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The Bunologist Aug09

The Bunologist Aug09

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Published by Karen At Boing
August's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, adoption bunnies, AAPS shelter update, news from the Do Hop Inn, oral health in rabbits, fiction: Clarence the SUPER SPY & the creation of the time machine
August's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, adoption bunnies, AAPS shelter update, news from the Do Hop Inn, oral health in rabbits, fiction: Clarence the SUPER SPY & the creation of the time machine

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Published by: Karen At Boing on Sep 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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August 2009
Bunny news from around the world
Adopt me!
Shelter update
Dear Diary
Oral health in rabbits
Clarence the SUPER SPY and theCreation of the Time Machine
What’s News?
August is dental month!!!
August is dental month for all animal friends. If your bunnyhas never had their teeth checked, this is a good time tovisit your vet!Dental disease in rabbits is very common. Many bunnies,particularly lops, suffer from malocclusion (teeth notmeeting), jaw abscesses & molar spurs. An annualcheckup for your bunny is a must for a healthy bun!
Soap Opera Loving Bunny
9 July 2009 – Ok magazine (China)A pet rabbit has become so hooked on a late night soapshe attacks her owners if they try to change the channel.The bunny loves watching the drama as she sits betweenher doting owners in bed in the family home in Xiamen,southern China.But the rampant rabbit - named Jia Xiaoyu - gets hoppingmad if she misses a single episode of the Korean TVdrama Ms Mermaid.Owner Wing Chunlei said: "If we accidentally switch toanother channel, she gets very angry, biting the pillow andattacking us. She wouldn't stop until we turned back."And she won't watch TV anywhere except between mywife and me in bed. If we try to move her she gets crossand stubborn."
9/10 for bad taste
Australia judge Gary Mehigan said he isconstantly bumping into fans who boast about cookingrabbit, risotto or the chocolate ganache recipes theylearned from the show.There are anecdotal reports that kitchenware suppliers andfood shops specialising in ethnic goods have enjoyed asmall boon in business since
hit the air.Internet forums are also full of accounts of fans throwingdinner parties using the show's demanding recipes andexotic ingredients.I can only say that BOING totally black listed this show.We couldn’t stand watching people cook up our pets
Harvey remake
3 August 2009Steven Spielberg is set todirect a remake of JamesStewart’s 1950 classicHarvey, the touching storyof a man whose best friendis an invisible rabbit.According to the BBC,casting for the film – whichwill be produced byDreamworks’ Studios and20
Century Fox – hasalready begun.The original Harvey wasbased on Mary Chase’sPulitzer winning play, whichJonathan Tropper has adapted to fit Spielberg’srequirements.
Leona Lewis saves rabbit from tramp’smeal
3 August 2009 – thesun.co.ukPop star Leona Lewis shelled out $100 to save a rabbitfrom ending up as a tramp's dinner - and took it home asher new pet.The vegetarian X Factorwinner, 24, was outshopping in Los Angeleswhen she spotted ahomeless man sittingwith a white bunny on alead.When shocked Leonaasked the man what hewas planning to do withthe animal, he replied:"Don't know - probablyeat it."The Bleeding Lovesinger asked the tramp to sell her the rabbit to spare its life.The man asked for $20 but generous Leona gave him thehundred-dollar bill and told him to spend it on food.Leona then took her new pet back to her home in theHollywood Hills - and named it Melrose after the streetwhere she found it.Leona - in LA to finish off her follow-up to record-breakingdebut album Spirit - is a huge animal rights supporter.Last year she turned down a £1million offer from Harrods toopen their summer sale because the swanky store sold fur.
Sydney designers bare all in protest overuse of rabbit fur
The Morning Show – Channel 75 August 2009A group of Sydney designers protested against theincrease of rabbitfur appearing inAustralia’s winterfashion this year.Apparently rabbitfur is rearing itsugly head againthis winter on thecatwalks ofAustralia. AsSpring Fashion Week approaches, we dread to think howmany bunnies have lost their lives for a few vain women.“40-50 rabbits are used to make one coat”, said theFashion Against Fur spokesperson
Indoor bunny receives manicure from DrHarry
Better Homes & Gardens – Channel 77 August 2009Dr Harry visitedNatalie & “Hef” theindoor bunny on arecently episode ofBetter Homes &Gardens.Hef was shownromping around hisapartment, playingwith his toys & jumping on his playboy bunny bed.Dr Harry was called in to give Natalie a little help to clipHef’s nails. It was the best segment on rabbits we’ve everseen on Better Homes & Gardens!!! Well done BH&G!!!!Do it again!!
Kate Moss vegan boyfriend Jamie Hincefurious over model's rabbit fur throw
 3 August 2009 – www.mirror.co.uk He may hop into bed with Kate Moss most nights of theweek... but Jamie Hince is one far from happy bunny.In fact, slipping under the covers with supermodel Kate ismaking the Kills singer’s skin crawl.Fur-loving Kate has only gone and bought a new rabbit skinthrow – and draped it over the couple’s bed.Staunch vegan Jamie claims the throw is making him hurland he’s issued an ultimatum: “It’s me or the deadanimals.”Our source says: “Huge conflict has flared up between thepair over what Jamie claims is Kate’s disregard for animalwelfare.Kate has a skin in virtually every room of her north Londonpad, including her daughter’s bedroom where the hide isdyed pink.There are also rugs in the shapes of different animalsdotted around the place. Animal lover Stella McCartneyreportedly refuses to visit the supermodel at home, whilefellow veggie Sadie Frost is also said to hate Kate’s love offur.However, it seems Kate and Jamie’s bed has up to nowbeen a no-go area when it comes to dead animals – andthe fur has been flying.The latest row came after Kate bought this rabbit furbedspread. Jamie has been moaning incessantly about it,adamant that it makes him feel sick.Their argument ended pretty abruptly with Jamie stormingoff, calling Kate a ‘cow killer’.”
Adopt Me!!!!URGENT!!!
Location: MelbourneContact: Rita I am looking for someone to foster or adopt my bunnyPercy, as I am going away on a research trip for six to eightmonths in early September. If you are able to look after himfor any amount of time that would be greatly appreciated,as I can hopefully also foster him out to a few people forshorter amounts of time, if six months is too long a stretchfor one person.Alternatively, if you are looking to adopt a little furry friend,then I am also willing to give him up to a new home,although I'd prefer fostering if possible because he is muchloved.Percy is a beautiful, black, indoor dwarf rabbit. He is toilettrained, and very tame and friendly. He has beenvaccinated for the year and will be desexed before I go, soif you have any other rabbits he should be able to get alongwith them. He has had his front teeth removed so he won'tchew on any furniture or electrical leads, but he does needthe odd carrot chopped up for him.Here's a little description of Perceval the rabbit:
Percy or Nyuszi (Hungarian for rabbit)
grass, sniffing, pats on the head, exploring darkcorners, apples, carrots, running around, playing with hisblanket
being kept in a cage for too long, being picked uptoo much/heights, forks scraping against plates
If you are interested in fostering or adopting Percy,please email me on rhoranyi@yahoo.com.au or contactme on my mobile: 0401578021. I'm willing to negotiatesome payment for fostering/minding.
Found bunny
Location: Canberra, ACTContact: Gary Hi. I'm in Canberra ACT. I was walking along a river bankand found a rabbit, white with brown spots, obviously adumped pet, fairly friendly. I picked it up, brought it homeand contacted the RSPCA...their advice, "take it to a vetand have it euthanased". I don't want to do that.If anyone would like to adopt this bunny & give it a goodlife, please contact Gary on 0417 803 600 or emailgpurch48@bigpond.com 
Location: MelbourneContact: Selena - 0412 496 179 orselenajb@iprimus.com.au Finding a home forBastian is unfortunatelybecoming a desperatesituation. If anyone canfoster this little guy for afew months, we would bevery grateful.BOING recently receiveda very disturbing email from her original person in Londonstating that if she can’t find another home for Bastion, thatshe’s considering having him euthanased. This doesn’t sitwith us at all. Even though we don’t take to blackmail, wealso don’t want Bastian to lose his life just because thereisn’t anywhere for him to live.
Newspaper thank you!
We at BOING want to thank everyone who has beensupplying us with newspapers (including our mystery paperdeliverers who we never see dropping off the papers).Thank you!!! Very much appreciated.

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