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How to Talk to Women and Get Them Interested in You

How to Talk to Women and Get Them Interested in You



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Published by PINKYDOLPIN

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Published by: PINKYDOLPIN on Aug 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to talk to women and get themHow to talk to women and get theminterested in youinterested in you
Hello fellow superheros. Thanks for downloading this
Highly informative transformation report.
This one report will change your life if you follow itsinstructions carefully. This information is derived from avast amount of research, practice and summary of itsfindings… and men it works!I personally know from experience and observing the malerace, one of
man’s greatest desires
is to know how to approach a woman, know what to say toher to keep a conversation going to build a connection and create attraction.As the very smart man David Deangelo says, ‘attraction is not a choice’.I agree, its not about how much money you have, what car you drive, or how good looking youare. It’s how you approach and communicate on all levels.If you can communicate in the right way to women you will havegreater success in meeting more women, have a happier morefulfilled life through the new found power and you will be able togo out and bring your ideal women into your life.The greatest mistake that men make when communicate withwomen is a lack of preparation and what we call, talking to theinterview side of their brain.Now… unless you’ve been living on Mars, you know women are complex creatures and if youwant to get good at communicating with them. Like anything in life worth achieving, you have todo some work, feel some pain to get the results. They are not just going to fall into the passengerseat of your sports car because you look good. You have to do some work.You didn’t just pick up a surf board and ride it.You didn’t just turn on a computer and know how to use it.You didn’t just show up at work one day and become great at your profession.You practiced, had some falls but over time you got better and better. It’s the same with getting better with women. It takes some work and practice… I’m not going to lie to you about that, andI’m here to help you short cut the process.
The Russell Revolution How to talk to women and get them interested in you Page
So if you’re sick of the one handed parties or spending too much money on alcohol and drugs inthe hope that a woman will fall into your lap. Then make the commitment to this ExclusiveTransformation Information and bring the joy and wonder of living a powerful life and havingamazing women in it.
Let’s get prepared for the wonderful process toLet’s get prepared for the wonderful process to communication success with females!communication success with females!
You get ready to warm up before a run. You suit up beforeyour chosen sport. But how do you get ready to goout and meet women. And I’m talking more than justabout which shirt you’re going to wear.Men, you think about them all the time and want tomeet them, so how about having the mental andphysical tools ready to make this happen and havea whole lot of fun along the way.In the beginning this may seem like an extensive list, but in a short time these checks will be apart of you.1.Look and feel your best wherever you go. You never know when you’re going to see thatspecial lady you want to go up and meet.
Get clean and be well groomed and wear clean shoes and shave your face, trim your beardand nose and ear hairs.
Have a nice haircut for your age. If your hair is thinning keep it short or shaved. Woman carea lot less about hair than you do. It’s your energy and confidence they fall for.4.Have a nice watch, ring and bracelet. Good women are not impressed by how much jewelleryyou have but always notice something that is a little different.
Check your breath and have breath mints, no pizza before heading out!
Wear aftershave but don’t think more is better.
Always carry your phone to record phone numbers and emails. If she is younger get her emailor Face Book address. They seem to feel better about this.8.Have some interesting photos in your phone. They can be powerful conversation topics.
Drown out any negative talk. Get positive with yourself and tell yourself you’re a great man.You make no apology for your desires as a man to go out and meet good women.
Get smiling and get confident. Fake it if you have to! Smile at women as they walk past you.Ring a friend, chat to people at the petrol station serving you. Think of something funny andhave a laugh to yourself.
Getting in the mood creates the right approachable energy! (97% of women say they wantmen to approach with a smile). This can be the 1 key element that allows you to stand outfrom the competition as most men don’t have the confidence to smile to the world.
The Russell Revolution How to talk to women and get them interested in you Page
Remember, feeling a little nervous to go out and meet women is normal. But get yourself outinto social situations and with practice you’ll find with all your training and your energy, itwill find its place.
In your car – condoms and a small photo album of you, friends and great things you havedone. Great way to have good conversation in the car and at yours or her home. It’s about being interested and interesting.
Having some support and help when going out is a very good way to meet women. Soorganize your male and female friends so you can help out each other. When you’re havingfun with your friends and you just pull in women in a natural flow they will want to meet you because women are out to have a fun time.
When walking into any social gathering, be your ‘own man’ living in your world. Beconscious and take one step at a time. Be in the moment. Slow down and no darting all overthe place. Own your power. Then smile like a rock star.
As soon as you’re out and see anyone or make eye contact, say hi and cheers their glass. Youcan go back and talk later to chat as you have now broken the ice and addressed theapproaching fear monster.
Talk to everyone guys and girls. Go out with the intention of having fun and connecting witheveryone. If you just go out to pick up, you’ll come across like a sleaze and women will feelyour energy. You know all those guys just hovering around them. They hate that shit!
Talking to everyone gets you in flow and when you do end up talking to a woman you findinteresting, the conversation will just flow so much more naturally and easily.
When you see the girl you want to meet don’t keep staring at her hoping shell come to you. 99times out of 100 she never will. You need to approach. Women are flattered and love it whena confident man approaches them. If they happen to be rude. Well thank God you found outquickly. It’s no skin of your back. There are far more women out there for you. More womenthan good men actually. Some openers, conversation topics and responses to rude replies arecoming below, to help you in this area.
Never have a drink in your hand when approaching. You’ll come across like a drunk. If youare talking to a girl and have a drink. Keep it down low by yourself with a straight arm. It’s asmall thing but makes a big difference.
Have your hands down by your side or hooked in your back pockets. This gives of acomfortable energy to the girls.
Always approach side on and keep a bit of distance to start. Even if you have to talk a littleside on across your shoulder. Its way less threatening. You can slowly turn more towards heras you feel comfort building.
Always say when you first meet that you can only stay for a moment. This way they don’tthink they’re stuck with you for hours. Once you connect they’ll want you to stay and won’teven remember you where ever going to leave.
If you can’t hear her, gently grab her at the base of her upper arm and pull her into you withyour head to the side displaying you can’t hear her. Don’t lean into her though. This displaysa message of weakness and neediness on your part.
Stand as straight on both feet and as relaxed as you can with no fidgets and ticks. Girls hatethis as it delivers a message that you are nervous and not in control. Superheros don’t fidget!
Sometimes it’s going to be better to build up the energy of connection and go back to yourfriends for a while or go and talk to other people and come back later. Too many guys hang
The Russell Revolution How to talk to women and get them interested in you Page

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