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November 2013 Uptown Neighborhood News.pdf

November 2013 Uptown Neighborhood News.pdf

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Published by UptownNews
Monthly newspaper for Uptown: Covering CARAG, East Calhoun (ECCO), East Isles (EIRA) and Lowry Hill East (LHENA/Wedge)
Monthly newspaper for Uptown: Covering CARAG, East Calhoun (ECCO), East Isles (EIRA) and Lowry Hill East (LHENA/Wedge)

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Published by: UptownNews on Oct 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Crime & Safety
CARAG Minutes
Film Reviews & Schedule
ECCO Minutes
Events Calendar
October Business
- Volume 9 - Number 11
< Good Humor Bar 
Claes Oldenburg’s offset lithograph is on displayas part of a Large Works show at DouglasFlanders Gallery. (See more events on page 11)
Your Community-Supported News Source
and the Neighborhoods of CARAG and ECCO
 Win Free Movietickets fromLandmark Theaters
(see details on page 11)
Know Your Turkeys?
Shooting at Mortimer’sLeaves One Dead
 Provided by the Minneapolis Police Department
Shortly after 2:00 a.m. on Oct.13, officers responded to a shooting atMortimer’s Bar, 2001 Lyndale Ave. When officers arrived they locat-ed two adult males who had been shot outside the bar. Both menwere transported via ambulance to HCMC where one man died andThe Minneapolis City Council has authorized a lawsuit against anUptown building owner over the illegal discharge of groundwaterinto the Chain of Lakes. At issue is an apartment and retail buildingcalled 1800 Lake on Calhoun, located at 1800 Knox Ave. The lawsuitseeks to stop the discharge of water from the building’s undergroundgarage into the Chain of Lakes, which is having an impact on theenvironment and public safety.
City Sues1800 Lake St.Developer
Mortimer’s Bar is located at 2001 Lyndale Ave.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Ward 10 Candidate Pool Shrinks, Oct. 14
 By Gabrielle Landsverk
The Ward 10 Election Forumheld Oct. 14 had a few surpris-es in store. The forum was thefirst public announcement thatthe pool of candidates decreasedfrom four to two: Meg Tuth-ill and Lisa Bender, only one of whom was present to speak thatevening. This unexpected turnof events further complicatedan already highly-anticipatedchange to elections procedure,with the recent change to rankedvoting that has been expected togreatly influence the outcome of elections citywide.The first of the scheduled can-didates, Lisa Bender, was unableto attend due to having gone inlabor hours before the forum.Her husband, Ryan Bender,delivered a written speech she
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
Just Press Play 
 Watch the Oct. 14 & 22 Ward10 Forum videos on Facebook/UptownNeighborhoodNews
(Photo by BruceCochran)
Tenth Ward candidates–incumbent Meg Tuthilll, Lisa Bender and Scott Hargarten
–listen to the moderator prior to thebeginning of the Oct. 22 Forum at Bryant Square Park.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Forums Reflect Change
OCT. 22
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
OCT. 14
 Bondesque will offer whips and community
 By Lyndel Owens
Uptown will soon be “whipped” intostylish shape by the goods and ex-pertise available at Bondesque, anew boutique catering to thosewith a preference for bondageor an interest in fine leatherwear. Set to open in earlyNovember,Bondesque will sell a range of bondage products from hand-made leather and latex clothingto bondage accoutrementssuch as whips and maskspersonally chosen bysole proprietor AdelinaSharku.Sharku’s vision for thestore hinges on creatingan affirming envi-ronment for thosewho share herenjoyment of bondage.“We shouldhave ahome
 Final Face-off for 10th Ward Seat, Oct. 22
 By Gary Farland
The remaining three 10th Ward candidates vied for votes at theirfinal debate Oct. 22 at Bryant-Square Park.Pat Koval-Jarboe of the League of Women Voters introduced thecandidates—incumbent Meg Tuthill-DFL, DFL-endorsed LisaBender, and Scott Hargarten of the Pirate Party—and emphasizedthe importance of the City Council races given that the City has aweak mayor system. The debate was sponsored by the CARAG, EastCalhoun, the Wedge, Whittier and East Harriet neighborhoods,as well as the Southwest Journal, and moderated by the League of Women Voters.In her opening remarks, Tuthill emphasized how the neighbor-hood has improved since she became active in 1970. Tuthill cited
2 -
Uptown Neighborhood News wants to hear from the community
News tips, story ideas, articles, photos with captions, letters to the editor and commentary are welcomed and encouraged. Send by the 15th of the month touptownnews@yahoo.com or UNN, 3612 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409.All submissions must be relevant to Uptown. Letters to the Editor are limited to 250 words. High resolution photos are required. We reserve the right to decidewhether or not a piece will be published and to edit for space, clarity, appropriateness or legal concerns. We need to know your name, address, phone number,e-mail and neighborhood.UNN is a monthly publication of Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG) in cooperation with the East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO). UNNcovers the news of Uptown and is delivered free to households within the area bounded by Lyndale Avenue and Lake Calhoun, between Lake Street and 36thStreet. Copies are distributed to businesses in the Uptown area. Circulation is 5,200 with a pass-along readership of 10,000. Publication and distribution is beforethe first of every month. Contributors are area residents who volunteer their time to bring the news of the area to residents.UNN is managed by a board of local citizens with the ECCO and CARAG Boards each appointing three representatives. Monthly meetings are held at St. Mary’sGreek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Avenue from 7 pm to 9 pm the first Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise scheduled. Meetings are open to the public.Contact uptownnews@yahoo.com to confirm and/or request time on the agenda.
Copyright © 2013 Uptown Neighborhood News 
 Jessica Van Gilder
Art Direction and Production
Bruce Cochran
 Susan Hagler
Jenny Anderson 952.848.0925
Managing Board
Ralph Knox,
 President (ECCO)
Elizabeth Walke,
Treasurer (CARAG)
Anja Curiskis,
Nancy Riestenberg
Pat Rounds
Samantha Strong
Contributing Photographers
 Bruce Cochran, Beth Marsh, Natasha D’Schommer, Drew Trampe, Jessica Van Gilder, Stuart Wainstock(Special Thanks to Urban Outfitters, Uptown)
Contributing Writers
 Michelle Beauliu, Bruce Cochran, Anja Curiskis, Gary Farland,Gabrielle Landsverk, Beth Marsh, Lyndel Owens, Wendy Schadewald, Monica Smith, Meg Tuthill, Jessica Van Gilder
Newspaper Circulation
 CARAG/ECCO/Uptown Circulation:Bill Boudreau, Justin Jagoe
for submissions to The Uptown Neighborhood News is 
(email: uptownnews @yahoo.com) 
UNN Editorial
Divine LiturgySunday 9:30 am
Fr. Paul ParisFr. Thomas Alatzakis
3450 Irving Ave. South (overlooking Lake Calhoun)
www.stmarysgoc.org(612) 825-9595
610 W. 28th St.Minneapolis MN 55408612.825.3019Lyndaleucc.org
Lyndale United Church of Christ
in SpringHouse Ministry Center
(3 churches, 1 building)
Join us Sunday mornings for a powerful experienceof community and encountering God’s presence. 
9:15am Education For All Ages10:30am Worship
Check us out on Twitter @lyndaleuccon Facebook LyndaleUCC or www.LyndaleUCC.org
Sundays: 8:30am Traditional Service9:15am Sunday School& Youth9:40am Adult Ed10:30am Jazz Worship
Christ tended to attract an assorted crowd, too.
Part of SpringHouseMinistry Center 
Meg Tuthill for Ward 10
 By Anja Curiskis
When Meg Tuthill became our Ward 10 Council member she com-mitted herself to us, her new family. However, Meg was commit-ted to our neighborhoods long before that.In 1984 when I was a junior at Southwest High School, I was inthe office of my State Rep. Dee Long as part of Project 120. Atthe time I was earnestly talking about curbside recycling. BrynMawr, where I was living at the time, wasn’t part of the City’s pilotproject. At about the same time Meg Tuthill, of Tuthill’s BalloonEmporium, was doing the same thing, urging our elected officialsto get curbside recycling off the ground. Like our family, Mrs. Tut-hill was already separating her garbage and taking it to the vari-ous recycling stations around town. That’s just what conscientiouspeople did then. It is what anyone concerned about the environ-ment had to do until 1987 when curbside recycling was bestowedupon the entire city. Meg didn’t even allow plastic shopping bags inher store! She didn’t write an essay on the topic or come up with afancy name. She simply believed it was the right thing to do.Jump ahead to 2013 and Minneapolis has one-sort recycling. It isnot all because of Meg Tuthill, but it is certainly because of Megand people like her. In fact, now that I am an adult and servingon the East Calhoun Community Organization board, I have neveronce heard Meg take credit for anything she has helped along. Megtends to give credit rather than take credit. She always acknowl-edges the work of others. This is why she is such a great leader forour community. She recognizes that nothing is done in this townby just one person and encourages ideas from others.Meg Tuthill is fierce and principled. Experienced and passionate.She is a fierce defender of her neighbors in Ward 10, using the toolsat her disposal to fend off unscrupulous developers who seem tothink it is okay to make money at the expense of everyone else. Megstood in partnership with Park Board Commissioner Anita Tabb,to give an ultimatum to a developer who has been pumping groundwater discharge into the lagoon between Lakes Calhoun and Lakeof the Isles. This is what we should look for in a leader. One whodoes her best to enforce the rules meant to protect communitiesand the assets we all hold dear.Sometimes that means GoodCop. Sometimes that meansBad Cop. Meg can do both.Meg Tuthill’s priority is thiscommunity. It always has been.She pushes up her sleeves anddives in. She has my vote for10th Ward City Council Mem-ber. I hope you’ll join me.
 Anja Curiskis resides in East Cal- houn.
Uptown residents took part in the CARAG Midtown Greenway cleanupon Oct. 5.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
A Clean Green
 By Jessica Van Gilder, Editor
Local and community-specificpolitics don’t always draw theattention they should. Withoutthe energy and circus that sur-rounds the presidential race,the stakes involved with Wardrepresentation or parks’ officialsmay seem smaller, but that’s an
Pay attention and vote
 Local elections matter most in day-to-day
immense and unfortunate mis-conception because local elec-tions matter most.The decisions that most impactday-to-day life, from streets inyour neighborhood to safety inyour community and improve-ments to schools and parks, stemfrom politics on the local level.All municipal offices are on the2013 ballot—mayor, City Coun-cil members, Board of Estimate& Taxation members, and Min-neapolis Park & Rec Board com-missioners.With so many candidates formayor on the ballot—35 arelisted on vote.minneapolismn.gov—Minneapolis is asking a lotof voters because it’s not a simplehim/her vs. him/her scenario andthere is a lot of noise out thereabout the multitude and vari-ety of candidates. So yes, a littlemore reading and awareness isrequired when narrowing downthese choices.But Ranked Choice Voting(RCV) also gives citizens theopportunity to seriously considerthe merits of up to three may-oral candidates instead of beingforced into choosing ‘the lesser of two evils (or best of two greats)’scenario. Please see [page #] for arundown of how RCV works.You’re likely most concernedabout the Ward 10 election andthe mayoral ballot, but that’s notall you’re voting on Nov. 5.Money—Board of Estimate &Taxation members impact taxlevies and City department bud-gets and since we care abouthow our hard-earned money isspent, read up on the four candi-dates, two of whom will receiveat-large positions.And considering how many of usare drawn to and enjoy Uptownbecause of access to the gorgeouslakes, don’t disregard the impor-tance of the races for Park & Reccommissioners in Districts 4 and6 at the very least.The UNN is a platform forinformed conversations. Wehave presented your options innews coverage, as well as printed
What You Need to Know About Ranked Choice Voting
Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) allows you to rank up to threecandidates for each municipal office.RCV is used for the following municipal offices: Mayor, CityCouncil, Board of Estimate and Taxation, and Park and RecreationBoard (both At-Large and by District).In single seat races, the threshold is 50 plus 1 percent of theballots cast. If a candidate gets more than half of the votes in asingle seat race, that candidate is declared the winner.If none of the candidates reach this threshold the candidate whoreceived the lowest number of votes is eliminated along withany candidates who can’t mathematically win. Those votes arereallocated based on the second-choice votes no those ballots,and so on.Your ballot will count for your 2nd choice only if your 1st choice iseliminated, and it will count for your 3rd choice only if your firsttwo choices are eliminated.If you rank one candidate as your first, second and third choice, itis the same as if you left the second and third choices blank.Your vote for a candidate stays with that candidate throughout allcounting rounds until that candidate is defeated and only then isyour vote transferred to your next ranked candidate.
For more information about RCV and to see sample ballots visit vote.minneapolismn.gov/rcv 
Metamorphosis: providing honest, informed andcreative answers to your housing questions.
BC. 20628624
real estate | construction
Renovate or move?
If you’re wrestling with this decision,time to call the experts.
  c   U  p   t  o  w  n   N  e   i  g   h   b  o  r   h  o  o   d   N  e  w  s
Electric & Lighting Company 
925 West Lake Street, Uptown, Mpls
 B e a u t i f u l  L i g h t i n g  B e g i n s  a t  M o h n!
 r i g
had prepared in her place.“Lisa would have loved to havebeen here tonight,” Ryan Bend-er said before announcing thebirth to enthusiastic shouts andapplause from the audience.Bender, Ward 10’s only DFL-en-dorsed candidate, presented aplatform that emphasizes publicsafety, environmental protec-tions and local business.“We need more effective andinclusive leadership on the citycouncil,” Ryan Bender read fromhis wife’s speech.Bender’s master’s degree in cityplanning, her career in nonprof-it government service and herexperience as an advocate forthe Minneapolis Bicycle Coali-tion and coordinator for the SafeRoutes to School program werecited as evidence of her qualifi-cations for city council. The cou-ple’s emotional investment in theneighborhood was also presentedas an asset to Bender’s campaign.“As a parent, Lisa knows thevalue of safe streets and goodschools, and will work hard toleave a healthy environment forfuture generations,” Ryan Bend-er said.Meg Tuthill, the Ward 10 incum-bent, started the night by person-ally greeting several members of the audience before the officialspeeches began.“This is my home. This is mycommunity,” Tuthill said, refer-ring to her long residence inWard 10 despite early problemswith absentee landlords, drugtrafficking in the neighborhood,and being held at gunpointduring a robbery. “We decidedthis was not the neighborhoodwe wanted it to be, so we workedhard to make that change.”Tuthill’s speech, punctuatedby bursts of applause, focusedon public safety, small busi-website lists electoral reform,direct democracy, and campaignfinance reform as prioritiesshould he be elected.Due to the decrease of Ward 10candidates, audience membersexpressed concern that Minne-apolis’ new ranked choice votingsystem would fail to functionproperly. Representatives of voter information organizations,however, assured everyone thatranked voting would work asplanned even if only two candi-dates are eligible to run.Ranked choice voting is designedto allow voters to pick the candi-dates closest to their values with-out fear of “wasting” their voteby selecting up to three candi-dates, in order of preference. If,after the first round of counting,a voter’s first-choice candidatedoes not meet the 50 percentthreshold required to win theelection, their vote passes on totheir second choice and, if neces-sary after another recount, theirthird choice.Voters approved ranked choicevoting in 2006. The system wasfirst used for municipal electionsthree years later in 2009.ness growth, and environmen-tal friendliness. Tuthill citedexperience in all three areas, ascofounder of the Lowry HillEast Neighborhood Association(The Wedge), owner of multiplelocal businesses, and 30 years of volunteer work in Minneapolisschool systems.“Since I have been in office, wehave had over 75 new business-es open throughout the Ward,”Tuthill said. Tuthill added thatshe has also worked to improveexisting businesses by reducingthe amount of late night noiseand discouraging problematicbehavior at neighborhood barsand restaurants. “Those bars andrestaurants are thriving. A num-ber of them are some of my big-gest supporters.”Tuthill emphasized the impor-tance of intergenerational rela-tionships and collaborationwithin the community by intro-ducing members of her teamwho represent different agegroups in Ward 10.“My staff knows [Ward 10],”Tuthill said. Underlying thethree main components of hercampaign, Tuthill attested to acommitment to constituent ser-vice.“Constituent service to me is thesame as customer service, andyou don’t last in retail for over 30years without good customer ser-vice,” Tuthill said.To round off her speech, Tuthillstated that if elected for a secondterm, she would not seek a thirdterm, instead opting to pass onher knowledge and experience toa new candidate.“I am happy to mentor the nextperson that would like to be theMinneapolis City Council, theTenth Ward,” Tuthill said.Nate Griggs, the third candi-date scheduled to speak at theforum, instead used this time asan opportunity to publicly with-draw his candidacy. Despite hisresignation, Griggs was greetedenthusiastically by the crowd,and expressed his continuedinvestment in the election.“It’s time for me to step aside.You have great options on thetable,” he said. “I hope you pickthe right one.”The fourth and final candi-date, Scott Hargarten, althoughincluded on the ballot, was notinvited to the forum due touncertainty about the legitimacyof his candidacy. City Councilofficials are required to have atleast 30 days of residency in theWard they represent, a require-ment Hargarten has not met.However, he has previously saidhe intended to fulfill this manda-tory residency before the dead-line to run for Ward 10.Since official rules leave the ver-ification of residency require-ments up to constituents,Hargarten will not be prevent-ed from appearing on the bal-lot, although if elected, he willbe barred from assuming officewithout proof of residency. Amember of the Minnesota PirateParty, Hargarten’s campaign
OCT. 14
Ex-candidate Nate Griggs explains his resignation from the race because of a new job at the Oct. 14 CandidateFourm.
(Photo by StuartWainstock.com)
For more information on thecandidates, visit their officialcampaign websites.
Bender: votelisabender.comTuthill: megtuthill.com/ Hargarten: https://mnpirate-party.org/ minneapolis-2013-municipal-pirate-candidatesTo learn more about Minne-apolis ranked choice voting,or election procedures, go tohttp://vote.minneapolismn.gov.
The Uptown Neighborhood News
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Jenny Anderson | 952.848.0925 | jennya@q.com
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neighbors’ varying opinions onthose options in guest columns(printed in the prior issue andthis issue regarding the Ward 10race).We are not interested in tellingyou how to vote, but we strong-ly encourage you to vote as aninformed resident with yourown convictions formed by criti-cal analysis. This is your commu-nity, your neighborhood, yourcity. Be a part of the change youwant to see. Use your voice. Voteon Nov. 5.
UNN Editorials represent the researched and written opinions of UNN Editor Jessica Van Gild- er and UNN Art Director BruceCochran, which are independent of the newsroom and managing board.

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