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Islamic Way of Life scientific presentation

Islamic Way of Life scientific presentation



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Published by aamna_shaikh01
a must read for all the students for islam.the book describe islamic way of life systematically.
a must read for all the students for islam.the book describe islamic way of life systematically.

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Published by: aamna_shaikh01 on Jul 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ContentsIntroduction 21 The Islamic Concept of Life 31 Basic Principles 32 Iman : Its Nature and Character 53 The Scheme of Life 74 Objectives and Characteristics 8Ma’rufat 9Munkarat 9Some Other Characteristics 102 The Moral System of Islam 10Why Differences? 11The Islamic Concept of Life and Morality 12The Goal of Moral Effort 13Sanction Behind Morality 13Motives and Incentives 14Distinctive Features 143 Essential Features of the Islamic Political System 15Democracy in Islam 16Purpose of the Islamic State 17Fundamental Rights 18Executive and Legislature 194 The Islamic Social Order 20Equality of Mankind 20Institution of the Family 21Relatives and Neighbours 225 The Economic Principles of Islam 24Right of Property 25The Problem of Equality 26Social Justice 26Obligations and Restrictions 286 The Spiritual Path in Islam 29Body-Soul Conflict 29Criterion of Spiritual Development 30The Road to Spirituality 31
introductionDuring January - March, 1948, Sayyid Abul A’la Mawdudi (1903 - 1979) gave aseries of five talks, in Urdu, on Radio Pakistan, in which he dealt with the broad and basicprinciples of moral, political, economic, social and spiritual teachings of Islam. They wereimmediately published in books and have also been translated into several different languages,the first English translation appearing in 1950. A greatly improved version was published by theIslamic Research Academy, Karachi under the title The Islamic Way of Life (Lahore, 1967). Itcontained a new translation and an additional chapter on the Islamic Concept of Life,compiled from various writings of Sayyid Mawdudi and providing a concise introduction tothe view of man and universe as given in the Divine guidance, which forms the basis of theIslamic way of life. This additional material (contributed by Khurshid Ahmad) was intended toguide the reader to a clearer and better understanding of the basis and content of SayyidMawdudi’s short radio talks.This present special edition for dawah purposes has been taken from the new Englishversion published by the Islamic Foundation.The Islamic Way of Life is an immensely important book. It has been widely acclaimedand used as one of the best and most concise primary introductory texts on Islam incontemporary times. Within the limits of five very short talks, Sayyid Mawdudi has said,succinctly and effectively, what others might have needed volumes to express. He has broughttogether most of the essential, salient teachings of Islam on the major human responsibilities.Whether it be morals and ethics, politics and economics, family and social life, or spirituality andworship, the reader will find here a comprehensive and coherent introduction to underlyingprinciples as well as the broad outlines of how these are to be translated into concrete terms.Perhaps it may not be an exaggeration to say that no other work, in any language, deals with sowide a range of themes in so short a space as does this work of Sayyid Mawdudi.Sayyid Mawdudi was blessed not only with erudition and scholarship but brilliant gifts of exposition. Hence, despite the enormous agenda he set for himself, this brief work neverthelessexhibits all the passionate lucidity and the persuasive logic so characteristic of his style. Thatstyle has its own charm, yet the argument it carries remains deeply convincing and compellingin its appeal. Such a discourse does not take long to penetrate and capture hearts and minds.Its impact has not been limited to merely intellectual persuasion, nor was it the author’sintention that it should. It has inspired many to commit themselves to their Creator and strive toshape their total lives by His guidance. They have all found it extremely useful to educate andenrich themselves, and have widely usde it as such.Chapter 1The Islamic Concept of Life

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