of Accounting. (1)7. What do you mean by capital expenditure? Give one example also. (1)8. “Balance c/d” at the time of balancing the account is written on which side. (1)9. What are the advantages of computerized accounting system in modern businessorganisation. (3)10. In 2009, the actual salaries paid amounted to Rs 20,000. Ascertain the amountchargeable to Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending December 31,2009 from the following additional information: (3)Prepaid salaries on December 31,2008 Rs 2,400Prepaid salaries on December 31,2009 Rs 1,200Outstanding salaries on December 31,2008 Rs 1,800Outstanding salaries on December 31,2009 Rs 1,50011. What do you mean by business entity and money measurement concept? (5)12. A started a business of a small printing press on April 1, 2007 with a capital of Rs75,000. A did not maintain his books on double entry system. During the year heintrodouced additional capital of Rs 22,500. He also withdrawn Rs 15,000 for hisprivate useOn March 31st ,2008, his assets and liabilities were s follows:Creditors Rs 1,35,000 ; Debtors Rs 1,88,400 ; Stock Rs 37,125 ; Cash Rs 37,740 ;Calculate profit or loss made by A during the year. (5)13. Journalize the following transactions:(a) Mr. A who owes Rs.3000 become insolvent. Only 45% of the amount isrealized(b) Withdrew goods for domestic use Rs.500.
(c) Sold goods to Shyam of the list price Rs.1500 at a trade discount 10% andcash discount 2%. He issued cheque the same day after availing cashdiscount. (5)14. Prepare the accounting equation with the help of following transactions:(a) Mr. A started business with case Rs. 1,50,000 and Building Rs. 2,00,000(b) .Purchased a car for Rs. 70,000. Rs. 10,000 paid in cash and rest of paymentmade through bank loan.(c) Insurance paid Rs. 2000; out of which Rs. 500 belongs to next year.(d) Goods worth Rs. 30,000 purchased out of which Rs. 14000 was on credit.(e) Goods costing Rs. 5000 sold for Rs. 4900. (5)15. Enter the following transactions in the Two Column Cash Book with Cash and Bank Column. (6)2004June 1Cash in hand Rs 9,500Bank overdraft Rs 1,000June 3 Discounted a bill of exchange at 2% through bank Rs 15,000June 5 Payment by cheque for household expenses Rs 3,000June 7 Honoured our own acceptance by cash Rs 1,000 and cheque Rs2,000June 11 Cheque received from shyam Rs 4500June 16 Cheque of shyam dishonoured by bank; bank debited our accountwith Rs 20 as dishonoured charges16. From the following particulars, prepare a Bank-Reconciliation Statement andascertain the balance as per pass Book on 31st December in the books of Ramesh:(a) Debit balance as per cash book Rs 3,800(b) Cheque issued Rs 5000 in the month of December, out of these cheques of Rs 300 paid by the bank in the first week of January.(c) Cheque deposited in the bank but wrongly entered in cash column of cashbook for Rs 2,05(d) Bank charges recorded twice in cash book Rs 30.(e) Cheque received was sent to bank for collection but not yet credited Rs 920. (6)17. Motia Ltd., purchased a machine for Rs. 30,000 on January, 2009. An additionalmachinery was purchased on July 1,2010, costing Rs. 25,000. On 31st March, 2011,one of the original machines which had cost Rs. 15000 on January 1, 2009 obsoleteso was sold for Rs. 12500. On the same date a new machine was purchased for Rs.6,000. You are required to draw up Machinery Account for three years if companycloses its books of accounts on 31st December, each year and charges depreciation@10% p.a. on the basis of Reducing Instalment method. (6)
18. A) L’s acceptance given to M FOR Rs 8,000 was discounted with bank for Rs 7,900has been dishonoured. Noting charges were paid Rs 160. L pays the amount due toM. Journalise the above in the books of M.B) P’s acceptance in favour of Q was endorsed for Rs 9,000 to R was dishonoured. R paid noting charges Rs 190. Journalise the transactions in the books of Q. (6)19. Rectify the following errors:a. Rs 5,000 received from a customer as an advance against order was creditedto sales account.b. Payment of Rs 300 made to Shivani and Rs 500 to Shiv was debited with Rs300 and Rs 500 reapectively.c. A piece of furniture purchased for Rs 4,500 for personal use was entered inthe purchase book d. The sales book was overcast to Rs 300.e. Purchase of a table for Rs 354 from Ram for Rs 354 has been recorded inpurchase book as Rs 345.f. A bill receivable of Rs 770 received from Umar entered through bills payablebook. (6)20. On 31st March, 2007 the following Trial Balance was extracted from the books of amerchant:
Debit Balances Rs. Debit Balances (Contd.) Rs.
Drawings 3,000 Rates, Taxes andInsurance2,891Sundry Debtors 20,100 Advertising 3,264Interest on loan 300 General Expenses 3,489Cash-in Hand 2,050 Bills Receivable 6,882Stock on 1
Credit Balances
Motor vehicles 10,000 Capital 28,000Cash at Bank 3,555 Sundry Creditors 10,401Land and Buildings 12,000 Loan on Mortgage 9,500Bad Debts 525 Provision for DoubtfulDebts710Purchases 66,458 Sales 1,10,243Sales Returns 7,821 Purchases Returns 1,346Carriage Outward 2,404 Discounts 540Carriage Inward 2,929 Bills Payable 2,614Salaries 9,097 Rent Received 250Prepare the Trading and Profit and Loss Account for the year ended 31st March,2007 and balance Sheet as on that date after following adjustments

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