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2013.09.04 - MSANA Meeting Minutes

2013.09.04 - MSANA Meeting Minutes

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Mt Scott Arleta Neighborhood Association, board meeting minutes, September 2013
Mt Scott Arleta Neighborhood Association, board meeting minutes, September 2013

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Published by: Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association on Nov 15, 2013
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Mt Scott Arleta Neighborhood Association
 September 4, 2013 Board members in attendance: Erika Wilson, Terah Beth Balzer Varga, Jonathan Brandt, Nicole Green, Meghan Humphreys, Jed Roberts, Marcel Hermans, Regan Hermans, Patrick Fuller Meeting started at 6:30. Stacey from SMART attended the meeting to ask for volunteers to help read with kids in the neighborhood
 at two schools: Arleta K-8 and Woodmere Elementary. Need help for 40 kids at Woodmere; 20 at Arleta. Time commitment for a volunteer session is one hour at a time, once a week, mid October
 mid-May, mostly with kids in K-3
 grade. For those with changing schedules, SMART recommends considering being a substitute reader. There is a short training volunteers have to do; on how to read with kids and get them engaged. The website is www.getsmartoregon.org  Jed Roberts said the budget requests need to come in from all committees and subcommittees ASAP, so that action can be taken next month. Currently we have some numbers
 Transportation, Communications, and Arleta Triangle have submitted requests. Other general requests include $500 for neighborhood socials and other events. Jed thinks we should also talk about fundraising opportunities next month. Erika is looking at possible partnership nights with Dutch Bros. and Round Table Pizza to get funds for the NA.
Gateway Signage
Terah Beth presented the gateway signage project that the neighborhood is applying for PDC grant funds for now. Looking to do two signs and lampposts on 72
, south of Foster, and also on Woodstock  just west of 82nd (done on a light pole, made out of metal and built to last.) The lamps would ideally match the ones already in Lents in style. The Communications subcommittee has already committed $400 to the project, and there is a proposal to match that with another $400 from the general neighborhood fund. Jonathan wondered whether the developers who are looking to upgrade the two PDC properties would kick in fund
s or help with the project. Erika didn’t know if there were adequate funds available at
Hacienda to do any sort of financial assistance. Marcel suggested calling out in the grant that $400 is 10% of our overall budget / cash on hand to demonstrate our commitment to the project. Terah Beth made a motion to spend $400 from the general fund to put toward the general fund if we get the PDC grant for more of the cost. Nicole seconded the motion. Approved unanimously.
Laurelwood Park
Ryan Givens from Foster Green Ecodistrict decided to create a master plan for Laurelwood Park that they will offer the City in the future. The next step is an endorsement (anytime we feel ready to approve) from the two neighborhoods (Foster Powell and Mt Scott Arleta). The main concepts of the
final design are based on a survey and an open house. Feedback was generally that people wanted to save the trees that are there, but wanted improvements that reflect the improvement of the neighborhood. Their Concept A had the most support
 including a crushed rock plaza with a seat wall around many parts of the park. The City gave some general support for the plan (and especially that it did not specify certain designs.) Cost estimates are included in the plan (with low end and high end estimates). Jonathan would be interested in the two neighborhoods discussing the plan. Ryan will be presenting the plan on Monday as well, and will do a joint email to both NAs with the collected comments.
Land Use
There is a proposal to redevelop 6109 SE 77
 into a four-lot property, the developer did not appear at the meeting. There was a question regarding what would happen to the trees on the site; Erika will ask the land use rep about what the Portland tree code would allow or prohibit regarding those trees.
Holgate Library
There are four new iPads with games for kids at the library to use, and one other iPad with internet access for teens to use at the library. The book group at the library also put out their book list for late 2013 and into 2014. There is a PSU history professor doing a class on Tue., Oct. 1
 from 6:15-7:15 pm -- about Chinese vegetable farmers who mostly worked along Johnson Creek.
There will be a September meeting (later in the month) with the Foster Streetscape Plan and then a recommendation in October from the City on what the plan will include. The committee is also creating a survey about Harold St., identifying issues that people who live on or near Harold face regarding the street. This would then be used to engage the City about improvements that could be made. Jonathan suggested getting volunteers to go door to door from the neighborhood; Patrick offered to work on canvassing the neighborhood.
Planting date is Oct. 19
 (in the morning, but time TBD) at Arleta School for the DePave project. The
tree stewards who are graduating from the program will have their “ceremony” on that day. The trees
will be likely donated by the City, and are trying to get smaller plants donated. There is a possible project to create an Edible Alley between 63
 and 64
 close to Foster.
Other announcements
Sat., Sept. 21
 Pick Me Up, a neighborhood trash pick up project will be out picking up litter in our neighborhood.

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