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My Principles

My Principles



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Published by into2voids
A set of principles a life can be guided by.
A set of principles a life can be guided by.

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Published by: into2voids on Jul 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The system through which I govern my life.
My complex of fundamental universal principles.
 JUNE 2009
I am in
active state
.I am always in a good shape. I always feel very inspired and interested.
I am in
active energy
.I create and multiply energy. Hard work is always the easiest thing to do.
I am in
active action
.I do as many constructive and useful things during the day as possible. I am alwaysinvolved in busy activity. I do not restrict my possibilities. I do not find excuses forquitting or violating. Every minute is a chance to improve.
I am in
active participation
. This is how I monitor my participation:
I choose carefully the activities in which I want to participate.
I take a very active part in this activity.I don’t know what partial participation is.
I work in an
effective way
I am in
active completion
.I never quit. I finish all worthy activities I start.
Track Firmation
If I deviate, I always have only one deviation. I get back on the track right after anyderailment.It is always better to do a good thing late than never.It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, it is how quickly you get up.
Spontaneous Realization
I never procrastinate. I never postpone doing important and necessary things. I do athing as soon as I have the intention to do it. This is how I deal with the things I mustdo:
I have an intention to do a thing.
I do this thing now.
If I can not do it due to external circumstances, I do it as fast as I can.
Duties Execution
I independently do all the duties within my sphere:1)Mundane Duties:
I do my laundry.
I wash my dishes.2)Professional Duties.
I.Strength is the total power that an animal has.1
The system through which I govern my life.
My complex of fundamental universal principles.
 JUNE 2009
Strength can be measured objectively, for all the human species, on the scale from 0 to100. 0 is the strength of a dead or not yet born animal. 100 is the biggest strength thatcan be achieved by a human being today. Strength can also be measured subjectively,for a particular person, where 0 is the strength it has when not existing and 100 is thetop strength that can be achieved by it.II.The Structure of StrengthStrength is the quintessence of all the characteristics of the animal.
Objective factors are as follows:1)PhysiquePhysique is determined partly by sex. It includes size (height, length), weight, andmuscular strength.2)IntellectIntellectual characteristics like speed of thought, duration and quality of memory, depthof understanding.3)SpeechDiction, facial expressiveness, unity of speech and thought, voice.
Subjective factors are the following.1)BeliefsA belief is what I know about myself and the world, what I hold to be true.2)AttitudesAn attitude is what my approach to this truth is, what I plan to do.
Dominance is interaction.
I dominate over people when I interact with them.Every animal has its own level of strength, but when people interact with each other,their levels begin to compare in a relationship that demands the outcome with twosides: the Dominator (Over) and the Dominated (Under). Terzium non datur. I must bealways on the over side.I am always a) on the dominant side or b) work to be on the dominant side inrelationships, communication, studies.
Dominance is a virtue.
My dominance is kind. It never offends or hurts other people. When I dominate I makeeveryone happier.
Dominance is control.
I always have control, command, and dominance over the situation I am in.
I am always in the dominant physical position.
Dominance is in the air.
I create dominant surroundings.
Dominance is hard work.
The system through which I govern my life.
My complex of fundamental universal principles.
 JUNE 2009
I sweat my guts out to be the dominant male, the biggest, strongest, and smartest.
Dominance is big size.
In order to dominate I make all surrounding objects and events small, myself – big.
I prevail over all my surroundings the whole time:1)Acoustically2)Visually.
I must prosper all the time.
Prosperity Pool PostulateProsperity multiplies in a progression within a polis and smaller groups. The statementthat in order to prosper I must take away prosperity from a different person and makethem prosper less is illusory. Prosperity is collective. Each member of a polis brings hisprosperity into the collective pool where it gets multiplied.
The more I prosper, the more you do.
I am always optimistic and positive. I focus on good and pleasant things, note goodattributes in objects, situations, and people.
I avoid negative phenomena (people, situations, information etc.).
I am never downcast, I am never bruised, and I am never depressed.
All the time and in everything, my goal is to do the good for me, to identify my idealpattern (the target) and act to become closer to it. Every time I am outside the norm, Ido my best to get within it.Good – everything that makes me feel fine, makes me stronger.Bad – that which harms me, makes me regress, makes me weaker.
I feel good now, and in the future I will feel much better.
My Targets:
Employment target. I work at an interesting intellectual job, which is activeand creative, connected with serious politics and events.
State target. I am in a good physical and psychological state. I do not haveaches, I am healthy. I am inspired and interested.
Introspection Target. I am aware of absolutely everything within my psyche.
Fearless target. I have absolutely no fears.
[MC] target. I know the whole [MC] text by heart and execute it 100%.
Information target. I fully understand everything I read/listen to, can easilyretell it and memorize it for the rest of my life.3

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