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Computer Networks1

Computer Networks1

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Published by sr07667

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Published by: sr07667 on Aug 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Computer Networks
1.Computer Networks
A number of computers connected to oneanother is called a computer network
A network is a set of technologies includingH/W, S/W and media- that can be used toconnect computer systems together for 
Communicating with each other (email, instantmessaging etc.)
Exchanging information
Share resources in real time
Uses of Networks
Simultaneous Access
Commonly used data and resources can be kept on a central location, calledNetwork Server, from where users can simultaneously access.
If data is stored centrally, it is called a
file server 
Programs also can be centrally located in the server, which can be accessed byusers on the network- Client server model
Applications also can be centrally located on server ( Application Server)or inclients in distributed mode of processing.
Shared Peripheral devices-
colour laser printers (either directly to network or through Print Server), scanners, fax etc.
Personal Communications-
email, instant messaging, teleconferencing
Video conferencing- real time communication over adistance by people at two or more sites using video picture- cameras, mic, speakers, monitors etc.
Audio conferencing- digital audio between groups of participants
Data- conferencing- to have shared workspace on their computer desktops-shared “whiteboards”, where they can draw, write, import or manipulate imagescon real time. Used in conjunction with video and audio conferencing
VOIP- Voice over internet protocol- cheap audio communication on longdistance calls
Easier Backup- Keep backup on shared storage devices

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