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Opening the Door to Sacred Geometry

Opening the Door to Sacred Geometry

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Published by Charity Masters

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Published by: Charity Masters on Jan 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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had trouble with calculus in college.The concept of mathematics describinggeometric shapes just did not resonatein my brain. Yes, I knew the formulafor the circumference of a circle, and somePythagorean stuff about triangles, but I neverrealized it could all get so complicated. Overthe course of the semester, the basic premiseslowly penetrated, and I began to speculatethat perhaps God is simply a great mathema-tician. Maybe all He really had to do tocreate the universe was to invent some for-mulas and everything then fell into place.Space, suns, planets, black holes, cosmicdust, vegetation, animals, humans, non-humans—all just tumbled out of his mind ashe rapidly generated long strings of calculusformulas. While this is, of course, a fancifulview of the act of creation, there may be atleast a germ of truth in the premise.As we learn more and more about theconcept of sacred geometry, it begins to ap-pear that life really is all about numbers. Theterm “sacred geometry” has been bandiedabout for years as though it had a very spe-cific meaning. But, in fact, it means differentthings to different people, and has reallybeen an amorphous concept. Now that weare able to view the universe through pow-erful telescopes, and the minutiae of lifethrough equally powerful microscopes, it hasbecome apparent that the entire physicalrealm displays elegant geometric propor-tions. Awestruck, we are led to the conclu-sion that such orderliness can only be theproduct of a Divine Mind. Hence we view itas proof of creation as opposed to the disor-derly and random Darwinian evolution. Andso, the word “sacred” has been appended tothis universal “geometry” to imply that it wasall created by God.Many researchers have attempted to de-fine the subject. But for Charles Gilchrist,on his web site, “Sacred geometry is literallyThe architecture of the universe....Sacred ge-ometry is pure universal truth springing di-rectlyfrom GodMind. Worldsturn in sacredgeometry, and thegalaxies spin because of it.” He goes on, “Studying the nat-ural unfolding of the geometric archetypesaligns our human consciousness to the infi-nite and the eternal. In these studies andmeditations we begin to see the way of things...the true nature of the universe.” 
The Golden Ratio
Once, as scientists discovered the deepmathematical principles underlying allforms, they took it as proof of the workingsof a great mind. In this regard, a break-through was the discovery of “the goldenratio.” This ratio, usually denoted by theGreek letter Ø (phi), expresses the relation-ship between two numbers where the sum of the two is to the larger, as the larger is to thesmaller. That is, where “a” is the larger,“a+b” is to “a” as “a” is to “b.” Solving thisequation algebraically, the only solution isthe irrational number 1.618033989. Like pi,the decimal string goes on infinitely. Geo-metric forms conforming to, or incorpo-rating, the golden ratio are abundant in na-
Opening the Doorto Sacred Geometry
The Science of the Ancients IsFinding New Applications
ture. Thenumber of petals onflowers conforms to thephi ratio, and it is the way thehuman body grows, finger to hand, hand toforearm. The golden ratio defines humanbeauty and consequently plastic surgeonsuse it for facial measurements. When ap-plied architecturally it results in buildingsthat are strangely appealing to the humaneye and to the spiritual imagination. To theancient Greeks the golden section embodiedphilosophy and wisdom. Thus it was appro-priate to incorporate the golden ratio in abuilding dedicated to a god. When the phiproportion is used to construct a triangularform it becomes a “golden triangle,” and a“golden spiral” gets wider by a factor of Øevery quarter-turn it makes, which means itgets wider by a factor of Ø (about 6.854)every full turn (see below). The nautilus sea-shell exemplifies a golden spiral.In order to clear up the cloudinessaround the term “sacred geometry,” and tobetter understand how it has been, and may
Number 63
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be used in healing, inspiration, spiritual ad-vancement, art, design, architecture, FengShui and crop circles, we decided it was nec-essary to consult an expert. Very impressedby his presentation at the recent Crop CircleConference in Tempe, Arizona, and after ex-periencing a definite energetic influx whilesitting under one of his unique, spinning me-tallic forms, we chose Gregory Hoag for ourinterview. Hoag is an artist, scientist and en-trepreneur who has been working with formenergy for over 30 years. For the past 15years, he has lectured on Sacred Geometryon radio, TV and at conferences. His vision isto bring the archetypes of form to life for allto experience and benefit. He has been in-volved in various spiritual practices since the1970s. It was in the ’70s that maverick NewAge psuedo-scientist Patrick Flanagan dis-covered and became a proponent of “pyramidpower,” which he promoted through books,lectures and seminars. Influenced by Flan-agan’s research, Hoag began building pyram-idal forms and sleeping in them. In 1982, heclaims to have had “a very strong kundaliniexperience which was catalyzed by a largepyramid filled with crystals.” Subsequentlyhe began to “see” energy patterns as theyturned into geometric forms. He decided totry to build those forms out of var-ious metals, and found that peoplereacted strongly to his creations,“both aesthetically and especiallyin an energetic sense. They saidthat they felt energy coming fromthe forms.” As a result, he startedto manufacture the metallic ob- jects which he calls “Metaforms.”In his literature he says, “They areprecisely composed, 3-dimensionalsculptures that radiate an ener-getic field which can positively in-fluence your environment and helpcreate a sacred space.” He says fur-ther, “the entire structure of theuniverse is based on the eternallaws of creation, which are mathe-matical and geometric in nature.Metaforms are designed to bringthese archetypal laws into tangibleexperience in your life.”In our conversation with Hoag,we found his definition and expla-nation of sacred geometry to belogical and enlightening. He says,“We are higher dimensional be-ings. Our souls are rooted at the causal level.All energy springs from that world. We havechosen to come down many levels into thisdimension, this level of density…to learnand grow.” He explains further, “The uni-verse wants to expand through us.” Conse-quently, it is necessary to “build a bridge, aconduit to the higher realms so that energycan flow into this dimension throughus…giving us the opportunity for thehighest, most rapid expansion.” As thehigher energy flows from the source througheach dimension, it wants to make each di-mension like itself—to create resonance withitself. Each dimension has a language of itsown that relates to the source. In the phys-
Distilled water microscopicallyphototographed at point of iceformation after being exposed to apicture of a child (from “Messagesfrom Water” by Masaru Emoto”).Distilled water microscopicallyphototographed at point of iceformation after being exposed to apicture of a child (from “Messagesfrom Water” by Masaru Emoto”).

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