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13104765 Value Added Meat Products

13104765 Value Added Meat Products

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Published by hadiminshawi2029

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Published by: hadiminshawi2029 on Sep 10, 2009
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Veterinary World, Vol.1, No.3, March 2008
Meat is marketed in the country in variousforms and conveniences to suit the consumer’schoice. The main stumbling block in the marketing ofmeat and eggs products being of high biologicalvalue, have a special role to play in developingcountries of Asia and Africa where malnutrition andprotein deficiency are two major problems. As suchmuch emphasis has been given to intensify researchin developing appropriate and relevant technologiesof these products to suit our conditions. The use ofmeat and eggs on development of convenienceproducts is emphasized due to better nutrientcontents like high quality protein, vitamins, minerals,essential amino acids, fatty acids and lower caloriecontent. Today’s consumers are no longer satisfiedwith the traditional meat products. Rather they prefermore nutrients and convenient ready to eat meatproducts. These convenient items must beeconomical and cost-effective and interestingchanges of menu besides better in shelf-life qualityand acceptability than traditional products.During the starting of 21st century demand formeat has been grown strongly. Specially indeveloping countries of Asia where is heavyindustrialization and globalization which stimulatedgrowth of per capita income and up-gradation of livingstandard which has widen the demand for the moreconvenient meat products and it is amplified bypopulation growth in developing countries. Alsomobilization of supplies to distant area’s consumersraises the major problem in meat industry. During2004 -2005 only 2% meat is utilized for processedmeat industry and per capita consumption of meat(chicken) is 1.5 kg and 44 eggs per annum againstthe world average of 10 kg chicken and 102 eggs(Sharma, 2006). Thus there is scope in developmentof processed meat industry specially value addedmeat products in order to cater the need of urbanpopulation, which consume 70 to 75 % meat products(Singh, 2004).The United States Department of Agriculturedefines value added products as1)A change in the physical state or form of the
Value Added Meat Products
Deogade A. H., Zanjad P.N. and Raziuddin M.Department of Livestock Products Technology,College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Parbhani-431402 (MS)
products and production of a product in a mannerthat enhances its value as demonstrated throughbusiness plan.2)The physical segregation of commodity orproduct in a manner that result in the enhancementof the value of that commodity or product.Traditionally value can be added by packagingof meat product in appealing material, thesepackaging material help to extend the shelf life, thenby broker and retailer by building a wide businessand retailing chain. But now increasing demand ofmeat products specially more convenient, ready tocook, ready to eat and more nutritious. So the strongneed arise for value addition in other sense ofnutritional value and healthiness like low-fat and lowcholesterol considering its cost, which can beminimized by addition of non-meat ingredient orvegetable source such as soy-protein, cereals, milk-protein and in some products utilization of spent henmeat.
Economics of Value Addition - Chicken
Burger,Patties and Nuggets 
(Poultry Year Book 2003-04)
1) Processed yields from live birds = 68%1475 gms Live wt.= 1kg dressed bird.2) Dressing Percentage
Part of Body%Quantity (g)
Drum sticks13130Breast fillet + Thigh meat30300Small meat pieces550Wings 3 pieces12120Skeleton30300Thigh bone440Skin440Shrinkage / wastage220
Market for Value Added Meat Products
, chicken
kabab,nuggets, roll,
samosa, canned chicken 
andother snacks type products are popular in localmarket. But now a day’s big player of market arelaunching their products mainly ready to eat and readyto cook type. In fast food or snacks type meat products
burger, patties, puff, sticks 
and meat
are alsoavailable through franchisee chain of
Veterinary World, Vol.1(3): 88-89088

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