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004 Stairway to Heaven

004 Stairway to Heaven

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Published by mcdozer

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Published by: mcdozer on Oct 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stairway To Heaven ? - “NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!”
Why do people believe in Bible prophecy? Well, there are a few points about Bibleprophecy that are very hard to “explain away”, the way scientists love to explain awaythe miracles of the Bible or the miracle of creation, for that matter, by very shaky, but“scientific” explanations (like the theory of Evolution....).For example, how come a book, which has been allegedly in existence for thousands of years (-and even if one would doubt that: a book which definitely & as a matter of 
has existed for at least centuries-), how can such a book describe events, situations &conditions which have only been possible & imaginable for the past 100 years? Take for example this astounding verse in the Book Of Revelation, written by Jesus’ own apostleJohn (also author of the gospel & the epistles of John), when he was 90 years old, livingin Roman exile on the island of Patmos in what is now Turkey, in A.D. 97: In the 18
verse of the 11
chapter of that book we find this amazing statement:” And the nationswere angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that hey should be judged,and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints,and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroythe earth.”You see, 2000 years ago, or even 200 years ago, that statement did not make anysense. Because nobody was able to even begin to try to destroy the Earth. All theweapons of war invented until the beginning & even through most of the first half of the20
century would have only been a joke, trying to inflict serious damage to our planet.This has radically changed since the invention of the atomic bomb. Not only that, butsince then, man has increased his amount of pollution, emission of heat and the amountof deforestation and his exploitation of the Earth in general, to such an extent, that he isliterally not only
to destroy the Earth, but actually
so. And yet, only 100years ago, this would have been utterly inconceivable.There is another amazing section in the Book Of Revelation, which is talking aboutsomething which hasn’t happened yet, but which scientists, and entire companies of electronic experts are currently working on: In Revelation 13:16 & 17, this ancient book,the Bible, foretells a man who, “causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free andbond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man mightbuy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of hisname.....”. It’s this particular prediction I would like to zoom in on. We have here theprediction of what many visionaries have dreamed of since money exists: the cashlesssociety - Buy or sell with nothing but a small, perhaps invisible mark in your right hand or forehead, not even a credit card needed. Isn’t that a common internet slogan: “NOCREDIT CARD NEEDED!” No credit card, no cash, no cheque, only a
apparently, implanted into your right hand or forehead. Cool, huh!?Well, not so cool in the light of the previous verse, stating that this same fellow will kill allthose who refuse to worship some strange talking, “image of the Beast”... that sounds abit suspicious to me, if you ask me. But let’s first expound on this cashless society. As aperson who has personally experienced not only the comings & going of zeros
the values of existing currencies, such a the Dinar of Yugoslavia in the seventies, butalso the abolition & replacement of whole currencies within months, such as theArgentinean peso, first by new pesos & later by currencies with completely differentnames, like the “Austral”, I have experienced that money, when it comes down to it, is just paper with a few numbers & images on it, worth as much as people determine or claim or believe it to be worth. Here today, gone tomorrow. Not in any way comparableto currencies of former centuries, like silver & gold...(although someone might ask, who
its to say which metal is worth more than another, just because one is more rare thanthe other... But still:) paper can be produced & replaced any old time, as long as thereare still a few trees left in this world.Then there are historic events, like the Global financial depression, beginning in October 1929 & stretching through the early 1930s, giving rise to great power to men like AdolphHitler & a few of his contemporaries. I have actually not only seen, but had in possessionmoney bills from that time, which had incredible numbers on them, like “1 BillionReichsmark”. (That’s!) And yet, allegedly, people would needwheelbarrows full of those to buy a loaf of bread in those days. This may be slightlyexaggerated, but is to show how fragile the value of paper money really is.And those things still happen today, as in Argentina, for example. You can cut off asmany zeros as you like, convert a 1000 pesos to 1 peso, but you’ll have to repeat thatprocedure next month. I’ve seen that happen, as I’m sure, so have the residents of other countries.Even the value of the US Dollar has changed incredibly during my 4 decades on thisplanet. In 1984, the US Dollar bought more than 3,50 Deutschmarks. Then, a year later,there appeared a gigantic, whole page ad in one of the leading financial newspapers of Frankfurt, the economical Mecca or “Wall Street” of Germany, stating something likethis, “Gentlemen, this is it! Unless the US Dollar will be reduced to a maximum value of 1,58 Deutschmarks, the entire global economy will collapse...”. And believe it or not, lessthan a year later, the dollar was down to 1,58 DM. I may be slightly off on the exactdates & values here, but that's the way I remember it. And then the Yen took a nose-divesometime in the late 80s, wreaking havoc in Asia.The latest, interesting stunt performed with money on an international scale, was theintroduction of the Euro in 2002, replacing the main gist of all former Europeancurrencies, including the Deutsch Mark & the French Franc, actually, pretty much allexcept for the British Pound. Switzerland is not a member of the EC, so, the Swiss Francalso still exists.The funny thing is, the Euro has a different value in each of its countries, as it buys moreof certain things in Greece than in Paris or in Berlin. The not-so-funny thing is, thatalthough the Euro was supposed to have resembled the value of the former currency insome way, for example, upon it's introduction, the Euro was roughly worth 2 DeutschMarks, in reality, many items that used to cost 2 DMs now cost 2 Euros (in other words 4DMs)!For some, this has meant greater gain, for most, greater loss. As one can observe on aglobal scale, the rich are getting richer all the time, while the poor are getting morenumerous & poorer all the time, & there are plenty of statistics available on thatstatement I don't wanna bore you to death with.What's all that have to do with the "cashless society" & the "mark of the Beast" anyway?Well, the technology to replace money by an electronic chip implant is already available.All that stands between us & it's implementation is another global economical crises of the kind the world experienced in the 1930s, giving rise, perhaps, to another friendlychap, like Hitler, who will this time not only "solve the problems" of a
nation withpromises of another "golden millenium" (Hitler claimed he was ushering in an empire tolast 1000 years, "das tausendjährige Reich"), but
time of the
whole world 
, maybeeven
abolishing cash (& a few other needless things, like religion, freedom, you nameit), once & for all & introducing the wonderful, new, safe, cashless system! "Get markedtoday! & All your blues will melt away..." Sounds all very utopic & unreal to you right?After all, why should people accept this, as long as they can get down to the store on the

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